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  1. TLDR; does he like delayed safety blitzes?
  2. Meh. Of all people to blame, a true freshman who shouldn’t be playing is not it.
  3. So eagles and smith are good. Let’s redirect our focus back to Orlando and the secondary.
  4. A freshman and sophomore are not complete players yet? Big, if true.
  5. I’ve avoided the board this week but this is the exact overreacting I missed.
  6. Kid goes through fall camp, doesn’t get in 2 deep, decides to transfer. This is common and happens with a lot of freshman that we don’t hear about because they are talked off the ledge. Herman even mentioned a few weeks ago that a freshman asked him why he wasn’t playing and Herman had to explain that the player in front of him was a future top NFL draft pick. You can guess that’s Cosmi.
  7. We all knew what we were getting with him.
  8. Just wait till the 20th holding call we don’t get.
  9. I paid 900 in 2014. West campus rent is awful.
  10. Same. Not a bad apartment, shitty management though.
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