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  1. Seriously. Hannity has basically said the same things on air. Of course, he's #1 in their ratings. I guess being a second tier former Bloomberg coorespondent doesn't put you in the untouchable category at Fox.
  2. What one must remember is that Barack Hussein Obama, II was the most divisive president of all time.
  3. Has Tim found his mommy/GF yet? I know he was struggling. I'm praying for him.
  4. https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/18/australia/australia-chinese-restaurants-coronavirus-intl-hnk-scli/index.html
  5. You realize most people on this site are probably between the ages of 45 and 65, right? And your claim that spring breakers are millenials is purely circumstantial and wouldn't hold up in a court of law. I'm a millenial and am staring down the barrel of 40. Nobody I know is out on "spring break."
  6. This is horseshit. Yes, Texas will probably go for Trump in the end, but it will be close. Trump is very unlikable, and in 2018 a very unlikable Ted Cruz was a hairline away from losing Texas. This is not 2016 where people thought "Trump might start acting presidential after he's elected." People know exactly who he is. There is no Clinton on the ballot this time. Trump losing Texas is not an impossibility. You may not want to vote for Joe Biden, but you should absolutely vote against Donald Trump. RBG is not likely to live through another presidency, and claiming Biden will nominate another Kavanaugh is flat out bullshit and you justifying your non-vote out of pettiness and your pouting that your preferred candidate isn't winning. I can't remember if it was you, but I've heard it argued on this board countless times that Bernie people not voting for Clinton in 2016 was largely a myth. And yet here you are proving them correct. You also said not long ago that as long as a Democrat went to the convention with a plurality of votes and they won fair and square and weren't cheated, you would vote for that person. Of course, that was before Super Tuesday when Bernie was leading in votes and delegates. Now you're adding extra qualifiers. Stop it. I like you as a poster, but quit being a bad teammate. Vote for the Democrat.
  7. I mean we already know he's a piece of shit just for being blind and getting behind the wheel. This just makes it worse.
  8. Grown men taking advantage of a pandemic crisis for profit and using their kids in the process need to get their ass kicked.
  9. This is the second time I've seen you reference Bill Burr in a few weeks. You know he's a left wing liberal, right? I know he's an admitted uninformed moron who spouts a lot of conspiracy bullshit so people like you are drawn to him, but at the end of the day, he voted for Bernie Sanders. Hopefully he rubs off on you.
  10. Dr. Drew from Loveline fame has been hitting the conservative media circuit lately downplaying Coronavirus, proving doctors are not immune from being fucking idiots.
  11. I've always been warm to the idea of joining the PAC due to being with like-minded academic institutions. I'm coming around to the SEC. Previously I hated the idea from a perspective of the SEC having " too many chiefs, not enough Indians" where we might get lost in a lineup of too many blue bloods. Now I kind of appreciate keeping our biggest and most historic rivalries together and being in a geographically convenient conference.
  12. Officially or "convinced a disgraced doctor to say I'm 239 lbs and the healthiest president ever" negative? Aw, well, nevertheless.
  13. I remember her on Bloomberg TV. She seemed a little biased then but wasn't the angry cartoon villain she is today.
  14. Truly sorry to hear that from a horn! Be sure to check out Texags.com. They believe stupid shit like the Q conspiracy and Hillary sold Uranium to Russia and Obama was a secret evil Muslim. It's definitely more your speed.
  15. Curious if you will still feel this way when Roe v. Wade is being overturned 7-2.
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