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  1. A lot of us already thanked his mom last night. We're not that rude, you know.
  2. Three first 2 round draft picks and couldn't win a tourney game. Fuck you, Shaka.
  3. That sucks. I remember when I was a kid at a mall card show, I watched a father distract a seller, while his 8-10 year old kid was at the other end of the table, sliding a box of cards into a bag (no doubt instructed by his dad). This hobby really does bring out the sleaziness in people.
  4. They backtracked straight onto the roller coaster track:
  5. I'm completely fine with playing aggy again. For years, they've been acting like they'd beat us because they didn't have to back it up on the field, when in reality, even our sub-par teams would always herp and derp our way to a win. It's about time they were put back in their place.
  6. You guys forget the PAC is cool with rape?
  7. Let's be honest...we only really like them for this: and:
  8. I'm no English major, but is that a triple negative you just pulled off?
  9. I just ordered another guitar from Sweetwater. I think I'm going to redirect it back to sender and I'll also be busy throwing the rest of my guitars off my balcony.
  10. Microphone holder looks like a QB who would run for about 250 yards against our D.
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