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  1. Something has been “off” about Dele for two years now. Watching the Amazon doc, and seeing Jose call him lazy, you could tell that something was going to have to change. Either Dele’s attitude and effort, or his place on the team.
  2. Things got better when Gio and Lamela came into the midfield.
  3. Poor midfield play in the 1st half, no creativity, no link up play with the forwards, and can’t win the ball from Southampton. No Dele today, but Lo Celso needs to come on and bring some creativity.
  4. Hugo doing his best Anton Khoudobin impression early on.
  5. COYS!!! Sounds like Bale is another 3 weeks away from getting over his injury. He’ll be wearing the #9 kit when he does return.
  6. Anyone see Hintz back on the ice after he got hit with the puck?
  7. I'm still in denial, and will be until I see him on the pitch.
  8. Yes they are, though I’ll take your word for it. I didn’t see them play this morning, only last week’s Spurs match. For why I didn’t, see above.
  9. Yeah, after the pandemic stoppage, Bleacher Report tapped out of Champions League and Europa League coverage. That allowed CBS All Access to pick it up a year or two earlier than planned. Here are two things that are fucked up about that: 1. For some reason Bleacher Report still streamed Europa Qualifying matches this week, so guess what? I missed the Spurs match. 2. CBS All Access is going away and becoming some Viacom super stream service in January. It’ll cost more I’m sure. Bonus rant point: Some bars don’t get the streaming services, so good fucking luck watching matches with other supporters.
  10. The 2nd biggest problem with Peacock (the first being that it exists, after a few years of all matches being shown on the NBC and NBCSN I was already paying for) is that the app isn’t available on ROKU (yet, I know a deal was announced), Amazon Fire devices, or smart tv app stores like Samsung. i would reluctantly pay for it if it were, but I’m not paying to watch matches on my laptop and mirror it to my tv. If I’m going to do that, I’ll stream it elsewhere.
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