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  1. group chat & yes he was a silent several days after i mentioned he committed the 995ers came out & basically admitted it jai was the reason he was committed no impropriety jai is just a tremendous recruiter
  2. no & it looks turrible i dont ever think i will watch it have you seen 3 strikes?
  3. sorry i was faded i thought u said old head & i got lit turns out ur not my lingo protege
  4. bruh your lingo is lit i wouldve never thought u would use old head in that manner i am so proud of u & @Thiefery u r my proteges
  5. @texasstrong12 sorry bruh dont know if collins is still a silent i got kicked out of the gc before the jai lucas news
  6. i would like to take this time to apologize im a woo i can admit when i was wrong i thought u were the opp who met ctj in real life but i have been informed it was @SydneyCarton
  7. bruh that is exactly the demographic i imagined posting here bruh now it all makes sense why they dont know what glizzy & thot means
  8. transfer portal news should break soon
  9. bruh take ctjs glizzy out of your mouth its unbecoming of u fucc boi
  10. dbs still dont look to find the ball herman said in press conference dbs r being taught to fight through hands instead of looking back
  11. bruh have i not made it clear that the vid was done idk if things have changed since i got kicked out of gc but b4 i left he was texas bound
  12. i would give that thot my slime i dont discriminate btw i am proud of u @Thiefery for picking up the lingo u r a certified woo now bruh
  13. connor williams part deux get on the phone now hand
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