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  1. thepop

    Joe Biden 2021

    The article literally says "Other local media report that such maneuvers are not unusual as the US often moves transfers equipment between Iraq and Syria." Some routine movements made you jump to big conclusions.
  2. thepop

    Joe Biden 2021

    I was going to reply with a sarcastic gif or something but I’ll actually be civil. What are you talking about? A link would be helpful.
  3. I’ve lost count of how many times AOC has wrecked Ted on Twitter
  4. After tomorrow i'll never say his name again. But for tonight - Don, Don JR, Eric, Tiff, Ivanka, Jared, Stephen Miller, Kayhleigh, etc...
  5. thepop

    Its happening

    I’m sad people don’t get the gap comment anymore
  6. thepop

    Joe Biden 2021

    Me seeing a normal qualified president making good decisions.
  7. I don't think she'll make it to a second term. Maybe that's wishful thinking.
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