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  1. Really solid race by LeClerc today. He was prepared to make those mediums last 40 plus laps and only took the final pit because he’d built such an advantage.
  2. Why not pit him immediately on the next lap and put on softs? He had the 22 second advantage and would have come out neck and neck with Hamilton. Red Bull is now becoming fucking Ferrari with their terrible tactical decisions. Instead of acting they said “Hungary” over the radio. Guess what Horner? The exact same fucking thing happened in Hungary. God, I can’t stand ineptness.
  3. Elvis' Beach Bar on Sandy Ground, Anguilla is one of my favorite beach bars in the Caribbean and it's on a great stretch of beach. Add in the Willy T on Norman Island, White Bay Jost van Dyke, Cow Wreck Beach Bar on Anegada, Sunshines on Nevis, Reggae Beach Bar on St. Kitts and Freedom in Paradise on Cozumel. I could rotate between those places and while away my days. Throw in the B-Line Beach Bar on Little Jost van Dyke as well. You're almost always the only people there and it's still a blast.
  4. Say what? First time I've ever heard it called that. Maybe the way you eat but if you're going to restaurants and paying for meals there it is not cheap.
  5. Nah, they call each other that but there is plenty of racism on TD. I only post on a couple of boards there. The travel board, food board and money board are good. The rest I mostly peruse.
  6. Yes, it is. Very annoying. It's the SEC version of Bro.
  7. It has it all. Arkansas, a superhero and epic farks Little Rock has a serial killer
  8. On the topic of Everest there has been a COVID outbreak at Everest base camp which the Nepalese government is downplaying and outright denying. The 2021 climbing season is in doubt. It's been a rough stretch with a massive avalanche and earthquake in 2015 and deadly avalanches in 2014 and 2019.
  9. Yep. The first 24 hours after Moderna two I just had a little fatigue. Then I started to feel off and a couple hours later I was in bed shivering, then hot and clammy and feverish. Felt like crap for about 18 hours then just felt like I’d been sick the day before for several hours.
  10. Agreed on all counts.
  11. I'm of the view that the track is the track and unless you lose control or forced off of the track you should remain on the track.
  12. It is for top teams and Mercedes has admitted as much.
  13. You get some and you can get it all but you have to pay for it I believe.
  14. Guenther Steiner is the best. He's hilarious.
  15. There is no sprint race tomorrow. It's not this weekend. FP1,2 and 3 and qualifying. ETA: There will be three and they have not been announced. Silverstone and Monza are expected to be two of the three.
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