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  1. Doesn’t he depend on a lot of government subsidies? Pretty smart to align with the party likely to run the table in November and potentially 2024. That’s all this is.
  2. As it is adopted and held by individuals it will appreciate over time and volatility will dampen. Eventually if/when widespread daily usage is attained then its value will be steady at the high levels it achieves. But as I said this is an unprecedented phenomenon so we’ll see if it plays out that way.
  3. Looks like rising interest rates are starting to have an effect.
  4. Target did the same as Walmart. Better sales, worse earnings due to decreasing margins.
  5. How do you transfer value over large distances? Or over years or decades? That’s why money was developed. It’s how we developed past bartering. And it’s had multiple iterations and advancements over time. Bitcoin is just the latest. It will be adopted as such.
  6. Money is a technology, buddy. It has advanced over time. How do we communicate or transfer value between each other? That comment on its own belies your ignorance. Sorry.
  7. No one knows the exact timeline of how adoption of a novel monetary technology should evolve, least of all Paul Krugman. He of internet/fax machine fame. This is a unique situation. He’s been wrong about bitcoin for almost a decade. I would anticipate that continuing. if you’re taking cues from him on anything tech related then good luck.
  8. My man. Weighing in right on cue with some Paul Krugman.
  9. Credit to Jimmy Jazz for at least challenging one of my points, even if I disagree with his assessment. You on the other hand have no coherent input. You appear to understand Bitcoin and monetary policy/history about as well as Steve Sarkisian does halftime adjustments. Congrats on joining the Mount Rushmore of confidently ignorant posters on this thread. Make room, Bullneck and BrickHorn.
  10. The dollar is down 8.3% in purchasing power YoY. Bitcoin is down 13% YoY. As far as cryptography and math backing being bs, you’re still missing the point. That is what secures bitcoin. It’s agnostic. Anyone can use it. Or not. Guns secure fiat currencies and their rules and supply can be changed any time. That’s the difference. Central banking is the scam. A decade of zirp/QE to suppress interest rates and prop up asset (stocks, homes) prices. Scam. Debt monetization enabled money printing. Resulting inflation. Scam. Fed handing out $500B to European banks with no oversight. Scam. All of these things serve moneyed interests above the vast majority of Americans. The decisions are made by unelected officials that are often involved in a revolving door with the financial sector. Scam.
  11. A decent local top signal. Also, when arenas sign contracts with crypto exchanges. If Odell sticks with it he’ll be up long term though.
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