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  1. Proctor is a backup. A really good backup who’ll be a stud but is he were to be suspended for a half it doesn’t change anything defensively.
  2. VABuckeye

    Pink Floyd

    A friend and I did shrooms and went to see The Wall when it came out in theaters. Man, was that a fun night.
  3. I'm still watching it and Johnson is still the president at the time. Man, did he fuck things up badly. I'm not to Nixon yet but he really couldn't have messed things up more or been more deceiving to the American public than Johnson, right? LBJ comes across as a terrible president in the series.
  4. The final season of Vikings started last night. Need to cue it up.
  5. You forgot Ohio State. Look at the recruiting rankings the last seven years.
  6. It’s happened several times before.
  7. Incorrect. They’re 3-17.
  8. Nice use of the $ sign you pussy ass bitch.
  9. Jaxon Smith-Njigba was unguardable. 15 catches, 252 yards and 6 touchdowns. I think he’ll get playing time as a freshman at Ohio State.
  10. Ruffas was either left alone in a kennel as a pup or was mistreated badly. He came with a LOT of issues and was afraid of everyone outside our family. Over the years we adapted to a routine when he met a new person and it helped him to accept them. We made many compromises socially and while it was a huge challenge he ended up with a good life and adored the family. Sadie’s issues don’t seem nearly as severe but I understand what you’re feeling. The best advice I can give is give her the back of the hand before petting. Don’t be aggressive to her head at all. People don’t understand that if a dog has fears the last thing you want to do is to “go at it” to play. Fearful dogs are going to react to actions like that in a negative manner be it a growl, a lunge or shrinking away. You just have to be really patient with her and consistent. A great trainer can help but make sure it is only positive training. No choke collars, pinch collars or negative reinforcement at all. Lots of treats and praise. ETA: Ru was a rescue as well. It’s difficult because you don’t know the background. We’ve rescued four now. Even though we purchased Eli I consider him a rescue as well because the previous owner did nearly everything wrong as far as training and diet goes.
  11. Have we? Because I don't think we have. AFAIK the JT Barrett DWI was the last one and that was in 2016.
  12. I think Ohio State winning vs Penn State, Michigan and in the B1GCCG back to back to back weeks moves them past LSU. Each team would then have the same number of top 25 wins and that LSU defense is going to be their Achilles heel. It's a bad defense. Half of their opponents have exceeded their offensive averages against LSU.
  13. Minnesota can’t split with Ohio State. They don’t play in the regular season.
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