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  1. Cuero decent for a knock around pair?
  2. Uh for breffus? You may need the diabeetus thread if you are eating that.
  3. In Va? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. I’ve been out of claims Mgmt for a while but MPC was always offset under UM/UIM. I do seem to recall some lawsuits about how it was calculated though. Meaning, you couldn’t evaluate as a policy limits case then offset the MPC so you would end up paying less then policy limits.
  5. You can’t subrogate PIP but I thought you could on MPC. That was the case when using UM/UIM.
  6. When I bought the operations they were a Trane Premier Dealer. I did not want to rock the boat in transition so I did not seek alternatives. However, we sell a lot of variable speed higher end units and there are really only 2 players there being Trane and Lennox. Trane is universally recognized by most patrons and is a good product. Aside from their plant in Tyler shutting down due to the roof collapsing during Snowpocalypse and killing 18 and 20 SEER unit supplies, they have been pretty good to work with. Older Nexia stats have been an issue but those were installed in 2018 and 20
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