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  1. Not to quote myself, but there you go.
  2. Tucker either hits a homer or he's pretty much a sure out this year.
  3. Yesterday and today hitters have been epically unclutch. Frustrating.
  4. Mo Horn

    Getting old sucks

    1978 Plymouth Volare that looked exactly like this, minus the mud flaps, was my first car.
  5. Nice to see a 2 out walk not come back to bite us in the ass.
  6. Anybody been to Hydra? I'm a big Rick Steves fan and he says it's a can't miss island. We're working on our itinerary and looks like we're doing the Peloponnese and one island for a couple of days. Is it worth trying to do Santorini with its busyness and touristy stuff, or just do Hydra where we just lay on the beach, eat food, and drink wine. We're planning on doing it the last few days of our trip, so relaxing on Hydra sounds appealing. On the other hand I know Santorini is worth visiting.
  7. Home plate umpire sucks... but then they all do these days
  8. Now that's a church I could attend.
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