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  1. Now it feels like they’re setting up for Kim and Saul to accidentally overdose Howard with the drugs from the Vet. I feel bad for Howard so I hope I’m wrong but it certainly doesn’t look good for him right now.
  2. I stand by my prediction that Kim is going to ignore anyone following her since Mike said not to pay any attention to his guys but will end up ignoring Howard’s PI instead and get caught doing something illegal
  3. He did but that must’ve fallen through because a month or so later he announced SMU and had deleted all references to Tech
  4. I’ve been rewatching Breaking Bad the last couple of weeks and I noticed he was wearing a clip-on tie in Face-Off too when he changed outfits to go confront Hector
  5. Mike told her not to pay attention to his guys if she sees them following her and to just go about her business. I could see a situation where Howard has his PI follow her, she assumes it’s one of Mike’s guys, and proceeds to do some of her shady shit she’s been up to in order to dirty Howard’s rep which would then be used as evidence of her plot to take down Howard.
  6. I mean, theoretically it could happen between when Saul is kidnapped by Walt and Jesse and he thinks Lalo is still alive and when Gus kills the cartel then tells Hector that the Salamanca name dies with him.
  7. I feel bad for Howard. He really doesn’t deserve what Kim and Saul are doing to him. I still think the situation is gonna escalate way too much and Howard is gonna end up being killed with Kim being held responsible. I’m starting to really wonder if the Lalo storyline doesn’t get wrapped up until Breaking Bad timeline. I think we’re only two episodes away from the end of the first half of this season which is when it would make the most sense for them to make a time jump to the Breaking Bad timeline, especially if we’re gonna have a couple of Gene-centric episodes at the end too. It’s gonna be interesting to see how they thread the needle of tying up all the loose ends without making it feel rushed.
  8. Jonah goes from “going legit” to murdering someone with a shotgun in roughly 10 minutes. Sounds about right for Ozark.
  9. Didn’t Hector refer to Gus/Pollos Hermanos as the “Butt Brothers” earlier in BCS? I vaguely remember something along those lines.
  10. Yup. And I imagine Kim is gonna bear the brunt of the consequences, too.
  11. I think Cliff Main is definitely onto Jimmy. He snuffed him out pretty quickly when he pulled a George Costanza in season 2 to get himself fired so he could still receive his bonus. I figured that scene with him and the guitar after he finished meeting with the Kettleman’s was him remembering Jimmy playing bagpipes in his office as part of his scheme to get fired.
  12. Or she cons him and hangs him out to dry which just leaves him totally jaded and would explain why his attitude is so different in Breaking Bad. Or something bad could happen to her and he fully embraces the “Saul Goodman” persona as a way to cope or honor her since she seems to be pushing him that way this season by encouraging him to get a showy car and a new office that is a “cathedral of justice.”
  13. Kim is definitely flying too close to the sun trying to fuck with Howard and Cliff. They’re both very smart guys in their own right. They’re much smarter and resourceful than the typical people her or Jimmy have conned. Add that to the fact that Jimmy’s heart isn’t in this con and this is gonna end badly for her. Best case scenario is she gets disbarred but she could easily end up spending time in jail, killed, or needing to buy a dust filter for her Hoover MaxExtract60 Pressure Pro.
  14. I’ve been rewatching the show in preparation of season 6 and was surprised by how much I’d forgotten since seeing it originally. The episode at the season 3 with Chuck’s mental breakdown was so dark and tough to watch. I’d also forgotten how funny the show can be too with scenes like the Squat Cobbler, the talking toilet, and Jimmy making Franchesca small talk his elder law clients on the phone about Cracker Barrell and sunscreen.
  15. Basically a Dateline-like promo for Season 6. Pretty well-done and worth the watch for a decent recap of Seasons 1-5:
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