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  1. i would be surprised it the brewer's table opened back up as well. i really liked their beer program, mostly interesting takes on lagers, and their meal service was up there with one of the best dine-in experiences in Austin. any yall need foeders?
  2. Cursory search (besides 512 and LO already mentioned) 4th tap ABGB duh ABW (1/4) Central District Brewing Circle Hi Sign Hold Out Independence Real Ale Roughhouse Brewing St Elmo Zilker
  3. Just want to remind you to buy your beer from the brewery itself and not from the grocery store, if possible. Don't buy brands outside of your municipality/state for the time being. If you have a favorite brewery and want them to be around next year, go support them. If you can, support the hill country breweries even more, as they get very few "just in the neighborhood" sales (this probably also includes Hi Sign and Live Oak too). This next wave of taproom shutdowns will probably stick a fork in at least a couple you wouldn't expect to go under.
  4. Skull Mechanix. Sucks, they are a pretty underrated brewery with a cool taproom.
  5. who give a squirt of piss what LSU does and we as a university and culture of texas exas should not, in any way, aim to measure ourselves by the standards of such a 4th rate university
  6. Czech Pilsners, German pilsners, American Czech-style pilsners, American German-style pilsners, Big Red Stout
  7. I mean thats a little over three dollars per pint for a startup brewery doing the highest quality version of a difficult style to impress with in Austin, but go on with $22/4packs of hazy IPAs i guess
  8. Two stops for me today Batch for some Stardust hazy and Sjöfn strawberry farmhouse, which might be my favorite beer in austin right now. Stop two was hold out. Pretty pricey, but damn, their pils is ABGB quality. Their juicy IPA is damned good too. Probably worth the $18 for 6. The pils is definitely worth the $15/6. They open officially this Thurs.
  9. Yeah, $10 seasonals by LO are awesome. that JK stout put me on my ass on saturday holy shit.
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