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  1. They’re legitimate questions but maybe contextually asked wrong. This is the exact line of reasoning when we look at proximate cause of death then secondary cause. It still would go down as a Covid death on the death certificate but sepsis or MRSA infection maybe the primary cause of death. It is also helpful in moving forward to find out what complications in Covid infections cause death in seemingly healthy individuals. Tragic case for sure.
  2. We are seeing so much of this in the clinic now that it’s almost to the point where you just make a clinical diagnosis and go with it. There’s really not much else going around except for an infrequent stomach bug, a few case of strep and the occasional flu.
  3. Miles Beckett is a doctor turned administrator and entrepreneur. I’ll look for my histrionics from actual qualified physicians and epidemiologist well versed in infectious disease and public health.
  4. And you still realistically have about 5 more days to potentially come down with the infection/symptoms. The median exposure to detectable infection time is about 5 days. Very few develop in less than three days. Vast majority by day 10.
  5. Oklahoma - Where stupidity is in abundant supply.
  6. Newdoc

    The CHAZ

    I certainly hope the middle decides to participate in the political process even if they aren't screaming on social media or in the street. /No CR.
  7. Almost all of our presurgical positives are asymptomatic. We aren’t seeing those numbers but definitely some everyday.
  8. Do not go to a stand alone ED unless you have prenegotiated a price or you are really sick and don’t want to go to a regular ED. They exist to suck mandatory payment rates for emergency care in or out of network. Most have competent staff but you will pay out the ass for the experience.
  9. Yes, even major publications keep using R naught when they should be using R (t) or R effective. I don't know if anybody really has a great grasp on R values because it is hard to calculate in the middle of a pandemic.
  10. Cancel culture and mob rule my man. It’s the new America. The coward that posted the drivel should have some sort of repercussions of his stupidity however. He has protected, albeit ignorant, speech under the First Amendment. Those repercussions should not be decided by student athletes who hold a university’s football program for ransom.
  11. Great question, usually small little batches of food can be taken at any time. There is likely a point person at each hospital who coordinates the bigger food deliveries. You can call the main hospital line and ask for that person or get with the administrative offices during the week.
  12. There is wiggle room for elective surgeries in the order. You can do them in the main hospital if you are not at surge capacity. Ambulatory surgery centers and those type facilities can still go on with elective surgeries. Nobody has fix the funding mess so quite frankly, if the elective surgeries don’t go on with regularity our hospital systems are screwed, nurses and doctors will continue to be laid off.
  13. Yes, despite the ability to technically get infections again, there almost always remains some innate immune memory to make your body more efficient at fighting the virus unless you have a condition that significantly affects your immune system. I have been bathed in kid germs for the last 15 years on a constant basis (like kids coughing on my unmasked face) and I maybe get sick for about three days every other year. I was initiated in med school while my wife was a pediatric ER nurse. I was sick every three months for a while.
  14. This breaker switch mentality is going to bankrupt hospitals and practices. There is a way to reduce relative risk and keep elective surgeries open. 30 yo healthy patient needs ACL repair then go for it. 80 yo diabetic granny needs new hip then wait. Especially when we have ambulatory surgery centers with low exposure to the hospital with very little risks of healthy patients taking up hospital beds.
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