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  1. Eric Nahlin Recruiting Editor Staff member And despite this new development, we were just told, “Urban is still the top guy.” Without an affirmative from Urban it would be careless to not be working other options at this point.
  2. He’s taken those guys everywhere he has gone. They’re very critical to the infrastructure of his program.
  3. I don’t think Drayton or any of the DL coaches are retained as well as Valai.
  4. Eric Nahlin Recruiting Editor Staff member 3 minutes ago Based on information received this morning we can definitively state that any hopes of Urban Meyer being a done deal as of today are unjustified. Health concerns are real, and as someone stated to us yesterday, it’s the only thing that could scuttle the deal. The ball remains in Urban’s court, but UT can’t sit idle. That would be negligent. It’s flight tracking season except Texas is two steps ahead of you and is using delisted planes. That’ll take a little of the fun away, but that’s where we come in. We can’t give you a new name, but we can tell you he’s a current NFL coach. It’s too soon to call him the clear #2 but it’s a name that has us excited. Joe is going to try and keep up and post responses in the body of this post. Good luck to him.
  5. I tend to agree or she’s just a great troll.
  6. Yeah exactly. Maybe last minute effort to squeeze more cash/ammenities?
  7. Urban Cowboy > Gillies > Pasadena is near Houston > Houston BMDs
  8. OL Larry with another cryptic tweet featuring Pauly shore from the movie son n law.
  9. @RGBIII @Schulz2.0 What do y’all make of this post by Nahlin this AM?
  10. The ice cream they serve is blue bell. Really good shakes due to that. Yeah I know aggy/listeria etc but still nice.
  11. Why could we not do both in the same day? Or within 24 hours of one another.
  12. I think we hire Ed Warriner from Michigan for OL coach.
  13. Actually interesting coupled with that possible flight
  14. Has anyone mentioned mayonnaise vs mustard on these burgers from the establishments listed?
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