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  1. Looks fantastic. I've eaten at RPM Italian Chicago. Very good eats.
  2. Fuck. Asshole or not that's amazing stuff. There's a generation of musicians that will be gone before long that are irreplaceable.
  3. South Austin’s mom has seen hybrid wood.
  4. Jesse seems like he’s a dumbass.
  5. No one wants Buddy Holly back? Don McLean for Buddy Holly
  6. He seems to play it well.
  7. Checking in to see how everyones businesses are doing. May was a terrible month for invoicing and June is even worse. On the bright side I'm hearing about projects opening back up and we're getting new business to quote now. I hope this "second wave" doesn't bring things to a grinding halt. It's just beginning to look like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for us.
  8. VABuckeye


    If anyone is looking to get into the turntable game affordably U-Turn makes great entry level tables. U Turn Audio
  9. VABuckeye


    I picked up The Outlaws and Red Headed Stranger recently but haven't played them yet. Maybe today is a good day for that.
  10. We wash ours in the dishwasher. It's ceramic with a glaze over the painting. They're all hand painted at the place in Radda so they are on the expensive side and an order takes a while to get.
  11. Been doing the Fender Play and it's been good so far. Haven't spent any time on the guitar this weekend. I need to fix that after the kids leave today.
  12. Most of them. There's a reason they're classic.
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