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  1. So Luke poisoned the well and the team/staff is okay with it?
  2. Had the Royal Oreo only with Butterfinger. The fudge part was just a big glob in the middle.
  3. We stayed in Pointe West about 2 weeks ago. At one time we were the only people in the pool at the clubhouse. It was surreal compared to other trips there.
  4. Followed quickly by proclaiming her stomach is upset but she doesn’t know why.
  5. It’s my mixer that replaced MM.
  6. T’Boo Ted Marshall


    We’ve obviously lead completely different lives Hank.
  7. T’Boo Ted Marshall


    Complete noob and old white dude. Can gummies be shipped to TX?
  8. We got a voucher from SW after they misplaced our son’s car seat on a flight. Had to use a loaner for a few days and I had to go back to the terminal once our seat arrived. I didn’t look at it closely but the voucher is in his name. He’s 7. WTF is he going to do with a voucher? I asked SW to transfer it to a parent but they declined. Any of you had experiences with something like this?
  9. It doesn’t get much love because it is a steaming pile of shit. Good scene you are referencing though.
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