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  1. That's coming out but fuck this gay earth anyway.
  2. Great. A scoreless draw with 10 minutes of stoppage time
  3. My voting history is somewhat similar to Lobo. We came of voting age in the same election. I've voted (R) in one presidential election and (D) in one presidential election and cast a fuck 'em both (L) vote in the remainder of the elections. The reason this board appears "not conservative" right now is that the GOP put the most horrible person to run for the office in the White House and he is trying to drag the country to a place on the political spectrum that makes Rush look like Marx. Everyone is going to look liberal in comparison.
  4. THEY ARE LESS FREE THAN WE ARE!!!! Also, dibs on Please Scream Inside Your Heart as the name of my new emo band's debut album.
  5. Sorry bruh we had to give Robert Jeffress and Kanye millions of dollars. Enjoy homelessness everybody!
  6. Go to the daily texan thread and learn about how teachers are the most overpaid slackers on earth!
  7. Oh for fucks sake it's not time for you dipshits to tickle each other's balls about ratings again already is it?
  8. We're combating it by shutting down small businesses like breweries, most of whom had implemented responsible social distancing/mask policies while allowing megachurches to pack unmasked people in nut to butt for a political pep rally. Go Texas!
  9. Didn't whatever the NSFW board was over there get nuked by new ownership? The internet never forgets though so it's out there somewhere.
  10. That would be a gif from the 1989 film Society.
  11. At $5 a pop when they're not on sale, I don't really see the value of buying a clan that makes the game play a little differently.
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