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  1. Yeah, Trump "says it to your face." That's why the entire state of the union was basically a "look here, I have a black friend" speech and why he quotes the black unemployment rate constantly. It's weird because I 100 percent agree with you that Bloomberg is a shitty old racist POS that shouldn't be nominated. It's also hard to take you seriously because we all know you're voting R regardless of Trump or who the Democrat is. People with a posting history on this and the other site should really use a sock if you want us to take your concern trolling seriously.
  2. Exhibit A of old person not knowing what socialism is.
  3. Just now seeing this, but I will also type slow so you might get this. I negged exactly two out of several of your posts because they were trolling and full of shit. While I was writing out a response to your posts, I had about 7 notifications pop up in a span of 30 seconds that you were going through my entire posting history negging every post you could. I told you I didn't care and to fuck off and to feel free to keep negging every post of mine and I would return the favor. Are you related to Slorch? Because you're both about on the same level of butthurt when it comes to rep. I will pos rep or neg rep any post I feel worthy regardless of the forum. I don't care if it's the cloak room or the football forum or Can You Help Me With This. If you want to retaliate and start negging every post someone makes because you can't handle someone calling out your bullshit I will happily play along.
  4. Thanks for this video. Reminds me of how stupid I was for feeling the slightest bit of sympathy for Gretchen Carlson.
  5. I wanna blame Castro. I need a Mack Brown style "cursed" meme with Castro's face on it.
  6. I kind of agree and am usually the same. Unless it's Johnny Sack shitposting on a Thursday night.
  7. I'm not a Bernie voter. I've stated who I'm voting for two dozen times on this board. However, I'll admit that he is my second choice. I'd rather move left than right if (when) my candidate loses. Obama wanted a public option with the ACA and Hillary/Bill were pushing for universal health care 30 years ago. The Democrats were always pro-union/workers' rights. I'm pretty sure they're the only party at the moment (that can win) that cares about the environment. I seriously doubt Bernie will pass any tax rates higher than what existed at some point in the 20th century before our decades long experiment in failed trickle down economics. He doesn't seem too out of line. Yeah, the far left Democrats are very scary and radical. We should be very afraid of the FDR-type Democrats running and nominate someone that the new George. W. Bush wing of the Democratic party feels more comfortable and safe with.
  8. Only the coolest people cry about their internet rep after acting like an idiot. I neg stupid posts regardless of the board. Do your worst.
  9. Byrd was beyond remorseful and apologized genuinely for his early life's involvement in the klan, something your stupid ass ignores. He admitted he was fucking wrong and dumb in his youth and you continue to use that as a political tool to support candidates who are racist present day because you are also a racist. Happy to neg every stupid post of yours. Feel free to keep negging back. Have another shot of bourbon, hypocrite. Thursday evening is young.
  10. To my knowledge he's had a bunch of accusations and lawsuits, but he settled and has had no convictions. No different than Trump. If I'm wrong I'm all ears and am willing to admit I'm wrong. I just don't think ceding the moral high ground to Trump is a good strategy.
  11. Loving the Never-Trump conservatives who think the Democrats are free to be molded into their own after you lost your party completely to Trump. The alliance was nice while it lasted. Quit trying to remake the Democrats into the new 1982-2007 Republican Party. Nobody wants your shitty ideas and your shitty employer based healthcare plans.
  12. When you're trying to appeal to the decency of people and say, "Hey, do you really want to re-elect a racist, serial sexual assaulting scumbag," you probably shouldn't nominate his racist, serial assaulting scumbag clone under the Democratic umbrella. Of course, I'll support him against Trump if he wins the nomination, I just don't think it's realistic.
  13. You keep crying about cancel culture when nobody has been cancelled. Saying Chuck Todd sucks and can go fuck himself is just downright American. Go be outraged about outrage somewhere else.
  14. I used to believe trickle down economics worked.
  15. About the same number as the "this is the only candidate who can beat Trump" number.
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