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  1. mostly keeping consistent, which is like better than like 85% of breweries. Also, 512 IPA is an old school IPA template, which is really good for them and also pecan porter is a city go-to staple. They also announced that they'll be canning it soon, so that accounts for some hype. I'll be super pumped about that. That's a goddam solid everyday beer.
  2. popularity contest i think its explaining that indy brewing was all over the place trying to do too much and failing like a bunch of hipster dinguses but doing so by using too many words when the middle part of this sentence probably would have been just fine but writer probably is just a faget.
  3. that article and its comparisons are bizarre
  4. $25 each, $50 for the pair. Eastside upper deck. These are season tickets (card stock), but my son and I can't make it because he has a soccer game at the same time. He enjoys the elevated view and theres easy access to concessions, bathroom, and beer. Good section for kids and plenty of room to move around to other sections or seats if preferred. Also, two Champions Club passes at Bass Concert Hall which has been a great pre-game spot with kids.
  5. Zilker is nailing it w their canning. Hope you got a case of Icy Boys.
  6. prolly too late, but southern heights canned their 2nd anny beer (today was their party) and it was good. tasted like a hazy from pinthouse from the distant 2017 era.
  7. that EP date is right after sxsw. wonder if they'll make an appearance.
  8. that little bitchboy is probably relieved that they won't get to dress him down this week like they did every week. Fuck barstool sports. What a collection of incel losers.
  9. Damn. Would The Athletic let him freely curse and fart all over their blog with Funbag and Jamboroo?
  10. David Roth and Drew Magary are national treasures, especially when they go in raw on el trumpo. Fuck BIG BILLIONAIRE.
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