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  1. FYI, Vista's trails are still open for some casual hiking if you end up going out that way for bottles and crowlers.
  2. Yeah. If Jester King is any of yalls favorite brewery, I'd start supporting them ASAP
  3. already been answered, but i'll also add that if possible, go straight to the source to buy from the brewery. Why? well, freshness of course, but also, that money goes 100% to the brewery and their services gets to keep all tips. Plus, crowlers of taproom only stuff.
  4. Grab some crowlers and a couple of four packs from their cooler if you feel like thats a safe thing to do. I'm gonna swing by their place near closing and grab some to-go beers
  5. This is the first Austin brewery/restaurant/pub I've seen that has decided to temporarily shutter If you want to support some of our local breweries during this time, there's also this Online Brewery Merch Sales
  6. watching this 800 times on repeat is gonna get me long before the coronas
  7. support your local brewers during your social distancing!
  8. that topo gonna on the blackmarket in austin for $40/bottle tho. respect this guys hustle.
  9. this is how LHN will finally turn a profit
  10. The annual Craft Brewer's Conference (CBC), scheduled for mid april, will almost certainly will be canceled. This is the trade conference that they also hold the World Beer Cup (once every two years -- this was a World Cup year). That was a huge get for SA and I had passes. 😢
  11. $10 4-packs of core beer that they probably fill 80% of their tanks with for the entire brew week. Neat.
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