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  1. I live in Columbus. I-10 traffic on a normal day due to construction is ridiculous. Came out of Houston on 90-A through East Bernard and Eagle Lake this afternoon and there is already a decent amount of traffic on it. Long backups at any stop signs.
  2. Local store has 2 bottles of Weller FP for $399 each. Smdh
  3. No age statement on the bottle but a very tasty bourbon.
  4. Picked up an EC SiB today. Is this a small batch offering that is specifically picked by barrel?
  5. Columbus, Tx. Local store had two bottles of ECBP and one EC18. They charge secondary rates. Paid $90 for mine. The EC18 is $250.
  6. Finally found a ECBP B520 tonight. Gonna be a good night.
  7. Local store has Weller FP for $400. smh
  8. Too bad Sul Ross State doesn’t have a football team
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