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  1. I just saw this too. Interesting it was made given that West is the underdog against Hegar.
  2. As far as senate races to donate to, that's a good one. Along with North Carolina.
  3. Travis county has those machines too, since last year. I don’t know how widespread it is but it’s here to stay.
  4. Corey Gardner defeat will be sweet. Fuck those trump enablers
  5. Yeah GOP needs to be burned to the ground and rebuilt. They’re not coming back from this. what am I replying to? Take your pick
  6. Man i miss Jon Stewart. He's right like always. Biden was far from my first choice but it turns out he may have been the best choice after all.
  7. Don't worry, Mitch won't allow a supreme court nomination on an election year.
  8. Seems like a decent night for progressives
  9. I wish democrats could make attack ads like this
  10. He’s way past his prime for sure. I’m hopeful he will serve 1 term and step down leading to Harris or Warren or whoever. He can take solace in getting rid of trump and helping elect the first female VP in 2020 and President in 2024.
  11. That rigged tweet does not surprise me at all but I must say I didn't expect it in June. Goes to show he's realized he is going to lose. Now we have to brace ourselves for him doing something crazy to change the tide.
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