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  1. I'm seeing verbiage that states it is $1k per employee up to $10K. If you are a SP or IC with no employees looks like it could only be $1K.
  2. Good on you PH. I’m the opposite. If I’m not moving iron I’ll lose weight. At 45 it’s harder to keep it on.
  3. Can an employer that pays out nearly all salary by commissions to 1099 IC’s apply? I think so from my research but would lob this up to you guys. Thanks.
  4. I bank through a CU that is not SBA approved. I have relationships with almost all the preferred SBA lenders based on what I do, but none I’ve talked with are considering assisting those that are not current clients. Hurdles, I haz them.
  5. You’re gonna look like the Sitch if you’re not careful.
  6. I’ve been trying to replenish my Weller SR supply and GG is the only one that has any listed in there online inventory but they don’t do curbside. TW has it at times, but again no curbside. I did try the Benchmark a few weeks back. Pretty good for that price point.
  7. Exactly Bill. Vince I was trying to avoid going in.
  8. Spec's website is a disaster. GG isn't doing curbside so I may have to risk the Rona for some hooch. TW shows next to nothing in stock.
  9. Company was refusing refunds and I read an interview that some of the kids had saved their own cash to pay for it.
  10. I haven’t seen a concrete answer on this either. I W-2 myself as well as take distributions but no employees.
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