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  1. I heard Jimmy John's was doing buy one get one free sandwiches and obviously this portends a massive drop
  2. A wise man once said "don't start no shit won't be no shit." Probably before the internet.
  3. In all honesty, I bet there are several people on surly who would be glad to take it
  4. Sure thing, Sonny boy. I'll be sure to leave some of my kids on her titties
  5. I bet it ain't the only thing you've been gargling
  6. They are old enough to drink there, sure
  7. Assuming we're able to travel by then, where is the best place for a family to celebrate New Year's in Europe? My boys are 8 and 10.
  8. How anonymous are you gonna be when you're paying for your Walmart cart with Sacajawea dollars once a week
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