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  1. Rachel Maddow just said NBC reporting over 70k cases today.
  2. Lol you think Trump has a plan Fair point. The plan of his handlers.
  3. I've concluded that Dotard has decided the strategy is to actually create a herd immunity by intentionally doing things to infect more people. The number of infected and deaths will be huge, but the curve will actually go down and then he'll say see it did just go away, just like I said it would. Besides, most of those infected will be those non-white people so win - win.
  4. Yup. I'm betting on no college football. Ivy league already cancelled and some conferences are saying no non - conference games, which will become no games. NFL will be played without fans.
  5. If this doesn't cause a rejection of the current leadership nothing will.
  6. You know it's taking every ounce of restraint not to call out the 2 he appointed and say they owed him.
  7. His Twitter rant is epic... misspellings and all.
  8. These rulings are like soft core porn. It looks like something that could be really good, but in the end you really don't see anything, and there is no money shot.
  9. The 2nd ruling also went against him, but Congress can't get the records.
  10. So nothing comes from this ruling... Ah well, nevertheless.
  11. Unless you do what I want, you don't get the money. In other words, quid pro quo. At least he's consistent.
  12. His latest tweet. We've reached the point where this administration needs to be dragged into the square and publicly executed.
  13. Yea, I know, but just another example out of several million why this administration is a joke. Why would you tweet a picture of yourself on the other side of the fence?
  14. Dotard is on one side of the wall and the Border Patrol cars are on the other. Is he across the border or are they? Methinks someone crossed the border illegally.
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