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  1. I watched Karic quite a bit today and he looked good to me. The kid is very quick. As they say, he has good feet.
  2. Yup. Most people bought that magazine for the articles.
  3. I think the board needs pics of the Vietnamese laundry woman.
  4. Kinda the Kirby Smart model. Seems like a good plan.
  5. I used to think TH could handle a few player like this on the squad. That's another thing I'm wrong about.
  6. I might not be the sharpest knife in the block, but it doesn't take us whiffing on a DC to know that we are in trouble.
  7. I agree. Sometimes the defense becomes so complicated it coaches the athleticism out of the player.
  8. They didn't want it to look obvious.
  9. Wasn't he one of the guys that came because of the Baylor deal?
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