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  1. Up late, but outplayed at the end of the game to lose it. Shocker. Shaka basketball ad nauseam.
  2. Give me a fucking break. GOP senators were looking for any excuse to justify voting against impeachment. His reference to the CBS story was just what they decided was going to be the reason. If it wasn't that, it would have been something else. Hypocrisy in real life.
  3. It's been a busy day at work so I haven't been able to follow, but since our president only tweets truth, I'm guessing the Democratic impeachment managers must have drastically changed their presentation today. Shocking that after all this time they just concede.
  4. Mo Horn


    There are at least 2 Spain threads already that provide a lot of details.
  5. SIAP. I've made this a couple of times and it's great. I used pepper jack instead of Monterrey jack. https://seekinggoodeats.com/green-enchiladas-chicken-soup-keto-slow-cooker-mexican-soup/
  6. McConnell should just start by calling for a vote to dismiss all charges and be done with it. We could be done by dinner. Results will be the same, and probably better than an acquittal for Dotard. That gives the charges legitimacy. Dismissing them is saying they aren't legit. Why waste time on something that is a forgone conclusion.
  7. She was here in KC for a while and left for Chicago. Enjoy her Dallas.
  8. Only Surly can disagree on if 30 years equals 30 years.
  9. My good friend governor what's her name in Kansas
  10. Game should have been played last Monday. Everyone's moved on to the NFL playoffs...imo.
  11. So, we shouldn't expect any off-season trades or moves?
  12. Fair point. Do you think they should have suspended players? Not sure I could disagree as they were the ones doing it. Sign stealing by a runner at 2nd or figuring out the 3rd base coaches signs is definitely part of the game, but not high tech cameras and live video feed. Used to be if you knew a runner was stealing and relaying signs you put one in his back the next time he comes to the plate... self policing by the players. MLB has become pussies. Nowadays that would get you a fine and maybe a suspension.
  13. Why? Because you don't think they should have imposed these penalties on the Astros? Or just because you're pissed at the Astros and it's ruined baseball for you?
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