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  1. The guy apparently also has a phd in epidemiology so he at least isn’t completely out of his element but the doomsday crap has got to stop. The amount of egos in modern science and public health that cloud the issue with hysteria is astounding. Twitter for phd nerds is one of the worst things that could happen for public health.
  2. This guy has a million dollar bond set. How does a guy who “allegedly” shoots multiple people including a LEO get any type of bond?
  3. We were having a significant increase in suicides before the pandemic. So now we have two moving points with the possibility that suicides could have finally peaked and were about to start decreasing without the pandemic but I’ve held steady since the pandemic and possibly due to the pandemic. And historically CDC data is lagging. It is really hard to draw recent conclusions based on their numbers. For other issues such as morbidity and mortality of chronic disease, I find CDC data to be accurate about 2 to 3 years out.
  4. https://namica.org/blog/impact-on-the-mental-health-of-students-during-covid-19/ https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanchi/article/PIIS2352-4642(20)30109-7/fulltext https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.02.10.21251526v1 https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/2773296 I guess you can be obtuse about the suicide specifics of it. But I don’t know how we have an increase in anxiety and depression and somehow miraculously don’t have an increase in suicide rates.
  5. Covid infection can absolutely cause cardiac inflammatory disease and we still don’t know how long this may last for some patients. There appears to be quite a bit of asymptomatic cardiac inflammation in adults who contract Covid. it is a little bit unusual to see pericarditis after vaccination because the mechanism of inflammation from infection versus immunization is quite different. Sometimes pericarditis is evident on EKG and MRI is actually your gold standard but most patients don’t have MRIs for diagnosis. We often diagnose pericarditis clinically. If this is a big concern with
  6. The chip in your arm can be read by surveillance cameras anyway. Big bother knows who’s been vaccinated. 😉
  7. The thread crapping by the usual subjects is nothing new and quite frankly, it is all intellectually lazy and antagonistic for the sake of argument in itself and proves nothing and changes no one's belief. As I said in the semi-annual thread by whoever that claimed we were all better off without churchy stuff, there is nothing new under the sun here. The high school level debate stingers ("challenges") are easily searchable on Google and have academics who can coherently answer your controversies without needing to rehash them here because you decide to internet throwdown on Sunday after
  8. Props to those engaging in discussion but I swear there is some kind of timer for whatever iteration of Hornfans/Hornscat/Surly that pops up a religion thread every 6 months and we get predictable discussion that follows a pattern with questions, criticism, smart assisms and answers that look like the last thread that popped up. The internet is full of good logical discussion on these topics without the poo flinging. As to the majority tipping to non house of worship or whatever, I don't think our society is any better off than 5, 10 or 20 years ago. Actually, besides the murder rate, we
  9. Cops killed = “shrug”. Anyone killed by cop = “jump to conclusions” headlines for two to three media cycles. Even more so if riots ensue. Coverage based on msm slant. Fox for the former although the trooper ambush isn’t as juicy as kids in cages. CNN and MSNBC with over the air majors for the latter. Online hack sites divided up by political persuasion. I think either scenario requires scrutiny. It’s just ironic how incredibly polarized media has become, largely driven by catering to a polarized country with no empathy, and no critical observational or thinking skills.
  10. It appears like a set up. Ambushed. Went for a stranded motorist call and the perp immediately started shooting through Trooper Walker’s window when he pulled up. I know Chad Walker and his family. Salt of the earth people. Humble. And it doesn’t fit the media narrative so buried coverage it is. At the surface it appears to be a sick mentally deficient person had a long beef with law enforcement and decided to inact his own justice on a random LEO. Now we are without a good man who was valuable to his family and to our state.
  11. It’s 27 per day for the whole county. And yes they are active but come on, it’s the typical overpaid bueracratic California government employee bloat endemic throughout their public employee payscales.
  12. There are a lot of LA county doctors saving a lot more lives per day than a lifeguard can dream of and they aren’t paid near what these top earners are for likely the same hours. Get back to me when people are actually paid for their worth to society. Until then, we have sand jocks bilking LA county for mid six figures. At least it’s legal.
  13. I can assure you that our country is not “obsessed” with fitness. Half of all adults presently or at one time in their adult life, meet/met the criteria for obesity. The author lives in some kind of Gold’s gym/crossfit bubble.
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