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  1. It only took us 182 pages, but I think we've thoroughly answered OP's question, and the answer is: kinda. College Football in 2020 is kinda in danger. Glad we got that settled. No need to post here anymore. Move along.
  2. I guess sometimes you have to bend over backwards not to give the other side bulletin board material. "We know that Tech had some struggles against a...uhhm...very stout HBU team? They've got a lot of really...good...players? So we know we're in for a...challenge?"
  3. I'm a third generation Longhorn who grew up in Austin and went to UT as an undergrad before living in Lubbock for three years while I went to law school at Tech. I need us to cover this spread because I've been talking just an unfathomable amount of shit.
  4. USF must not be aware that Charlie Strong baked the cake for them to win there.
  5. Tate Martell is the human version of COVID and I hope that colleges around the country do their part to limit his spread.
  6. I wasn't talking about voting: just explaining to mh88 that many--dare I say most--black people aren't Ricky Williams or Earl Campbell. But yeah, my post was about diversity in the black community. And some people debate about diversity among voting in the black community. And some people debate whether the black community votes like a proverbial monolith. And my username referencing a 60's sci-fi book and movie also contains the word monolith. Your brain works in interesting ways.
  7. I'd probably prefer living in Toronto over LA, all things considered. But if you took a poll of people who--like Kawhi--are from southern Cal, and asked them "Where would you rather live, LA or Toronto", I bet I know how most of them would answer. In any event, the point being it was about location for Kawhi. If it was all about rings then he shouldn't have signed with the Clips or stayed with the Raptors: he shouldn't have ever left San Antonio. When he played his last healthy game with San Antonio, he was playing in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals--having won 61 regular season games--and he was up 21 points against a fully-loaded GSW when he got hurt. I feel pretty confident that team could've not only cruised to a chip last year with the Warriors banged up, but would be playing in the WCF in the bubble. Brb, pouring a river of bourbon in my mouth.
  8. I can't figure out if I love or hate the 'spikes' on the collar. It's a nice idea but looks kinda wack in execution.
  9. Because Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams aren't the final word on how young black men and women should feel about a particular subject. There are quite a few black people out there, and some of them might disagree with Earl and Ricky to various extents.
  10. Can you imagine what Orgeron's voice would sound like after a bout of COVID-19 fucked up his lungs and throat? Just hearing it would make you go insane.
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