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  1. The decision she made that's the problem was marrying you. And it's your fault. You should apologize.
  2. If he not starting, why do they give a fuck if he leaves?
  3. I'm guessing those of us who posted a prediction in this thread prior to your post, but didn't see your post until after the game - are SOL?
  4. My wife used to save every receipt because she thought people would steal her identity if they got ahold of it. We had boxes full of receipts that she was "going to shred" but never got around to it. Thank God that's no longer a thing.
  5. My point wasn't that Sam was better than Cam, but that the Patriots tend to neutralize deficiencies better than most teams.
  6. Just send him to the Patriots. If Belichek can win with Cam Newton, he can win with anybody.
  7. Yeah, maybe so. Wait to read the prequel. No need to find out some things too early.
  8. Yes way, Ted! I told her, "Wow. Let me think about all the things that are wrong in that statement."
  9. I had the Tampa Bay/New Orleans game on the other day. Wife: "Didn't Brady used to play for the St. Louis Saints?"
  10. Yes. Good series. Lots of different characters and some of the later books run concurrently with others but with the stories of other characters. Jordan died before finishing but left copious notes and his widow recruited Brandon Sanderson to finish it. It was supposed to be one last book but there was so much material they broke it up into 3 books. I liked it and I think Sanderson did a good job of finishing it. Jordan was extremely detailed in his writing - which wasn't always a bad thing - and Sanderson kept the feel of the story without going into a much detail. You can tell there is a little difference when reading but not so much that it ruins the story. There is a prequel novel that I'd read before starting the original series.
  11. The original one? Yeah, but I never went - and I actually went to a party at the apt of the guy who ended up killing that girl. Saw they're putting the new one where Exposé used to be.
  12. Well, besides the fact that holding is never called when it benefits us, they just want to get this game over and hit the rub and tug before heading home.
  13. UTEP needs to kick the FG. I predicted they'd get 6.
  14. That was a dumb time to do that (Sam run) but I guess we had a timeout. Nice Money route.
  15. I think Brewer could have been a target there.
  16. Not if they're only going to be handing it off. Let them continue the gameplan.
  17. 4 TDs to 4 different receivers. I like it.
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