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  1. I had a pulled pork sandwich that wasn't bad there. Can't remember the name of the place, but it's bbq place out in the concourse so you can't miss it. Not Texas bbq, but pretty good.
  2. You're right, there never was a vote, but he made it clear how he would have voted.
  3. Yea I don't have any evidence, but I do think it's a real possibility. He ended up not voting for a bill he originally co-sponsored so I have little faith in him. Then again I'm about as cynical as they come these days
  4. If Beyer retired, but Manchin screws the dems and doesn't support the replacement the seat may not get filled.
  5. Fuck Mitch McConnell. An embarrassment to the human race.
  6. This thread has a bunch of lentil recipes that look great.
  7. In 1982 I was there and left my cap in an IHOP. Can you pick it up for me. Mucho apreciado.
  8. Let's go to Omaha and win the whole fucking thing.
  9. If Zubia can't hit this guy, he should hang it up
  10. Yup. He needs to throw an inning
  11. They might hit Trey on purpose next time.
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