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  1. I guess since it sounds like Gordon will be back, you’re right
  2. In general, I’d just assume more Royals quit.
  3. Well, he’s willingly involving himself with Baylor so being an idiot is a pretty safe bet
  4. My fuck up cousins, that joined the Marines promptly became fuck up Marines, were invited to return to civilian life where they continued to be fuck ups. They love their guns and Trump though, just not showing up to work, or if they do keeping their mouth shut.
  5. We’re going to see pictures of American Aircrews drug through the streets of Tehran, aren’t we?
  6. I suppose getting to deal with adults and one owner, and not having to kiss the ass of teenagers and boosters has a lot to do with it.
  7. Well the United was placed in the name to acknowledge the United Brethren that Methodists had merged with, so it makes sense to keep it because presumably some of the Brethern line will be staying with them.
  8. Most of the active silos are a little north of the droned area so far, have to get up towards Scottsbluff. It’s a experience to meet an Air Force convoy going through that area.
  9. Games going to be about 2 hours long, with maybe 15 combined passes. Should be fun.
  10. I’ve gotten up early to go back early to take my Grandma to Christmas morning services every year since my Grandpa passed in 2009 so she has someone to go with since I live the closest relatively speaking.
  11. That’s probably on the table here at some point. The current theory is that she’s squatting in her uncle’s house while he’s a guest of the state for bit. I think the upshot is that he legally adopted the older girl, so the kids can stay together with him instead of sending the older one into the system
  12. Did find out why my nephews new wife wasn’t at the first Christmas this weekend, apparently she went on a full bender, tried to choke her 3 year old out, cleaned out their checking account, while he now has a full restraining order against her, although no one is sure where she now is, while he starts divorce proceedings.
  13. Finally saw it this afternoon. Was it fun enough in the theatre? Sure. Did I stay through the whole credits just far the music? Yes. Am I interested in ever seeing another JJ Abrams movie again? Not really. I think at the end of the day, there wasn’t enough new stuff brought into the sequel trilogy to go anywhere interesting, be it depth to new characters or growth from old ones, or any sort of sensible consistency to the rules of the galaxy that it took place in. But it was fun enough to see on the big screen once
  14. I will point out that teams often appear to play smarter and with more fundamentals when they have an edge in physical talent. Conversely, you fundamental all you want and still look dumb as shit when outgunned physically. Probably don’t want to draw coaching conclusions from either situation
  15. Why demote Tim Beck to hire Tim Beck with a different name, and without the same defense and special teams structure to surround him?
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