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  1. Someone typed California and crime into a search and then emailed the first hit that they hadn’t emailed already
  2. I enjoy all the handwring about kids getting a sudden influx of cash and what they might do with it, yet the same collegiate system doesn’t seem to worry what kids might do if we loaned them a big chunk of cash instead.
  3. No shit, I'm asking if it makes any sort of sense to keep going that way.
  4. Doesn't mean those 80,000 people showing up to watch are doing the school any good. Is there a good fucking reason to expect a bunch of state owned entities to be in the entertainment business? At some point, wouldn't it make sense to let schools be schools, and the sports entertainment business be the sports entertainment business.
  5. Well at a certain point, you probably have to ask how athletic departments are serving the interests of providing educational and research opportunities for students.
  6. I hope this ends up like the Boxers in Thailand that fully adopt corporate names like CP Freshmart, etc.
  7. This is fun fucking game be at
  8. I see you like a little chrome on the calves.
  9. I'm in the process of getting my Gelbvieh prefix back, and am going to start buying some open heifers again.
  10. At that this point, who gives a shit how good of a President he was? He clearly among the best of a class in being a damn good human being.
  11. Looks like he may have cracked a little and I'm guessing might have been on the QAnon train. https://twitter.com/francis_cimino
  12. Earlier updates before the full press conference
  13. Apparently the dead guy went nuts while an LPD cruiser was behind him in the drive through line and the officer engaged him immediately
  14. https://www.1011now.com/content/news/Heavy-police-presence-at-Chick-Fil-A-in-south-Lincoln--562541821.html A disgruntled Chik-fil-a customer rammed his truck into the restaurant after causing a disturbance, and got shot to death by somebody(not clear if police or other at the moment).
  15. Former Heavyweight Champion Michael Moorer is likely confused by this thread
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