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  1. God you may be right but my 31 year old ass would lover to fuck your daughter and wife like a pornhub clip you sanctimonious cock. Also , I like your posts. NOT.
  2. Dont agree. Sometimes you have to let a good thing go.
  3. are we all in agreement that Austin kind of sucks today?
  4. So I just put a deposit down on a pupper. AKC champion line Golden. Grew up with them my entire life but have waited till I have a home and am truly ready. Pupper will be ready to come home mid April. Any advice? What should I buy for the homecoming? How fucked am I?
  5. Alright on the road back. big bend brewery shut down. There was a big party in Valentine and they just opened up a new bar, the towns only. Stellina/Capri Are very chic and trendy. I liked the kitchen a lot and met the owners. They came from Corpus and bought the Sentinel Paper/building/ and turned it into a coworking space cocktail bar and restaurant. lost horse saloon is a perfect shithole. A guy asked me if he could dance with my girl and he had no hands. stayed at el cosmico and it was great. Skipped Marfa burrito. Water Stop is fucking delicious as is food shark which is a med food truck. got some cool Stetsons and a piece of artwork to take home. fun couple days to just pal around and escape the city for a couple days.
  6. Alright, heading there tomorrow...marfa...where are some places to eat esp for valentines night?
  7. Eilat, down on the Southern Coast. Beautiful scenery and world class scuba. You can be in Egypt in 15 minutes or in Jordan in 15 minutes. You can even cross the border and hit Wadi Rum which is one of my favorite places. Tel Aviv is an awesome city. It's not off the beaten path but you can blend in and spend time on the beaches and criuse the town. Haifa is a cool city on the water as well.
  8. Siem Reap doesnt really have a lot going on. Angkor Wat obviously. There is a nice little night market and a bar area to party. I was there for 5 days or so. I definitely got the 10 dollar massages every day. Probably my favorite part about Camboida and Laos.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2016/may/09/vang-vieng-laos-tubing-calm-activities You need to do this, so many Aussies were dying that the Oz govt actually sent a please stop the aussies letter to the govt.
  10. Tthat ht is a Texas Exes hat. An Alumni hat. He is already thinking of how hes going to graduate from us. algined with herman, 3D chess. Calculator cucks.
  11. holy shit that was a good read. Glad that he has some clarity on everything, isnt angry, and is just at peace.
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