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  1. Yeah conference championship games would need to change or leagues run the risk of knocking their #2 team out of a potential at-large bid.
  2. I've usually gotten corner club level seats in recent trips to Alamo Bowl. We're fairly high in the priority rankings fwiw.
  3. OSU has had their moments this year but did not look too good in Bedlam. This game could go either way.
  4. Think I'll be skipping this one
  5. What's with the audio mix for this broadcast? Can hardly hear the commentators over the arena noise (not that I mind).
  6. No I get you, just playing. I have no problem with that from Sam. People don't mention that he was also making a call back to VY's "We'll be baaa-ack" post-Michigan game. But obviously it backfired given our shitty season, so let's wait until we're winning the Big 12 before we start announcing we're back again or talking about major statements being made.
  7. Yes, winning the Alamo Bowl could be a "We're baaack" type of statement.
  8. Eight teams with P5 autobids and three at-larges. Top four seeds host the first round, which I believe would be a big enough incentive to limit some of the marginalization of the regular season in November and December. I would also be fine with the 4-5 game being played at a neutral site. I'd prefer a BCS calculation for seeding and at-large picks but I'll live with a committee if it gets us to 8. Also with autobids it might behoove conferences to adjust their CCG formats to match up the top 2 teams instead of divisional winners. Regardless of the format I just badly want to see Texas in the discussion, preferably at OU's expense. I can dream can't I?
  9. Yeah they wouldn't have had a "boots only" shot if it was Mando. That would make no sense. It's gotta be Gus Fring or someone else we haven't met yet.
  10. So LSU will likely be the 1 seed. LSU vs OU in Atlanta then?
  11. LOL Gary now saying "everyone talks about eye test, but let's just go with resume." That's not what you were saying one year ago with UGA vs OU fucking asshat.
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