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  1. Torchy's was a solid guess. Not a franchise. Just over 50 locations. But I think it's in 5 states (not that I looked).
  2. When I was a kid, I saw Red Dawn and thought the sound of the RPG firing was the coolest sound in the world. As an adult, seeing video of what they actually sound like always has disappointed me.
  3. So sorry to read this. Eating delicious food at Buck's was one of the high points of our trip to the island this summer. All the best moving forward.
  4. dcbc

    Messed Up Lyrics

    Came here to post about a guy who mentioned that misheard lyric to me once. Either you are the same person or the universe is messing with me.
  5. This is, by far, my favorite piece of furniture we own. My dad got it through a decorator in the late 1950s/early 1960s. It's, since then, been passed down to my family. I've never seen a table/chair set exactly like it (although it's distant cousin appears on the fourth season of Weeds and, through the set designer for that show, I tracked it to the WB prop house). My sister in law is a decorator and suspects it was made by McGuire in San Francisco. I have an email into them. There are no maker's mark on the underside of the table or the chairs. Anyone have any ideas? Search terms: mid century Chinese red lacquer mosaic top has not born fruit. /edit: I realize it isn't technically MCM Danish modern, but rather vintage Chinoiserie. Still, I am of the opinion that since this type of furniture often was mixed in with Danish modern and neoclassical styles, it's fair game for a MCM thread.
  6. The lounge side (Mongol Lounge) at my mom's place.
  7. Lots to do in Denver and cheap flights t'boot.
  8. dcbc


    How much liquid smoke in the reoueuix? But seriously, the play by pay is helpful. I made some the other week. Recipe was nearly identical, but for my using a cup of oil and a cup of flour for the roux and going over medium heat, stirring constantly. The result was good, but I will try a lower heat setting and less of the oil/flour next time for grins. /merge thread. Make a roux out of OP on low heat. @immamac
  9. Black Cat Mini Trem is something you should check out. It does everything the Supa Trem does in a regular sized package for less.
  10. It's been 34 minutes since your last post. Time to flip the steak.
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