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  1. I went through chest pain with Covid last summer. Went to the ER because i wanted to make sure i wasn't having a heart attack or something. EKG didn't find anything wrong. Cardiologist thought it was pericarditis and prescribed meds, but soon after I got an ECG and it did not find pericarditis or anything else for that matter, so the cause of the pain was never found. Chest pain didn't last long, but 10 months later i still have heart palpitations, and my cardiologist says i dont need a heart doctor anymore. Hopefully the palpitations go away someday. Wonder if i should get an MRI.
  2. You are correct. The main purpose here is to prevent hospitalization and serious illness. I joke about J&J but in reality i would have taken it in a heartbeat.
  3. First dose usually does not have side effects besides sore arm.
  4. Fever and chills about 12 hours after. Popping a Tylenol and trying to sleep.
  5. Pfizer 2 in the morning. Seems like most of the bad reactions have been Moderna 2, so i'm optimistic. Will update in 24 hours.
  6. Pfizer 1 around 12 hours ago. Can’t really lift my arm up but otherwise great.
  7. Turned it on, first guy talking was Babin. What the fuck? Why is every republican from Texas embarrassing.
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