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  1. That’s been happening with our CB’s for many, many years and it angers me.
  2. I hope it was mostly good because it looks like leftovers pulled from the fridge.
  3. I’d rather have Benchmark than BT. I see it plenty in Dallas and always pass. Just not a fan. If some of you locals want it, I can pick some up and pierce the internet veil to settle up later.
  4. As soon as BigD confirmed it was from Beam I knew to avoid it like the plague.
  5. Midtown is right. I have my custom AR's on my list. Look at the deductibles and the cost associated. the Agent or UW should be able to give you a rate per $ amount of coverage and that will vary by article.
  6. Chubb is pretty solid. Are you talking just jewelry or do you have other scheduled items?
  7. Have you thought about visiting with a franchise broker? Have a buddy in Dallas that seems to do well at it.
  8. After a small recent uptick, this week's COVID news hammered ALT and IBIO.
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