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  1. All we are saying is give Shark a chance! everybody talking bout Nick or Urban, or Chip, do not want! All we are saying is give Shark a chance! rinse repeat, and to again quote John Lennon, “All you need is love!”
  2. Yeah he was pissed, but I was like 8.
  3. I want all this whining and bitchy shit posting to go away. We should support the team. I think they are going to be good next year. We are so toxic, but we have some great leaders that we will talk about for decades in the future!! Like RoJo. We are in the middle of greatness and we whine. If we were Aggies, we would cry and sit on our thumbs. Fuck all you whiners! We win!Horns Up!. Been following my Horns for 54 years. I sense we have a surging team and I am gruntled!
  4. Only surpassed by the 2006 win vs. USC.
  5. Shorts? Shorts? Dude nobody wants to see your sportscaster thighs!
  6. The only way to know shit about fuck is if you are sticking it in ass! I say we win! Go ahead and smell my dick!
  7. It was the greatest game I ever went to in my life! Starting with the all day tailgate, to the B1 flyover, to the scene at the In and Out Burger after the game!
  8. If we are pulling beverages out of our asses, let’s have a handle of Herradura Reposado! It makes the bestest Burnt Orange Koolaid! ,
  9. Bumbling stumbling Sumlin is showing Fishers ass for what it is. Fishers team is already showing his toxic culture.
  10. I like RosCh, he wants to play big boy smash mouth. I have always liked smash mouth football, time we got us some more
  11. Is it my fault that I actually liked David McWilliams? That I liked that odd formation with one of the Cash Twins standing at the end of the line? I hated that day against Miami, but we were winning until that shit-packed round house punch in the gizzards. I say we win, I like our talent. Desperate corches do desperate shit. I think Sark puts his nutz on the line and calls some win. Yeah battered Horn, but I love our RB room!
  12. No Sirs, on record our Koolaid has Heradura Reposado as its prime component and obliterates negative waves! We win Bitches!
  13. Yes please stop this. So much scary hurts in this celebration. Please just stops!
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