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  1. Oh this person is back! Oh they’re also full of shit
  2. I doubt we play any other big 12 team again except maybe the legit worst ones.
  3. Randolph Duke is the biggest dip shit on this site. He amassed his rep because people like his Aggie rants but those are just repeated dog shit that dates back to shaggy and probably horn fans. No new content worth a fuck out of him and his general opinions rival the likes of futureman, slorch, and derka
  4. If you’re only scoring 77 with those settings you’re not going to fair well in the surly online dynasty.
  5. Some Aggie in a discord I run said the Aggie BOR meeting is about applying to the PAC haha
  6. That’s too deep. It’s best to not know than to try and understand
  7. Yup, obvious their conference doesn’t care about football
  8. He’s a fucking idiot of the highest order
  9. Because those 30 are likely the only ones that actually give a shit about it? Next session is 2 years away and zero chance this gets put into a special session with the mess that is Texas politics right now. Question: Are you actually trying to be retarded on purpose with regards to your last couple of replies?
  10. I hope the vote happens before July 30 so that we can use it on our recruiting weekend.
  11. Do you even read? This was done above their head. They may have been aware of but they weren’t involved in the process.
  12. From what Gerry was saying this week he was in play to begin with and this basically could make us the outright leader. He loves PK, the scheme, and how he would be used
  13. That will have no impact and this line of thinking is stupid and you should feel stupid for it.
  14. If Kansas bolts to BIG and 1 other school finds another landing spot quickly(WVU?) them as early as 2022-2023
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