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  1. People that make no effort to show respect at a wedding or funeral by dressing like they are doing yard work.
  2. Down to 188.7 this AM so almost 6 since NY. Mainly due to no booze and eating clean. Workouts really are about the same at around 4x per week. I do feel a lot lighter though.
  3. Second on The Cape. Our firm had the rooftop penthouse last May. Food is above average for hotel food.
  4. I have at least 2 of these in our living room. The reason they don’t work is because they need batteries. Same as they have needed for the last 5 years but that is asking too much.
  5. I imagine this is par for the course at Feces Pizza.
  6. The office is a fun place to hang out but I think the food sucks.
  7. I hate this whole staff and their clown show.
  8. The ESPN college football commercial advertising the NC game Monday. Why do they have TJ Ford as the ND leprechaun?
  9. Lagertha is dead and so is the show.
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