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  1. That’s disgusting, thanks Crash. to Lobo’s point; who has accused Biden of rape?
  2. What's particularly interesting is the tacit acknowledgment by the Biden campaign that it's better to focus on Trump's negatives than Biden's positives. Look at the air time ratio on one versus the other. It's not that this is hugely novel, rather it speaks to a certain amount of humility within the campaign leadership ("we're going to get a more enthusiastic response shitting on the other guy"). I'm sure it's quite a change from drawing up ads for Obama. I think there's a pivot here I'd be interested in seeing to further demoralize the Trumpists ("you've stuck by Trump out of racial fealty; he's going to lose, there's no hope") that might be possible with some small adjustments. I'm also wondering if it would make sense for Biden to just decline any debates at all. "The NY Times has already documented 18,000 lies over the last three years. I'm not interested in enabling a national platform for one more."
  3. If it wasn't Roe it'd just be something else. It's misguided to think that you can peel off the rational from these folks by removing a foundation for their beliefs; they are functionally held together by an artifice of perceived oppression and they (or their elites) would just manufacture something else. Maybe absent Roe we'd be even more divided. Not to sound like Brisket when he's desperately in need of a hug but I don't know of a solution besides wait for most of these people to die and just HAMMER their leadership when there's an opening to discredit them (it's really weird how many of these religious leaders, who should know they are in the public eye, can't keep themselves away from shenanigans).
  4. Susan Rice, who's never run for an election for ANYTHING, much less won one? Warren is only wasted in the VP slot if Biden wants her to be (wasted). Clearly the modern presidency post Bush II includes a more activist VP. Hell, there's a non-zero chance she's the tie-breaking vote in the Senate, in which case she doesn't even need to move her office.
  5. Considering Biden's life expectancy on an actuary table is probably -2 I'm going to favor someone ready to assume the responsibility of the office.
  6. Fangraphs says it's the worst year because you lose that slot money and the sign stealing will be a disincentive for the $20K signing bonus guys but I disagree; I think if the money is the same players will want to go to organizations that have a strong reputation for development and aren't really going to care what the major league team did in 2017.
  7. How does that help Amazon? Maybe it helps secure IP against Netflix?
  8. On the bright side there should be plenty of available spots should he decide to resume elsewhere. I really liked it as an undiscovered date place prior to the change in ownership but the service has been particularly poor since.
  9. All I know is that when I was in Iraq I was disappointed to get no takers when I was passing out my "Hillary2008" t-shirts. In all seriousness, most of the military leans R because they come from working class parents who vote R. I think veteran Marines care (or know) who Mattis is a great deal more than active duty, who just want to work their 7 hours and then go play Fortnite in the barracks.
  10. That's funny--I always imagine it as a cross between Anthony Quinn in Tony Scott's "Revenge" and Adam Sandler as The Waterboy. With a wash of angry Denzel when he's addressing a jury or ordering fast food.
  11. Not to take this too far off topic but I always thought Big era Elizabeth Perkins was a MILF. Glad to see she's on team justice.
  12. Ha! Art is loving this attention. THIS is why he took the Houston job.
  13. If being a police officer as a career is too stressful then perhaps we should consider it a national service obligation and create a “Teach For America” type program to staff it. Two or three years and you’re out.
  14. Jeez dude, you are the biggest whiner. Warren's video is already fairly viral and Obama and Biden have both spoken out on it. Are you maintaining a checklist of anyone that has a D next to their name and in an elected position before you withhold your constant criticism? The reality is that the majority of the country only cares about this kind of thing when it's front and center every few years. The guy in HJ's video is right; we've got to come up with a better way to manage our affairs and that's broadly. I, for one, would like to see the police de-militarized at a minimum and maybe disarmed entirely. The state shouldn't have the ability for bad actors be so indiscriminately reckless against it's citizens.
  15. Yeah, me too. Had to turn it off when he admonishes the 16 year old (presumably his son) to "find a better way".
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