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  1. How can anyone defend the level of play from Texas? It doesn't matter who we put on the court. Bad coaching is bad coaching. Injuries or not. It's embarrassing to root for Texas basketball at this point if you played any level of pee-wee to middle school basketball. There are a lot of nice people who are really bad at their jobs. When you add in overcompensated by a large margin, it becomes painful to think about.
  2. This is what I thought while reading the last few pages of the "discourse."
  3. Props to those of you all that have broken the cycle of addiction or dependence. I'd like to throw my two cents in on drug addiction, abuse and treatment. I am certified and have a waiver for treatment of opioid use disorders. I work first hand with a drug dependence treatment program. 1) There is a a difference between addiction and dependence. Some have both. Addiction is defined more by a set of behaviors and motivations to obtain a drug, use said drug and accelerate use. Dependence is when you need the medication to prevent withdrawal or cannot bear the disease process the medication is treating (methadone treatment for previous addiction, chronic opioids for cancer pain, etc.). 2) Short acting opioid are more likely to cause addiction because of the intense high with release of dopamine, norepinephrine, etc. Long acting opioids can cause addiction more often than short IF the long acting is crushed or mutilated into a short acting form (crushing old oxy formulations, cutting into Fentanyl patches). Long acting opioids in unadulterated form like methadone are not more addicting but are harder to quit due to long half life and more intense withdrawal symptoms. 3) Y'all qualify but tend to throw methadone treatment centers under the bus and there are likely bad actors but in my experience, they are usually trying to do the right thing. With addicts and people dependent on opioids you are dealing with a population of people who tend to continue to make bad choices. A lot of these people are stuck in families with addiction, poor socio-economics and poor education so they have never been taught or shown there is another way. For those who take the programs seriously, the treatments can mean a productive and more fulfilling life. There are no good proven studies that show homeopathy and naturopathy work for true drug addiction. 4) There are many people who actively attempt tapers of their treatments at drug treatment centers. It is a very precarious process. Do not do it cold turkey. 90% of those who try cold turkey or even just counseling methods are back on opioids within 6 months. 5) Buprenorphine with naloxone would be my treatment of choice for most but it is limited in availability due to cost per day and lack of providers to supervise and dispense. 6) Until we have a better understanding of the genetics of drug addiction, you are playing potluck with taking opioids. It really doesn't matter if you take them for fun or for pain. 7) The crack down on doctor provided opioid prescriptions (known doses) in the last 5 years has led to an increase in indiscriminate use of heroin and lab cooked fentanyl which has increased overdoses and deaths. This was easily predictable. We haven't fixed the root causes of drug use in our society.
  4. Newdoc

    Young Sheldon

    Smart kid main character with overacted and as stupid as rocks parents and family. Hilarious. Ir’s the formula for every preteen Disney channel sitcom from the 2000’s.
  5. Why in the hell is this not in the CR? OP, remember that time in Ghostbusters (the good one) when the Key Master and the Gatekeeper ended up letting all the ghost out of purgatory or wherever? Yeah, you just did the Surly equivalent.
  6. Change the CR hyperlink to a 💩?
  7. I’m pretty sure the virus just infects the cell containing the receptor but does not affect or is affected by the receptor activity itself.
  8. ACE Receptors have been implicated in the SARS virus susceptibility and severity. ACE receptors are part of our blood pressure system that hormonally regulates blood vessel constriction and in turn, blood pressure. These receptors are located all over the body but concentrate in the lungs and gastrointestinal system. The problem is that coronavirus like these receptors and will propagate in them as well as cause localized inflammation reaction and thus respiratory distress syndrome/pneumonia. Some races of people may express these receptors and their subtypes more than others. So the novel coronavirus might be kind of racist.
  9. The numbers have so many variables, it will be extremely difficult to get realistic summaries on morbidity and mortality. Garbage data in = garbage data out. Plus it's China so who knows how the figures are being massaged. The US considers its data collection and reporting to be 1st world and even with some brilliant statisticians, we aren't that great.
  10. I'm surprised that the English haven't consulted with Surly on Brexit. The confident prognostication on here is amazing.
  11. I don’t know whether to tell y’all to have fun or call CPS for making your kids watch Shaka ball.
  12. Moving my kids 529’s to cash. One in college, one starts next year. I don’t have time for them to recover.
  13. Asymptomatic transmission confirmed Maybe a registration site. German person to person infection was prior to symptom development. Not good. ”Previously, Chinese officials said they believed asymptomatic transmission had occurred in patients there, but public health authorities elsewhere expressed skepticism. "We haven't been able to confirm by data ... transmission during the asymptomatic phase," CDC Director Robert Redfield, MD, said on Tuesday.” ”the Chinese woman "had been well with no signs or symptoms of infection" while in Germany on Jan. 20 and 21, "but had become ill on her flight back to China" where she tested positive for the virus on Jan. 26.”
  14. People are going to make a run on surgical mask and probably the N95 and N100 masks as well. The confer some protection as long as you don't get fool hardy and think you can just walk up to anyone with the novel Corona virus and be protected. Distance is your best friend. I don't think we'll get a good handle on the R0 and mortality % until we get reliable statistics and WHO going into China may help. I haven't trusted the numbers since they have been released. It actually could be a lower mortality rate due to non-reporting. Remember, a whole lot of people will just develop a "cold" with this virus. Combing this with Flu A and B and the few other prevalent viruses (parainfluenza, rhinovirus, etc.), then we have no reliable screening tools unless we get accurate point of care rapid testing (like for strep). Hopefully this thing mutates down in virulence. I would be interested to see if past exposure and antibody development to other coronavirus will help the immune system. As unfortunate as Kobe's and the other helicopter victims deaths are, it and the impeachment likely buffered the news from getting us completely freaked out. I do know the CDC is making coordinated efforts with state and local health department to recommend exposure and testing protocols at the local level. If the US sees a significant outbreak then the timing sucks because we actually have poor capacity in our health care system to have mass infectious disease present to our hospitals. Flu and the rest of the infectious soup already have our local hospitals at capacity.
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