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  1. Ardent front tire? You're a brave man, @Al_4_ISU.
  2. Hang in there. Live and learn, yada yada yada. Next time will be better.
  3. Twenty-one hours seems like a long time even if you were at 225 degrees. During all this probing, did you ever "push" on the meat? When it's done, it will jiggle in a way that says, "Take me inside and eat me forever."
  4. OP's brother could always represent himself, but he's probably out of his element.
  5. Very odd. Wasn't the least bit humid here today:
  6. That was awesome, @Firemans4Horn. Thank you for sharing. Fitting remembrance for a legend like Mr. Reiner.
  7. No kidding. Could you imagine getting $15K per day just to be somewhere else? I do my best to be an annoying jerk, yet nobody so far has come up with so much as a dollar to get rid of me. Fuck it all.
  8. My guess would be headset. Maybe your bearings are shot? If so, pretty simple fix and relatively cheap. Fingers crossed for ya.
  9. That is bad ass, @hullabelew. King snake isn't gonna need to eat for months--that copperhead looks at least as big as it!
  10. Could be the snake had just eaten and is using the radiant warmth to expedite digestion. https://animalsake.com/how-snakes-digest-their-food
  11. Super boring update: Finally had time to work on the Reisen this week. Primed the plane on Tuesday. Used the "black base" technique and followed that with white mottling last night. They combine to give depth, an illusion of the random effects of time and weather. I'll show the first two steps here and hide the rest in a spoiler tag. Lots of mistakes, but not too worry cuz they were soon covered up. Probably should've used my Iwata for the fine close-up work. Still, the $30 "Master" did well enough. Tomorrow, I'll affix decals and a weather wash.
  12. Dude, the chainsaws always win. And self immolation is never the answer. On second thought, maybe you should start drinking. Also: what is RPR?
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