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  1. Yea, what was I thinking. Fucking libtard.
  2. Gawd, he stretches the basic tenet of my life, the worth of all persons, to a breaking point.
  3. The Girl In The Spider's Web... just ok. Clair Foy wasn't a good choice.
  4. When you don't test, or autopsy, you don't have to add them to your number. Same for those crowing about only 60,000 deaths as a reflection of how well the administration is doing.
  5. Mrs. MO found out today that about half the staff she supervises is getting furloughed. She's on a conference call right now where they are being told. It just sucks.
  6. Gotta make sure someone is in charge that will do his bidding.
  7. I think the queen makes the "official appointment", but after they are elected by parliament.
  8. Apparently it's not clear in their governmental rules, which seems crazy.
  9. We're over 350K in the U.S. I'm guessing we hit half a million by Friday, Saturday at the latest.
  10. There's not a single part of this administration that isn't a cluster fuck.
  11. That makes sense. Detroit is a big international hub for Delta, and much of it Europe.
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