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  1. who fucking knows, probably more likely the chinese were using it for population control and it went sideways...
  2. Don't necessarily believe it, but it is a theory/stream of consciousness that has crossed my mind....anybody else? The Corona Virus is earths way of fighting back. The earth is a living breathing thing and our ability to exponentially increase our population, deplete every resource, and essentially kill this planet demands earth to fight back. It releases a virus and darwinism essentially takes place. Only the fittest survive and long term this is actually beneficial for our society as humans as we reset and remind ourselves what is important. Thoughts?
  3. Hmmm...no gas, cleaners, lunches, happy hours, bars, restaurants........saving money Drizly (online liquor delivery), liquor stores, DoorDash, HelloFresh......losing money...... I have also been taking advantage of a lot of sales, my favorite clothing brand is having an unheard of 50% off sales for obvious reasons. I also just bought a new puppy saturday.
  4. For a 64 year old woman, yea shes in good shape and super active...
  5. Little fucker slept the whole damn way home from Silsbee to Dallas...
  6. I am in quarantine with my girlfriends mom
  7. Something to me that is just so much sexier in Euro class....like yea your Camero is cute, but we have 19 generations of lordship and Princess Diana sat in this jag. I love my American classics, but they’re nothing to classic European sex.
  8. Can we talk about the Ferrari guys that wear a Ferrari hat and shirt as they drive them? Thoughts?
  9. I'll have to upload some more pics today. In 2018, Audi did a complete redesign and focused on making the interiors more luxurious. Before I bought my car last August, I was comparing BMW, Audi, Porsche, etc basically 2/4 door sports cars and the one thing that really stuck out to me about Audi is the interior styling. Some of the M3's and cars I looked at, youre paying for the namer and the engine but the interiors looks like a camry. The S5 has the heads up disply, massive Ipad like Nav system (think tesla), quilted red seats that heat and cool, and its just as beautiful inside as out.
  10. So what did you go with? What engine did the 11 A5 have? Did you go with an Audi either time?
  11. I understand as far as porsche and bmw, but I feel like Audi is more VW than the former. I could be wrong. I have not had to do a single repair on either Audi I have owned. Im not even a year into this second one however.
  12. That thing looks to be in great condition, but whats with the see through windows? No privacy? I didn't realize the models then had a rise out of the dash deal. I will try to google it but if not I'm going to need you to send me a video.
  13. alright, fine, Ill give rep you BRILLIANT POS
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