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  1. Way to go Ladybird! Eli went off this morning for two weeks of board and train. The house feels empty and I miss the hell out of him already. I know he needs the training for discipline and to iron out some issues but it's going to be a long two weeks without him.
  2. You're a lawyer, right? Because you're posting like you're his lawyer. HE LEANED OUT WITHOUT THE KID IN HIS ARMS. HE THEN PICKED HER UP AND HELD HER OUTSIDE THE BARRIER FOR 34 SECONDS.
  3. And leaning out of it prior to picking the poor kid up.
  4. It's also a card that credits the Global Entry fee back to you.
  5. How Randy Gradishar continues to be bypassed is beyond me. 7 X Pro Bowl, 6 X All-Pro, 1978 NFL defensive player of the year, tackling machine and retired with the NFL record for tackles
  6. Discounted Admirals Club? My Executive card gives a guest and me full access to the lounge. I know there's a $450 yearly fee for the card but if you use the other perks the card offers that fee pretty much is a wash.
  7. If you use a taxi in the city go to the official taxi stands. DO NOT take a ride in a "taxi" that approaches you on the street. They are gypsy taxi drivers and are not to be trusted. My vote would be to do Florence and then the Tuscan countryside. The faswt train from Rome to Florence only takes a couple of hours and then you can rent a car and drive into the countryside. I'd do the Chianti Classico region. Greve, Radda, Gaiole in Chianti, Montalcino or Montepulciano all would be great bases from which to explore. There are two fantastic enotecas in the area. The first is in Greve (Enoteca Falorni) and the second is in Montalcino (Enoteca la Fortezza).
  8. I scrape then stone then fine scouring pad then hot water and wipe down with a towel. A coat of oil after that and it's ready for the next use. Mine sits outside all winter and I don't have to deal with rust.
  9. Texas OL Donovan Jackson is announcing on Wednesday.
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