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  1. Psychological wars...and we’ve lost.
  2. Renault feeling it. Protesting the legality of the Racing Points.
  3. texas08

    Truck Nuts

    That bronco is going to destroy Jeep
  4. Crazy little ending for 5-7th
  5. Is racing point going to finish fourth this season? Beat mclaren? They look stronger than ever.
  6. fucking awesome drive from Perez so far
  7. Any cable/stream provider that forces you to sign a contract of any length can go fuck themselves.
  8. Fuck all this. Fucking criminals. Dotard is shitting all over “law and order”, fuck off you piece of shit Republicans. Fuck every single one of you, even if you are a never Dotard Republican. All you fuckers enabled this through years of your fucked up policies. Die knowing you enabled the downfall of this country. Fuck you.
  9. My “unlimited” on ATT gets throttled if I were to hit 100gb and if “networks are busy” at the time I hit 100gb.
  10. texas08

    Truck Nuts

    Yeah the two seater bronco is going be the tits. Spotted with some method race wheels. Probably some insider that’s already customizing the fuck out of it.
  11. Is he still rambling? I’ll skip this one...been having a good day, don’t want Dotards diarrhea like speech (per usual) to fuck up my day.
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