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  1. Been doing Poker Stars private club also. Similar setup to Zwylde, cash table buy-in between 4000 to 10000 play chips ($40-$100), 50/100 blinds ($0.50/$1). The rake seems to be like 5% or so, our bookkeeper keeps track of all buy-ins and adjusts at the end. Haven't checked his math but it all seems to line up when he sends the dues each night. Also have run a couple to tournaments as well, where the conversion of real money to play chips isn't too important.
  2. Oh boy, now going off on Voter ID, because people want to cheat For fuck's sake
  3. Trump on projections: "I was never involved in a model, at least this kind of model (smirk)."
  4. Bob and Corby talking 2006 Rose Bowl now. Actually, not much of substance in the segment.
  5. There was never a replay of the upcoming incompletion to Sweed in the endzone on 3rd down. Always thought it was a little too close for comfort.
  6. Nah, it was on LHN earlier. Jackson and Fouts called the 45-12 OU game in 2005. "He is a speedster!" on the 80 yard JC run.
  7. Spend 5 minutes showing the last 2 seconds of the half after the FG. Great editing ESPN
  8. Pretty much, I don't think there were any punts in the second half. Maybe we had 1?
  9. Not only were they all highly drafted, all had very healthy careers as NFL starters.
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