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  1. One of my kids and I had the swine flu that year. I don't recall it's being as bad as your case. One of the PA's at my doc's office had Covid last summer and said the same thing, for people his/my age, it usually is pretty unmistakable.
  2. We've had two acer chromebooks for our kids and they both have been fine. Shoot, I've got a 10 year old Acer netbook that's still kicking . . . just not quite as high.
  3. Our 15 year old had a very mild case. Only thing he did was a quick doctor's visit required by the school to return to sports. No xrays or ekg. Just a stethoscope. He's running miles and miles and lifting weights daily. So I'm not concerned that there was any vascular damage from his mild case.
  4. I couldn't wait for the next episode.
  5. Somehow, I knew it was "Evidently Chickentown." I posted that video upthread (possibly twice).
  6. Tony getting pissed about the wrong thing, ruminating on it, and, later, acting on that misdirected, negative emotion is a pretty common theme, if I'm honest. All of that resulted in Tony's compelling Bobby to take the meeting with the Canadian musician in the laundry room later in the episode. While Tony's instigating the fight was a direct response to Janice's happiness and her telling the story about his mom and the beehive hairdo, it also was in response to Bobby's getting upset about the modified Free Parking rule.
  7. CVS is the vendor for my mom's assisted living facility. She got her second round shot last Monday. All 80 residents at her facility were vaccinated (first shot on 12/29/20. Where is he located? My mom is not at a facility in a large metro area.
  8. Started Season 6b in my 4th rewatch last week. AJ is such a miserable mess at this point. But I sure do love this show. Interesting side note. After the Monopoly "Under the Boardwalk" fight (the next day) Tony is sitting on the dock by the boat looking at the water. A bell (presumably on the boat somewhere) rings twice. Each time it does, the perspective changes from third person on Tony to his point of view, and then back to 3P Tony. Had not noticed that this early in Season 6 before.
  9. I understand. I'd feel the same.
  10. Ah, I get it. Zing! Not Surly Elite either. So this is the first I've heard about the other shit that went down. But I did eat at the Galveston restaurant once and enjoyed it. Also grew up going to Doziers with my dad in the late 70s and have fond memories of it from back then.
  11. The UM or Bust thread excluded, of course.
  12. Toss a stone or steel or screen on your Egg, let it heat up for a half hour or more, and give it a go. Only other bits of kit I've found to be really helpful is a silicone pastry mat to spread out the dough and a peel. Depending on the temperature, I'd check it by lifting the lid just a bit and peeking under at about the two minute mark. Give it a turn or two during the cook.
  13. In my situation, I was told that when you got the first shot, they reserved the second shot dosage physically set aside and reserved for you. I received my vaccine at a hospital clinic.
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