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  1. I’m not sure if he has restrictions on selling his stock, but maybe it was to help maintain confidence in Tesla. He didn’t want it to look like he was dumping a bunch of stock near the top just for personal reasons.
  2. brutal breakdown of the day to day in a broken country.
  3. In the middle of summer, no less. Not good.
  4. The climate activist fixation on going after food providers is a bit strange. Not surprised Canada is leading the way.
  5. Looks like I flew too close to the CR sun again. For my last post thought I’d share this response to the Dept of Commerce from a Bitcoin lobbying. Being pro Bitcoin is pro freedom. A lot of the ideals underpinning it are in line with why this country was founded. God speed, CR. Also shout out to all my most prolific neggers. This wouldn’t be possible without you. Penelope, Felix, Vr horn, Upper Westside, Bullneck, Trauma Babe. Keep fighting that good fight.
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