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  1. 1 in coaches were made aware late last night
  2. shemar had 3 texas players in his video bruh he switched his pick to aggy once two of those players started telling him not to come to texas
  3. the truth hurts if some of you saw how texas players talk about texas u would in their eyes aggy is big brother
  4. this isnt 2005 a&m has become big brother all you homers need to take your orange glasses off to see it i know for a fact kids in this era see texas a&m as superior to texas because my woo was recruited by both during the process & i got to talk to many recruits in a gc
  5. remember those posters saying nil would help texas land recruits
  6. nigga dont call @RGBIII regaraded he is a co host of a successful yt male podcast now
  7. got my thots mixed up bruh her name is kurzca cindy was my previous avi
  8. nigga @futureman smoking on a @closetojumping pack u ethered that opp 🤡 ctj
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