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  1. Moves like Overshown to LB and Epps to TE we could have suggested a long time ago. Tom does everything one year too late.
  2. Nice. That’s like getting another receiver in this class.
  3. Mookie Betts AND David Price?
  4. We’ve done a good job loading up at OL and DL. Now we have to use them correctly.
  5. We don’t even need a DL that bad assuming we get Collins. Not sure why we’d do a last minute desperate offer for another lineman.
  6. Forgot about that. I guess when Thompson said “I got you” he meant I got you by not wasting Texas scholarship numbers.
  7. I think they moved the shoots due to the renovations.
  8. anyone want to respond to Tim here
  9. Wait is this Zach Evans and Ole Miss smoke real?
  10. Sure, but juniors getting drafted or not is just a measure of how good your 2017 class was. We had a low ranked transition class that year, although it has turned out to be a solid class of contributors. Just no elite talent outside of Sam and Sam.
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