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  1. Beer Bar was fun a couple of years ago. Owned by Ty Burrell from Modern Family. Solid Food and actual beer over 5% and a large list too. Kids and wife just want to go to Spaghetti Factory when we go down.
  2. Haji Wright is having a really great year!
  3. If you are living in the Northgate area, commuting up to Everett should be fine. Better than most Austin or DFW commutes buy a large margin! Everett area has a great ferry over to the islands as well too.
  4. Just crush it now before summer hits and something wants to live there.
  5. Randomly The Bruery is expanding a taphouse up to the Boise area next to Top Golf. Looking forward to the videos of the dudes falling into the netting from the 2nd floor.
  6. Melanie’s book release will be at the exact same time!
  7. Just over a year later I am coming back to this thread. Anyone here try out sofabaton?
  8. Honestly in an open market before Beard, Terry never gets an interview at Texas.
  9. That was before Del Conte and now moving to the SEC on top of that. For right or wrong, if he doesn’t see progress and has a chance to really improve Terry will be gone.
  10. Ashland is great, and would recommend the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for you and Mrs. Chief. No can't miss breweries in the area, much bigger wine country! Caldera Brewery is ok, but pleanty of craft beer spots like Growler Guys that have a shit ton of taps and food too. Eugene is where you start to get a bunch of great breweries up into Portland. Oregon coast is really specatular, but I don't know it that far south. More Lincoln/Newport City area.
  11. Canada's PK's were slightly better than average HS team. All three saves about 3-4 feet to the right and right down the middle.
  12. shnsajax

    USMNT 2024

    Fuck, how shitty of luck do you have to have to rupture both before you turn 24. Hope not a rupture, but didn’t look good.
  13. Just selling, so if any of you degens want to pay for shipping just let me know and I’ll send you my daughters link to buy.
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