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  1. Yes, the ruble I should have clarified. I read this from the AP: Russia’s ruble rebound raises questions of sanctions’ impact https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-putin-boris-johnson-business-global-trade-1250954224ec20034f166f1d27ce4576
  2. As of last week, the sanctions haven’t worked (Russian markets had completely bounced back from collapse after the war). I think it’s because the banning of importing Russian oil has been off the table and that’s the most important sanction. Lithuania (I know, not a big name) has announced a ban on Russian oil today and Biden expected to announce more sanctions.
  3. Apparently Jack agrees as well. Also re: Elon Tesla delivered 310,000 vehicles last quarter, a big jump from last year’s Q1 when it delivered 185,000. That growth is all the more impressive because legacy carmakers like GM and Toyota reported Q1 sales declines of 20% and 15%, respectively, with chip shortages still hampering production.
  4. The stake, revealed in a regulatory filing, was amassed before Musk criticized Twitter. Musk’s disclosure came out today, but the document detailing the stake, worth about $3 billion at Friday’s closing price, is dated March 14. Twitter’s shares are up about 50 percent since then.
  5. Just looked-- apparently there are only two Taco Diner locations left in the DFW area. Weren't there a lot more? I used to love that place and thought it was better than Mi Cocinas.
  6. Have leadership offsite meetings where everyone is flying into downtown Dallas this week-- will be eating Nick & Sam's and Monarch's and one other TBD.
  7. I ate at the El Fenix on Field St. a few weeks ago with some clients after a meeting and...it was amazing. I loved it.
  8. I also read this is the first year that some Ivy League schools have chosen to not publicize their admission rate %. I wonder if there is a correlation there.
  9. Peace and love Satchel and TwiceHorn.
  10. I don't know if there can ever be a seminal moment, but you can pinpoint the seminal beginning and that would be with the Brown vs BOE and the subsequent desegregation of America. I think once people intermixed in society as "equals" (at that time, of course, things were not equal), a lot of the learned or inherited ignorance that prevailed in the "blacks are subhuman/subspecies and whites are a superior biological race" melted away under the light of lived experiences and realization that biology is more or less equal opportunity employers for our capabilities, features and attributes in both physical and mental. Satchel let me be clear here for you, because you seem to be trying to stump-the-chump when you really don't grasp my position: I haven't published a paper in the Mid-Atlantic Journal of Social Sciences for a Modern World under the title "Classism as the new modality for racism in America" so I'm not going to have a bunch of scholarship at my disposal and and your beck-and-call, but you asking a bunch of mind-numbing questions because you don't grasp what I'm saying isn't disproving or discrediting my opinion. It would be more productive if you could push back or challenge with your own take, in agreement or disagreement.
  11. It's like you don't read. I've addressed it multiple times. Here
  12. Yea, I got you on that one didn't I? We are just having fun; we are friends, we are laughing.
  13. Also I should add, I'm no better than you women-hating misogynists. My defending Huckabee is political as well. And look at what people (not me, of course, I'm a gentleman), have said about HRC. And Chelsea Clinton. And Lewinsky, etc. It happens on both sides, but it's nakedly political and it's unnecessary is my point. Attacking the press secretary for superficial things like appearances because you hate the politics and the president is like hating the team waterboy because you can't stand the coach and the quarterback and the offense they run.
  14. Why is that a bonus for you? Because you enjoy being ugly to women about their body size and shape and their appearances?
  15. It is 100% political and the fact that you guys can't see it, is why we are so divided (online) as a nation. In my opinion.
  16. Looks like a composite of every average middle-aged guy. If anything for his age, he's got hair and not too jowl-y. You could say he almost looks...Presidential. lol
  17. I don't know what to tell you, I just don't see it. I don't see it that way in my lived experiences and in my community, workplace or place of worship, etc. I'm not saying you are wrong-- I actually generally appreciate your perspectives though I mostly disagree-- but maybe I just am not in the space to understand this as you do. And that's about I guess all we can say about this topic, at least as far as I'm concerned. I'll recuse myself now. Peace be with you all.
  18. Where is the line drawn? I'd hope you won't use gay or race slurs to those whose politics you hate, but everything else -- ableism, ageism, body-shaming, and misogyny is in scope? Maybe one day you will look back and actually see you are wrong as you evolve.
  19. I think the cactus flint is jarred in the part of your head that processes information and helps you understand how to read. The question was literally: But she had a longer tenure as press secretary than anyone under Trump, right? I responded to that line of inquiry. I could be wrong, I didn't look it up and threw out Sanders because she was in the role for what seemed like ages (which then had me recall how often she was called fat and other vulgar names that you would never use in front of a woman in real life).
  20. I guess you couldn't tell by my ignoring your onesy twosy bits of news where racism, like the above, is abhorrently at forefront of some weird incident. I've stated that racism exists. I know that there are racist people among us that believe by virtue of being white they are automatically better. Pointing out one-off incidents among a nation of 330mm people and then acting as if that is the macro and overarching norm is so foolish I hadn't felt the need to respond. Of course this will always exist to some degree. I never negated the existence of this type of racism when I said that today America has generally moved on from this type of racism (white skin = automatically better than black because you are an inferior subspecies and race) and moved to a more social/class prejudice and discrimination.
  21. You read it again, the question was around tenure, not activity. Also, love the rationalization for misogyny and body-shaming. There is literally nothing people won't rationalize and be hypocritical about when it comes to their own interests and teams though, I get it: Politics!
  22. Sanders did almost 2 full years. Nothing is more nakedly political than the misogynistic and body shaming of a thrashing ole "Huckabeef" (as some of our finest on here liked to call her) got compared to the blind fawning and confirmation bias of how snappily smart and pert Jen Psaki is and how great at her job she is.
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