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  1. Hello 2020 Democratic Nominee thread. I reliably voted Republican for my whole life until the GOP started harassing people who look like me. May I have a moment of your time for a lecture on who your nominee should be?
  2. "Coming to us live from the Circus Circus kiddie pool is NFL Network correspondent Rafael Septian!"
  3. Did Tahoe not stop by and use one of his sock accounts to post about Confederate Heroes Day yesterday?
  4. Interesting because they put the better show 12-3?
  5. Just cancelled Spectrum in favor of YTTV. They can shove their DVR and cable box rental fees up their stupid asses.
  6. Tuned in just in time for the horrible racist/homophobic/transphobic Texan lady who did not want the Muslim/gay/trans people to touch her.
  7. Tonight: A mercury poisoning outbreak and a wave pool disaster. Get the fuck out of here.
  8. Well you are in luck good sir because this is a fabulous 2 night premiere event and you can catch another episode tonight at 7.
  9. Getting started on the doorstop that is The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
  10. OK that was a mildly amusing hatewatch. Won't be wasting any more of my time on that horseshit.
  11. "911 what is your emergency?" "yeah I just got to my VIP cabana at ACL and they don't have the flavor of White Claw I prefer. Why won't the cops allow Ubers closer to the gate so we can hit up Central Market?"
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