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  1. It's all so f'd up and it's going to get worse before it gets better.
  2. SBA site now says up to a $10000 grant. Way to change the fucking rules midstream SBA. From what I can glean it's now $1000 per employee up to 10.
  3. A few posters on TigerDroppings have received funding for the PPP loan. They were all dealing with smaller banks. I'm PNC so I may be fucked for a few weeks.
  4. I'm the little guy hopefully we get taken care of soon. Mnuchin asks Congress for $250B more for PPP Loans
  5. Experiences with several different airlines and Hilton. This was all for a trip to Spain this May. We are hoping to rebook it to September. Fingers tightly crossed. Hilton - points refunded immediately Aeromexico - flights extended out to February 20, 2021. I can change them at no cost to any date between now and then. Iberia - All Avios and fees to be refunded to my account less a 40 euro change fee per person. British Air - All Avios immediately credited to my account. Delta - eCredit issued that is good until 1/21/21. I spent almost two hours on the phone with AeroMexico. Calls to the other airlines were brief. I received no resistance from any of them.
  6. Not even noon EST and the US already has 910 reported dead. Sad. The UK is getting crushed. Their cfr is over 10% now. Spain has dropped below the 10% cfr rate at the moment.
  7. This was a creepy AF way to end that post.
  8. The price of beef. Don’t y’all raise beef? Da fuq is up with the prices.
  9. Damn. I hope PNC is doing the same. Got a thank you for getting your application in email and that’s it so far.
  10. Did the application require documentation? Did it ask for a loan amount? Is so, then it's changed since I filed for the grant. TIA.
  11. The application for the $10k grant is NOT applying for the EIDL loan. That's a separate application that is more comprehensive than simply applying for the $10k grant.
  12. Everything I’ve ever heard or read from a true Italian cook is the opposite. You want a lot of water in the pot so the water continues to boil when you drop the pasta. Then cook to al dente and transfer the pasta dripping with water into the pan with the sauce to finish the pasta. This helps the sauce to bond to the pasta.
  13. Got our application in through the PNC portal today. Fingers crossed that it’s quick. PNC is telling companies with more than $5M a year to submit a contact form. I’m under that number so we were able to go through the full application process.
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