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  1. I’d be surprised if the alternative band has much participation after the first year or two. I know high school bands actually have competition but in college without sports, is there really another venue to perform?
  2. That’s a great recommendation for anyone looking to need a full stint before the age of 50.
  3. I realize I have a tendency to be optimistic by nature but I’m pretty bullish Card. Herman and staff were pretty high on him and I think he is going to start to separate. He’s probably not getting propped up by his receivers right now, either.
  4. That’s interesting that you brought that Covid thread up. If you go back through the predictions I was right far more than I was wrong. That’s a terrible example to point to discredit my opinions. I took the contrarian view that we would have a season and a vaccine sooner rather than later while the majority of people took the opposite view. Your inner Michael Scott is on full display, sir.
  5. Have you ever heard him on a podcast? It’s hard to even follow his words through all of the mouth breathing. I’m waiting for the new story to break one day about a Texas football recruiting analyst that had a cardiac event in a recording studio.
  6. That’s a good way to announce to the board that you have no idea what you are talking about.
  7. I think people are not realizing how much returning talent we actually have on the offensive line. When deployed properly we have already seen how effective it can be at the end of the season.
  8. USC might be more entitled and Ohio State might rival LSU fans in an IQ race to the bottom but I have yet to find the toxic combination of entitlement and self righteousness that the Chicago area Michigan fans have. Imagine the cuntiness of a Rice or Northwestern fan with the entitlement of the worst kind of Texas fan. And imagine the worst 1% of that toxic mix as the moderators of their fan sites. I hope we fucking tampered to get Worthy and I hope Sark drags his nuts all over their entire fan base in the process.
  9. I realize we think the most insufferable fans are in College Station but as someone who spends a lot of time in the Chicago area I can honestly say Michigan fans are on another level. They are the most entitled mother fuckers of any sports team I have ever seen.
  10. This one has basically been telegraphed. Texas basketball and football winning the portal wars so far.
  11. Now, I was originally only in for the first and third girl but the rare mother/daughter combo cannot be ignored.
  12. I choose to look at what happened to the two inside linebackers as a sign our offensive line has been transformed into the 1995 Dallas Cowboys and not what I fear is probably more likely about the status of the linebacker unit.
  13. If I understood correctly, Hookfin and Jones were not in the scrimmage. Only one of the top three tackles were available.
  14. I also do not think the NFL is full of 4.8 safeties. Unless they play for the Cowboys.
  15. Newy25

    Cade Brewer

    If he suddenly became a useful and productive player at his position that would absolutely be Gaskamp award material. But usually those guys are people who simply did not have the opportunity for whatever reason and then suddenly when given the chance really shine. It’s very unusual for someone to develop into a spare part by the end of their junior year and then suddenly blossom into a real player at their position. I’m not buying the Brewer stuff being pushed by IT.
  16. These paysites are really trying to push the narrative that Cade Brewer has somehow transformed himself into a legit #1 tight end and my bull shit detector is at 11.
  17. Dumb but serious question - he is going to turn around and have another season this fall, right? A full season?
  18. I never understood how someone so bad could be given so many chances. And with no expectation that he has to improve his attitude.
  19. Did you get lost and think you were on the Evans thread?
  20. Shaka was told in no uncertain terms it was in his best interest to find another job. This is the best possible outcome considering the money was not lined up to pay this buyout. There is money for a top caliber coach if CDC presents a viable option, however.
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