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  1. I'm sure there's a bunch of folks who love to tug their dicks about "good guys with guns" over on Daily Texan who would love to get carte blanche to drop a round or three in anyone who came within 6 feet of them.
  2. I'm sick of having to fast forward through motherfucking Tiger King segments.
  3. Snowpiercer Thoroughbreds Three Identical Strangers
  4. Did a black guy sign the $2t stimulus package?
  5. Even given the large size of my estate, social distancing was becoming difficult and I have had to temporarily lay off most of the downstairs help and roughly 50% of the remaining employees. They were all understanding except for the onsite haberdasher, who gave me the double bird on the way out. Believe you me... He will be dealt with very harshly.
  6. Every possible multiverse is priced in so you can go ahead and buy in now.
  7. I have never been more glad to be unmarried and childfree than I am right now.
  8. Couldn't sleep, so I fire up Kubrick's The Killing. Not discussed as much as his other stuff but it's still great. Solid performances all around, especially Elisha Cook and Sterling Hayen.
  9. Glad I'm running behind on the stream so I could skip the slobbery blowjob of Jack White, Eddie Vedder, and Bill Simmons.
  10. "Yes, the 100k number is based on states not doing stuff like keeping beaches open and having big church services!"
  11. Yup. Props to CNN for pulling the plug on that horseshit.
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