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  1. Prices in just about everything are stupid high in the last couple of years
  2. dcbc

    Longhorn Network

    He was the M/C for the event, I believe (at least he was when I caught them here). So he surely was standing there when CDC said that.
  3. Oh, man. I thought they had a brick and mortar lined up.
  4. Any chance we might also get a picture of the burger?
  5. There are limits, but a little milk/cream just makes good coffee better. Also, obligatory
  6. I've had my walk behind for probably eight years or so. Other than replacing the battery at 5 years (about $100 at the time), it's been bulletproof. I have no idea about the riding mowers, but they have pro series equipment and I've seen at least one lawn service locally with all E-Go gear.
  7. I will never identify her, but $85 per clean and it's immaculate. For $100, she'd do laundry, fold, and put away. Again, stay away. Minzes.
  8. My mom fell once in her closet and couldn't get up. My sister found her 6 hours later. No bueno. She got a fall alert bracelet through ADT and while I'm sure they overcharged her on the monthly, she had a couple of exciting false alarms where the fire department showed up. So I'm guessing if she had fallen again, it would have been helpful. Thankfully, during that time, she did not fall again.
  9. dcbc


    Got my last one in 2019. Found a small precancerous polyp. Scheduled me in another 5 years due to size of polyp. Thankfully, my PCP likes me a bit more than the Gastro does and said 3 year cycle. I'll be documenting my prep in photos over on shaggysnowcone in a month or so. Also, how is something called a "shaggy snowcone" not on urban dictionary?
  10. Got a HBCB this morning, nixed the HB (I can't pretend that shit isn't gross; yeah, I know, unpopular opinions thread), added an egg. I very much miss the J/C biscuit as well.
  11. I came, I saw, I ate. Not bad. (Dairy Palace)
  12. I'll be driving by Dairy Palace on the way home from Ft. Worth today. I may have to make a stop.
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