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  1. You didn’t get what you ordered then. As has been noted many times in this thread, their spicy version of the sandwich is the mayo, not the chicken. Sorry, bro.
  2. Can anyone remember the last QB to get suspended for an on-field incident?
  3. hundred CLEARLY has a personal issue with Rudolph, he doesn’t have a single post about the game except for bitching about him. Then all the ones since Aggy brained him.
  4. Who’s been to Olivella’s near the old Baker St? https://www.olivellas.com/fort-worth Also, appears the Moon is re-open in the multi-failure Americado with a chicken joint inside. https://moonbartx.com/
  5. The long way is to type it out. [spoiler ]yap, yap, yap[/spoiler ]
  6. Fear, Typhoon, & I know this cat. Not sure what the word ‘maybe’ is supposed to be in the first sentence, that’s not right.
  7. We have a signing. QO didn’t hurt him.
  8. Jesus fuck, put Duck back in.
  9. This is trending poorly.
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