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  1. Show me your all cash portfolio
  2. Why didn’t you post yesterday’s? Why are you not short selling? You can make money when market is down. Why do you post the Dow and not other indices that are down? Why haven’t you answered my question on if you’re still contributing to 401k? Are you in cash now? the people want answers.
  3. Did I watch a different testimony? Thought it was pretty clear he wasn’t leaving because he knew images of the VPOTUS fleeing would be broadcast around the world forever and be his legacy. He had plenty of time to think about that in the days leading up to this. Or that’s how they frame it now.
  4. "I've decided to be on the pardon list, if that is still in the works." ahahahaha
  5. State Senator and shithead, Bryan Hughes, is now engaged to his 28 year old girlfriend, Leyla Pirnie. He turns 53 next month. Was viral for a second in 2018 cause she kept her gun in her Harvard dorm and roommates wanted her out. Laws of Nature and Math dictate, 52/2 = 26 +7= 33. Wife can be 33, no less. Her IG- https://www.instagram.com/leylapirnie/?hl=en
  6. I wish-----I could----- talk more----- than--- two-- syll-a- blles.
  7. If this guy doesn't speed up or loosen his tie, he will pass out while talking
  8. This happened right around the primaries in February. Few places picked it up
  9. What have you assholes done to my thread? *LOCKED*
  10. So when this brings down Ted Cruz, we get Senator Huffines right?
  11. oh there's an archive for her exploits
  12. Sounds like we should archive the sugar baby thread as there may be future Congress people in it.
  13. Mayra with 50.9% of the vote current. Reads like there is 14 boxes left in Cameron Co. 7% participation rate.
  14. Getting prettay, prettay, close to an outright win for Mayra
  15. Why does Heidi stick around for the multiple cheating/affairs? You have to ask.
  16. They're literally bringing their favorite hookers to work in the House. Sounds like she was fucking one of the Koch brothers for money. They for some reason introduced her to Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz did something, and it required a 75k donation that he paid to her. Possible blackmail. Ted Cruz recently won the right to use campaign money to repay himself for loans to his campaign, if I remember right. Therefore, with no evidence, Ted Cruz campaign donors paid for him to fuck Lauren Boehbert.
  17. Was Biden +4 in 2020 GE, should be comfortable D in 2022 GE due to redistricting to make it Biden+16. Special Election winner gets a few months vacation in DC and some letterhead to frame on the wall. This special election will serve everyone with an opinion on GOP "gains" in South Texas. You will mostly get to make whatever opinion you want and not be wrong, The "favorite" Mayra Flores has gotten a shit ton of money from GOP PACs as well as her own fundraising number and is outspending her main opponent 16 to 1, Democrat Dan Sanchez. She is a Border Patrol wife, immigrated to Texas at 6 from Mexico, and made Instagram post with QAnon and Q tags. Dan used to work with former Rep Filemon Vela and his father I believe, and will not be running afterwards in the general election. This should not a competitive seat in November and the Democrats showed that by not using their wallet, believing if it flips it will just return back in a few months. Republicans want to use this as a "See, I told you they like us and Trump." GOP wants momentum in south Texas. Early voting showed 80% was made up of Cameron Co and Hidalgo Co. Participation overwhelmingly went to the Democratic side in the primary and runoffs this year in Cameron and Hidalgo. However, 16 million dollars prints a lot of glossy pictures to send people in the area to remind people you are attractive looking. Early Voting County Registered Voters # In Person On 06/14/2022 Cumulative In-Person Voters Cumulative % In-Person Cumulative By Mail Voters Cumulative In-Person And Mail Voters Voter Turnout Voter Details Report CAMERON 225,424 0 10,003 4.0% 1,454 11,457 5.08% Click Here HIDALGO 58,591 0 1,143 2.0% 313 1,456 2.49% Click Here JIM WELLS 26,484 0 599 2.0% 144 743 2.81% Click Here KLEBERG 18,458 0 561 3.0% 196 757 4.1% Click Here SAN PATRICIO 15,868 0 119 1.0% 124 243 1.53% Click Here BEE 15,710 0 517 3.0% 169 686 4.37% Click Here DEWITT 12,118 0 231 2.0% 124 355 2.93% Click Here WILLACY 11,811 0 238 2.0% 58 296 2.51% Click Here GOLIAD 5,745 0 171 3.0% 36 207 3.6% Click Here GONZALES 4,507 0 70 2.0% 24 94 2.09% Click Here KENEDY 309 0 17 6.0% 3 20 6.47% Click Here TOTAL 395,025 0 13,669 3.0% 2,640 16,309 4.13%
  18. It’s a meme within my mocking of old posters memery. Joey Two Scoops will always be fun.
  19. I lovingly refer to him as that. As with all things old people, they eventually latch on to new things and kill it with awkwardness. See woke, bling, and pokeman as other examples
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