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  1. Oh idk maybe because Trump won in 2016, came close to winning again last year, and the next Trump probably won't be a complete fucking buffoon and will be capable of working within the system.
  2. Football is coming home, Rome
  3. Dancin' around like a Kansas City british cigarette
  4. Italy wins on away goals?
  5. Too lazy to post a link but DeSantis wins big in the CPAC GOP nominee straw poll where Trump doesn't run and still gets 25% of the vote if Trump enters the race, which he will if he is not dead.
  6. "If there is a wing shortage is there also a p shortage?
  7. Horseshit. When I make a trade that works out it is because I am a big brained captain of industry who understands the market and when I fuck up it is because the market is completely irrational and untethered from any kind of fundamentals.
  8. The court has established precedent on this in the case of Spicoli v. Hamilton, where they sided squarely with businesses.
  9. I'm just trying to imagine the commercials on Fox News to get people to sign on. "Have you been unjustly banned from Twitter or Facebook for saying the n-word or 'Kill all the jews' nonstop??....."
  10. The main thing that surprises me is that we've gotten 10 pages deep in this thread without the keto cheerleaders taking over the thread with a bunch of pompom waving about how if you eat more than 1 gram of carbs ever you might as well drink a gallon of bleach.
  11. They managed to sub in the one thing I want to listen to less than New Hardline for New Hardline.
  12. I'm sure the coleslaw is made with a delightful vinaigrette and isn't just a bunch of cabbage with mayo dumped on it.
  13. Based on previews I think this might actually be pretty close to one of the vignettes in French Dispatch.
  14. If I am going to vote for a UT grad who is involved in the entertainment industry for governor it's going to be Wes Anderson because then our state will be more whimsical and everything will be perfectly symmetrical.
  15. "He said at a meeting in June that he had collected Styrofoam and more than 50 wine bottles to make molotov cocktails but had held off on buying fuel “to avoid . . . being hit with a conspiracy charge,” according to the complaint filed against him. He told the undercover agent he had been saving motor oil from his car for that purpose. " Attention everyone at this gathering of people who are gathered for the purpose of engaging in a conspiracy to overthrow the government. I am not going to buy one ingredient for these mootov cocktails because I am a very smart person and want to avoid conspiracy charges.
  16. Directors cut of Midsommar. The one long additional scene doesn't really add much and almost makes the movie a little too on the nose. Probably not worth seeking out.
  17. Jesus fuck Randolph Duke sucks. Stay in your psychopathic obsession with A&M lane dude.
  18. This is surly. We are all 1%ers who have personal chefs serving meals to us and our height/weight proportionate supermodel wives.
  19. "Muh genetics!" screenches the fat person as they throw another Big Mac down their gullet like a pelican.
  20. Did those busses of ANTIFA supersoldiers that were going to seize all of the high rise apartment buildings in Austin and kill everyone inside ever show up?
  21. I've watched enough groups of women splitting a check at a restaurant to know this is a load of horseshit.
  22. Yes. The party that has thwacked Bernie in the nuts and told him to go sit the fuck down twice is as socialist as they come.
  23. Yeah but having the billion dollars really makes it a slam dunk.
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