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  1. I understand but I’m referring to size. Viruses are very small relative to bacteria.
  2. I’ll take the L on this one in SA. We are getting tropical-like sheets of rain...holy shit!!!
  3. Antijinx worked too well. We’ll see if this line can hold together and bring some real rain to SA
  4. Anti-jinx car wash worked here too...fuck yeah.
  5. Haha yes funny, but he was referring to the cell phone tower in the background I think.
  6. Radar trying to pop off west of SA, maybe my anti-jinx is working...wait.
  7. Radar is lulzy. Lots of weather in west and East TX. Absolutely nothing in hill country/centex. Guess we got our 0.2” last night. Whew.
  8. Can anyone confirm or deny that Stephen Curry is good at golf?
  9. TB12 needs Romeo’s coaching
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