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  1. Look, if you want to get rid of Self, and you should want to ... we'll take him at no cost.
  2. Yeah, but what are the chances we get all of our talent on the pitch at the same time with SoccerShaka? I think you know.
  3. Smart of Celis to also use their taproom as a swingers club. Might pull em out of debt.
  4. can someone post/repost renderings for 6x guadalupe?
  5. HEB got a huge plug in Nexflix's Messiah. Even the chosen one gets His grub there. I still don't like the layout of Mueller, but their beer section is better than 100% of other stores including specs and total wine.
  6. is this dud fired yet?
  7. debating if the #ShakaOut campaign would be more catchy than the #FireShaka campaign. Those EPL managers always seem to get sacked once their #__Out campaigns start.
  8. Febres makes me miss dylan osetkowski
  9. wtf is community in an old CVS? that pos looks like it belongs in college station next to texags.
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