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  1. I don’t know why more coaches don’t do what Les Miles is doing. Football is football. If you know it and you’re good at coaching it, it’s similar enough at every level to have success. Are the coaches too egotistical?
  2. Not to mention the fact that Ensminger taught Brady everything he knows and there’s no way next season has a drop off in offensive production. The 5 stars are replaced with 5 stars - they RELOAD not rebuild.
  3. I agree with you. I don’t think this ONE hire changes much in terms of what happens in 2020. As the last (currently, at least) seemingly poor decision in a long line of poor decisions for Herman at Texas, it’s worth discussing. Using previous hires and results as evidence to back my claim that this hire might not be so great is relevant to me, but I’m probably just an asshole. On some level I think we’re saying the same thing here, but for different reasons. I get that negativity isn’t fun and it’s been fleshed out plenty in this thread. I do believe that this staff is much better than his initial staff. At this point it’s just time to win.
  4. Sounds a lot like Mack Brown. We saw how that worked out. Will O continue to do well? Probably, his access to talent in conjunction with recent success gives him a big advantage. To act like things such as returning production, the loss of a Heisman winner, and the loss of the architect of LSU’s recent offensive and defensive successes are indicators that LSU will “reload” is poor thought process.
  5. I see where the confusion is. My dislike for the hire is based on Herman’s (probably) lack of desire to conduct a thorough search. He doesn’t deserve any kind of benefit of the doubt with regard to his hiring choices or process. My irritation is derived solely from his behavior and recent track record of hiring. Will this hire turn out to be okay? Maybe, but it’s far more likely that we look back on this hire as yet another misstep in Herman’s short-lived tenure as the head coach at Texas. Really though, I’d prefer for Hagen to be recruiter of the year and Texas to hit the playoff in 2020 - which is possible considering the talent on hand. I’m happy to shut up and stop whining if the trend changes, but the current data suggests that it won’t. To ignore all that would be purposefully shoving your head in the sand while screaming “trust the coaches!”
  6. Yeah excuse me for being a fan of the school and giving a shit lol
  7. I haven’t said anywhere that it had to be an “elite” coach - eg the dude from tOSU. A plus recruiter that also wasn’t fired from Sumlin’s staff and didn’t spend the last few years in the dredges of the Big10 isn’t too much to ask here.
  8. Hagen < 90 other DL coaches <<<<<< elite DL coaches. That’s the problem.
  9. I mean I understand why this is the sentiment, but in the context of Herman’s shitty hires, shitty staff management, stubbornness to make changes and the fact that he’s very much on the hot seat - it matters. This is a fucking ridiculous hire and there were plenty of options.
  10. This is not surprising. OU sucks. So does Oklahoma.
  11. Well that’s underwhelming but not unexpected. This process has been interesting - some hires look fine, others are head scratchers. Recruiting is probably one area where I’m least worried, but I would have expected a better recruiter for this last spot.
  12. Honestly, who fucking cares? You’re a fucking blowhard. The architect and the QB from that “paradigm shifting” offense are gone to the NFL. Will LSU be fine? Maybe. There’s plenty of talent there. Will you lose to Texas at home? Maybe, there’s enough returning talent on Texas’ end to do so. I get that your team just won the title and it’s fun to be a prick, but acting like that season is going to be replicated is moronic and you know it.
  13. As if we didn’t know already, this post solidifies it. You’re a dipshit.
  14. Damn. He earned it I guess - even if his success can be attributed to hiring good coordinators. If he can do something similar with his new hires, then he’s definitely worth the money to LSU. If not, well, it’s not like roads need repairing there anyway.
  15. If San Fran wasn’t kicking GB’s ass. (They are and he’s wrong)
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