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  1. In all seriousness, that's a great response. I'm 47. I edited my post above. Time for a primary physician, my friend. Shit slowly falls apart for some (even the healthy some like I am; reasonably good health, exercise, etc). You want someone to make the referrals at the least. That's all to reinforce my suggestion above that you have a plan for when shit goes wrong (it probably won't) in BFE.
  2. With kids and no doctor, you sound young. That's fine. No offense intended. But you seem to have means. Maybe picking a doc for when things go haywire, as they do, would be a good call. As for the rest, fair enough. But you have capable hospitals in Houston. My point is that you don't want to be stuck in BFE with your or a family member in residence. I mean, I've had family members stuck in the hospital for weeks on end, and it's hard enough when you're trying to manage it from your own home. I've said what I felt I needed to say. Go forth, have fun, learn from your trials, and be awesome as a result.
  3. Not to be a killjoy, but you need to plan for it, at the very least. What if one of you gets the 'rona and has some heavy CV19 symptoms far from home and require more than you can do in an RV. I don't think you want to be in Heminford Home, NE, and be stuck in that small hospital for goodness knows how long on a ventilator made from corn and duck tape. Are you the level of lawyer that can charter a private jet out of BFE to get you, the wife, or the kids to a good hospital close to home or are you the level of lawyer like I am that does well, has good credit, and a spirit of adventure, but not unlimited resources to move heaven and earth from said BFE at a moment's notice to overcome any challenge. Worth a thought or a game plan.
  4. That movie is a guilty pleasure in our house. And it's basically this thread.
  5. Those Benz Sprinter campers seem like they might hold their value and are in the same price range. A bit on the small side though.
  6. That's good to hear. He hired people to run the practice. I was thinking he needs someone to run the boat.
  7. I got mine the week before the TX/USC game at SC three years ago. Family was out of town and the brisket didn't get done until the festivities were well underway. I tried to go into speed mode slicing sausage with that sword and scalloped my thumb pretty well. My thumb apparently is pretty tender because the bastard has stayed plenty sharp since then. Good times.
  8. If it were a guitar, I'd be calling the rosewood police. On a $40 knife, whattayagonnado?
  9. When my wife was sick several years ago, I bought a Sunfish knock off to keep the kids entertained. I put a fresh coat of paint on it, bought a new sail, watched a youtube video of how to rig it and have survived being the only sailboat on Caddo Lake (the big part). But yes, the ocean would be a little different and you probably would not survive. And that would be, as they say, a shame.
  10. I don't know why no one else has suggested this. Wulaw, you should buy a sailboat and sail around the world with the wife and kids. Go big or go home. Lack of experience should be no hurdle. You're near Houston. You're practically an islander.
  11. True, but this "stink" comes new in box with the Victorinox knives with the rosewood handles. I thought the reviews were overdoing it, but it's taken several soaks and reoilings to have it where my hands don't stink after I use it.
  12. I love my Victorinox Chef's knife. Careful with the rosewood handles though, some of them smell (apparently a feature of Indian Rosewood I never got from guitars).
  13. Might have misspoke. Look for 12" Dexter Soft Grip Scalloped Slicer. Should be in the $30--$40 range (used to be cheaper).
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