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  1. It's not under the age of consent section. It's under the sexual assault statute as an affirmative defense where the actor is not more than 3 years older than the victim and the victim is older than 14. Tex. Penal Code Ann. sec. 22.011(e)(2)(a)
  2. I much prefer Don Juan's. I always found Margarita's to be a bit on the bland side. Agreed on DJ Mariscos. I haven't been there in some time, but it always has been very good.
  3. *with homemade Pine pellets
  4. Reminds me of a time we were driving to Austin from Houston on 71 in the late 90s. It'd been a while since I'd made the drive and we kept seeing billboards for some BBQ joint in LaGrange. The last of the billboards said, "Come check out our trophies!" That sold the guy who was riding shotgun, and we stopped. Long story short, it was piss, and the trophies were a bunch of fucking deer heads mounted to the walls. /edit It was Texas One Stop. On the website, they still have the "trophies" displayed. On their Yelp! page, some dude left a glowing review of the BBQ and posted this pict
  5. That's what the Texas Monthly write up said.
  6. You should. But my question was really just a recap of recent history. When it got #4 in the Texas Monthly list, the pitmasters were Jordan Jackson (owner) and Scott Turner. Now, the only pitmaster listed on their website is Bryan Bingham. My question was if Jackson still owned the place and had farmed out all the pitmaster duties, or was Bingham running the show top to bottom over there. The brisket was top notch and the ribs were pretty good when I finally got over there a month ago.
  7. So I hadn't followed this, but I went to Bodacious on Mobberly about a month ago and it was impressive as advertised. Is Bryan the new(ish) pitmaster there? Has the quality improved/stayed the same since he took over those duties from the owner who brought that location to prominence a few years ago?
  8. Grew up on those books. Cheers to a life well lived.
  9. Spotting a trend here. I'm at a friend's wedding reception. At some point, I'm standing in a small group of people and I'm introduced to the bride's mother. I extend my hand for a hand shake and she just looks at me coldly. I lower my hand and decide that she's a rude snob. I see one of my buddies later who also is good friends with the groom and tell him the story, complete with my "what a bitch" ending. He looks at me and says, "Dude, she's blind."
  10. Yeah, Stripper Montez is overrated. Unrelated, about 10 or 15 years ago, there was this great little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant where the menu was split up with dishes from the various regions of Mexico. It had some great Yucatecan dishes, among others. It had a dumb name, Pico de Gallo, and was in this little building next to a gas station out on the spur. Food was wonderful and the wait was usually close to an hour. The owner would walk the room and talk to the patrons. Just a great experience, but for the relatively short drive out Spur 364 to get there. Wel
  11. Looks DAF. Nice work!
  12. I will . . . again.
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