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  1. I sleep much better on an edible than I do if I’ve had a lot to drink.
  2. Heading up in a few weeks. Have some wives wanting edibles. Are those available in stores?
  3. Yeah. The original Hogan family before that little blonde twit got on there.
  4. Heading out early Friday to meet my 2 roll dawgs. I’m ready.
  5. I will fart in the general direction of Maypearl whilst in Rockett tomorrow.
  6. Yes. I started to celebrate but after the penalty I thought there was enough time to get 2 points.
  7. Needed 8 from Fournette and got 6. Lost by a point but also didn’t have a starting QB. Oops.
  8. Taylor is also terribad actor so his scenes drag the show. Beth is going to get outmaneuvered should she take a position with Market Equities. That angle makes no sense.
  9. Used to be a K Bobs in Vernon when I was in HS. We would always eat there on the way home after baseball games. Think it’s a mexican joint now.
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