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  1. It’s pretty competitive so that’s a great achievement.
  2. Is Wide E’s neighborhood near the Woodway HEB? I haven’t been back there in a few years but I remember a house with a big light up Santa on it. I highly doubt Shaquandra is driving for the tour companies. I think they only hire people that look like Magnolian tourists but 10 years younger. I wonder if she knows she’s a Longhorn Legend?
  3. ”Did they glue them? And what does that mean for them?” Hillman said.
  4. The retarded child that coached circles around Mensa. Watching Baylor play defense makes me ragey because they play intense with overall good technique. Unlike UT’s showing this year.
  5. I’m anecdotally seeing more people adopting lately. It’s heartening. It’d be more heartening if there were a lot less kids in such a situation that they needed adoption. Mucho props to the couple in this story.
  6. How do you do this? Asking for a 6 year old friend.
  7. With all the alcohol mentions on here, I’ll post a good article link about alcohol and metabolism. https://inbodyusa.com/blogs/inbodyblog/how-alcohol-can-affect-your-body-composition/
  8. Looks like UT could adopt a new slogan across all major men’s sports. “Texas - Winning is really, really hard.”
  9. Tee time scheduled for one pm. I should have moved It up.
  10. Someone offered you tickets to this? Who did you piss off?
  11. I only had to change 6 words. It’s like the Mad Libs of football. Depressing.
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