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  1. Got a little bit of good news today. One of my older kid's friend's mom has been sick as a dog with presumptive positive COVID19 (I say presumptive because they would not test her at the ER when it was extremely bad a week and a half ago. Would not admit her. My wife spoke to her today and she's finally feeling better. She's probably late 40s and overweight. I'd suspect she's at risk group for one reason or another. Hopefully, it doesn't circle around on her and she's over it. Single mom with an 8th grade daughter.
  2. dcbc

    Bread Thread

    Picked up some flour and yeast before the rush, but not a lot of flour. Got an instacart order from Sam's today and got a sub for 25 lbs of all purpose flour. Had to dig out the old homebrew buckets for storage, but bread making is about to commence. /oh, and apparently, it was 50 lbs of rice. Crap. Volume was 7.5 gallons. I'm good for 10 years.
  3. Yeah, I went and looked after your first post. That's definitely it. I either knew that back then and have since forgotten about it or found some very similar stuff on N. Burnet back in the day.
  4. Well, I suppose I could be wrong, but I remember driving over there in 1994 and there wasn't any doubt in my mind. The exterior lined up and the building with the paint dumping matched perfectly. There was a Centennial right where it was supposed to be, too. No way to pick it out now on Google Maps since it's not like it used to be. Learn something new every day. /edit. Well, I'll be 6610 N. Lamar at Brentwood. Maybe that's where I was. Been a few years.
  5. The "Emporium" (exterior) building was located on N. Burnet near Top Notch, but on the other side of the road.
  6. In my friend's situation, her sister owned a house that was vacant at the moment. She is quarantining there with the pups. No personal contact with parents, relatives, etc.
  7. She's been in quarantine for two weeks. No nuclear family other than the dogs. Staying in an otherwise vacant house in Houston.
  8. Friend from HS, who is a Epidemiological Psychiatrist (I think she's an NYU Prof or something) just bailed with her two Labradors for a relative's empty house in Houston. Said quarantining in her apartment building in NY with two dogs was completely unrealistic. She should know.
  9. And of all these superb suggestions, I chose "brisket sliced, vacuum sealed, and frozen in individual portions. That sealer was such a leftover game changer.
  10. About time. Of course, it's not hard to fit into that essential business category and I wish he hadn't separated the judiciary from the other govt. offices (I work in the appellate system and have been WFH for a week with ease)). Hopefully, this extends my WFH past April 3 (the original cutoff). I suspect it will, but no word yet.
  11. Ordered my kid a refurbed chromebook via Amazon. Shipped from a seller in Jersey. Got here in two days, which is good. Opened it outside, got ride of all the packaging and sprayed it down with rubbing alcohol (power cord, screen, you name it. It's sitting on the counter, and I'm not telling him it's here for a few hours.
  12. I'm back on team wrap in paper after quite some time on no wrap. But for me, 165 definitely comes around the 12 hour mark, and the bark is well developed by then (see pic of finished product above). It looks like a meteorite, but is tender as can be. I don't think it ultimately saves you more than an hour on the cook (I'm on team low and slow (about 238 F per my thermometer), but my no wraps definitely were a bit more dry toward the lean end of the flat versus wrapping in paper, and the smokiness wasn't too much more discernible on the unwrapped briskets. The only advantage I could see to no wrap was my own laziness and not wanting to mess with wrapping it (not that it's such a big chore). Some of that may have been a result of me trying to rush the cook with temperature increases later, which you can get away with more easily if you wrap. This all applies to the WSM. YMMV on other cookers.
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