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  1. I believe it was Sterns roasting Slowneal if Memory serves.
  2. Can Blacklab change his name to something RC Slocumesque?
  3. As a newly transplanted texan in Colorado, please don’t do this. I dont want to listen to sound clips from Bielema ad nauseum on sports radio.
  4. Um.. i know a guy you could get to do it but it would cost you six figs... or at the very least three peaches.
  5. Don't try to act like it wasn't you giving the bjs
  6. I would very much appreciate his solid commitment to the University of Texas.
  7. Vertigo

    Fire Mike Yurcich

    I dont care if he slings yogurt all over that press box if we are putting up 50 points per game.
  8. I was watching a replay of a 49ers game yesterday and thinking this exact thing. The wing back is back!
  9. I am pretty sure you have a better batting average on your grindr account than on your tinder.
  10. I was traveling to knoxville frequently for business the last two years. There is no good way in or out of that place, but they do have some nice spots in town and a surprisingly good food scene. There are worse places that you could wind up, but I say that as someone far removed from college. As a college student that town would easily rank above BCS but what is that really saying?
  11. TO preaches fanatical effort. Bru practices fanatical instagram poses.
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