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  1. He did a pretty good fake Scott Murray back in the 90's -- longtime very generic NBC 5 sports anchor, now with a non-sports Sunday radio show on KLIF.
  2. Had no idea until this years watching that Rusty in this one is Leonard in Big Bang Theory.
  3. He did the same thing at TCU. I went to the game over there 2 years ago and swore I would never go back. You never have a chance to breathe. The ironic thing is Texas plays in the perfect college game setting every year, the second Saturday of October. Just bands playing, fans screaming and organic cheers like Texas Fight. You would think they'd learn that you don't need to trick it up just because some consultants say you should.
  4. This one's all about the seniors. In fact, I'm going to let each of them rotate in and line up next to Sam on a failed 2nd and 9 designed keeper.
  5. Head butts players, we're concussed.
  6. "So" was glued to my tape deck for a year. I don't know squat about bass guitars, but the bass line in this one seems like it doesn't suck.
  7. Over wins, has already drained the whole bottle. Well hydrated.
  8. Good week of practices, worked on fundamentals, almost like a fall camp vibe. Now we game plan for K State.
  9. We didn't let Oklahoma beat us twice
  10. What happens is that now that it's on your mind, you focus on it more. Last weekend I was cringing anticipating what was going to be said next. The gravely fake Texas growl is what makes me want to jump off a bridge.
  11. Bob Wunderlick was the head coach at Dallas Jesuit in the 90s
  12. No. But we were instructed to get our "hookems" up a few times.
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