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  1. New Minglewood Blues lyrics that didn’t make the jump: ”If you never believe, it’ll make it hard to believe in you.” The show starts off electric, though. Perhaps they pick up wooden instruments, I’ll see.
  2. "We're gonna take a break from all this sweat & steam & uproar & tumult and we're gonna break out our acoustic guitars and regale you with some wooden music." - Bob Weir, 4/9/70 That sounds good to me. I need a fresh mindset. https://archive.org/details/gd66-12-01.sbd.ladner.8575.sbeok.shnf The show includes Lindy, Big Boy Pete, and Look on Yonder’s Wall,. Also Viola Lee Blues snd Cream Puff War.
  3. Thanks for the information. I know that the three ladies whose tweets began the BLM movement were taught Marxist politics, but I have read their 13 principles, and didn’t understand which ones promoted Marxism. I admit I am not knowledgeable about what Marxism actually entails. The principles came across like liberal Protestantism, to me. I’d appreciate being shown the Marxism therein, though I’ll have to get up to speed. I read the conclusions of an academic study on the social media postings of BLM, which described the posts that were political, as non controversial. I assume Marxist politics are controversial. https://csdd.northwestern.edu/documents/working-papers/alvin-tillery_what-kind-of-movement-is-black-lives-matter-the-view-from-twitter.pdf
  4. I have yet to see a reasonable linkage of BLM to Marxism. Nor have I seen BLM condoning rioting and violence. I’d like to learn if I am misinformed. After all, I accept that a group ought not be judged by the actions of a few, When an organization’s actions merit a negative reputation, consequences follow. The tipping point on policing has been reached. Defend the Constitution, and change gonna come.
  5. Brisket accurately notes the actions of folks who instinctively reject that we are not living up to our promise, and look to frame circumstance within our standard.
  6. No argument that the law is not being enforced equally. And I am glad that, too, has been made clear to a greater percentage of citizens.
  7. Doesn’t pudding need a rest, to set? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.inquirer.com/news/philadelphia/philadelphia-police-reform-bill-bans-chokeholds-20200917.html%3foutputType=amp Granted, single data point. But there are other, similar, data points. As is any one poll showing the number of citizens who realize BLM has a valid claim: that black citizens experience violence disproportionate to their population. Should we be so lucky as to continue our great experiment, I am bullish on character becoming an individual’s litmus test. Rule of law is the more immediate concern, IMO, and a clear re-affirmation will also further BLM’s goals. Discrimination based on race is illegal. BLM needs to factor the ease with which their message can be hijacked. Equal treatment under the law is a simple sell.
  8. Our daughter wouldn’t let us anywhere near her applications, except the parts we were required to address. I can imagine the frustration, filling out the sign up here made me surly. Best of luck to your son.
  9. We had discussed the second semester payoff, because it is a fact. It’s funny you think she and Mrs Horn hadn’t over-outfitted her before we left the state. A couple of times, on my request, friends who know give her tips on keeping the body’s heat trapped in layers before stepping out the door. She hated the cold. Maintaining a 4.0, with a course load that included CSU’s 808A equivalent (and which UT credited) earns respect in this household. As does lifting the worry that your investment will yield half-assed returns. She told me, when she was accepted, that she knew I had always hoped she would go to UT. She was right, and I acknowledge that played a part.
  10. Tough question. Go with t”shut up and dance?” Oblivion level intoxication? I’m going with whichever one of you assholes it was repeatedly crop-dusting eau d’Hell up front at the Turnpike Troubadours ACL taping.
  11. That’s why I make the photo-journals. For the joy of it. And for posterity.
  12. Times like this I realize we really are all the same. I always get up before flushing, but I have curbed the artist’s impulse, after creation, to find someone and say: “look!”
  13. I was taught (a version of) this s song in Vietnamese, which has become Texas’ third most commonly spoken language. I won’t try to write it down. I was taught It by my one on one, weekday bible studies teacher, Fundamentalist style, (back before I haired over.) My parents brought her in so they could focus their attention on my dad’s sagging balls. First time I felt that cold water, ante-shit, it finally made sense. I am able to let that go. And forgive.
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