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  1. Have we confirmed that it was Riley trying to pull Worthy into the portal? If so, this would be the ultimate bitch slap.
  2. This. Williams is not a guy I want to line up against, but he was an above average passer at best outside of the RRS. He had a bit of the Casey Thompson vibe going when he blew out lesser teams and played shitty against good ones. The upside with Ewers as a passer is >>>>>>>, and being able to line up with Worthy, Whittington, and Neyor in whatever combination will ensure he can't be doubled for any substantial amount of time in any game.
  3. Austin Pop Warner league has had the venue booked for months. They gave us a non-refundable deposit.
  4. If I remember correctly he had gotten up to about 240 after his sr year. Even if he dropped to 215-220, it would be pretty easy to pop back up. I just question if the UT medical staff would ever clear him to play.
  5. If he is 230 lbs and cleared to play I say we take a flyer on bringing him back at LB. It would certainly be better than.. checks notes.. all the LBs.
  6. They are going to be a quality opponent as long as Jimbo is there, but on the flip side, as long as Jimbo is there they will be systemically flawed and beatable.
  7. Pretty sure it is the Utah linebacker with the volleyball sister. Sister just transferred to Texas.
  8. He can bring his Clemson approach to Bama's recruiting as well. What could go wrong?
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