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    USMNT 2024

    Fuck, how shitty of luck do you have to have to rupture both before you turn 24. Hope not a rupture, but didn’t look good.
  2. Just selling, so if any of you degens want to pay for shipping just let me know and I’ll send you my daughters link to buy.
  3. shnsajax

    USMNT 2024

    Marseille > Sevilla > Forest. And if $16million is accurate (to buy )there will be a couple other teams we aren't hearing about making bids. Ajax were interested a couple of months ago in a loan to buy, and if Villa are wanting him they go to #1 even in the UK.
  4. This is like replacing Sir Alex Ferguson. They will never get it right, becuase it will never be as good as it was before. They will fire several good coaches who simply can't live up to the expecations who will then go on to be very good coaches at other high profile jobs. And it only gets worse with NIL, Transfers, and a 12 Team Playoff.
  5. Albertsons will have Snake River Farms hanger steaks frequently here for $12.99 a lb. Always stock up on those weeks.
  6. I’m pretty excited about this with him and Jeanty in the backfield.
  7. Malachi Nelson to Boise State would be crazy and also create a string of fringe QB’s going to P5 schools looking to transfer to the right destination after the new playoff system.
  8. His social media content would triple at Oregon! That’s all that matters!
  9. shnsajax

    USMNT 2024

    Italian Commentators
  10. Our Data Science Team is moving fully into Databricks and being that in my department we are a team now of only 3 people we are simply letting them take it and run as we dump Snowflake. We won't be using it a ton to start with and mostly just reconnecting a couple of dashboards to the data from there. Future use cases will arise, but will be a couple of months.
  11. I’ll check back in with you in June on this [emoji23].
  12. I've taken over our Azure space for my department, but really only utilizing Logic Apps, APIM, and Storage Accounts and Tables. We are moving away from Snowflake and into Databricks which I am pretty excited about. Need to do more indepth training and eventual certifications, but how much are these really worth for Azure? Also working on getting an Adobe Workfront Fusion Cert this spring too. Need to focus more on being less of a Jack of All Ttrades and Master of nothing having to manage everything with all of the cuts we have made the past 18 months.
  13. I have friends still at Mr. Cooper and they were shutdown for almost 2 full weeks. And that's a 100% shutdown, not a single employee (except for some IT who were in charge of thge rebuild), not a single closer, not a single funder, no payoff statements issued for the largest non-banking servicer in the country.
  14. One of my favorite parts of 3 weeks over there. The B&B comes with an open beer fridge, breakfast is great. The biking was fun, but might be too cold for that. Some 100+ year old bars around and a cool hop museum in Poperinge https://www.toerismepoperinge.be/hopmuseum. The gas station, convenience store in Watou had probably 70+ beer and the most expensive was like 1.5 euros.
  15. Staying here is a must then https://www.sintbernardus.be/en/guesthouse-en. Watou, Poperinge, and Westvletren all within a couple of miles.
  16. Stopped by Whole Foods today and they have St. Bernardus Christmas Ale on tap at the bar, however the bar was closed till 12/26.
  17. I don't know why, but I feel like this is going to be a dud.
  18. At already 6'2" and 240 will he be able to stick at TE?
  19. 1. Shannen Doherty 2. Morgan Freeman 3. Bruce Willis 4. Michael J Fox 5. Donald Trump 6. Danny Devito 7. Kanye West 8. King Charles III 9. Hulk Hogan 10. Jimmy Carter
  20. Anyone else you want to checkoff a day before their demise?
  21. As much as I love Austin getting a team, The Crew deserved to have one as well. Fuck LA, Congrats Columbus (only in soccer, also Fuck OSU!)
  22. Why the fuck would anyone purposely want to lie about that?
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