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  1. By road, it's about 215 miles to Stanley, but as the magpie flies, it's probably less than 150 miles.
  2. Having shuffled off its plastic coil, it sits charging on my desk. Chest mount won't get here until the weekend.
  3. Honestly, didn't feel a thing. There was one to the south, near SLC, about a week or two and didn't feel that, either. Guess we're just not very observant.
  4. Yes, decades ago. And all I will say about Marathon is it seemed better than Marfa or Wink.
  5. Nah, dude. All my vids are gonna be slow, grindy, 5-mph climbs set to operatic solos--and not the good ones that everyone knows and likes. This is how it works. Probably some distant cousin to Murphy's Law. I hit a modest jump just right last week, started giggling (I giggle like a kid on a swing anytime I get air) ... and promptly ate dirt for failing to track my front wheel through a turn and letting it drift over the lip. Glad you are liking the dropper. The three biggest advances in mountain biking the past 20 years, imho, are disc brakes, tubeless tires, and dropper posts. Won't leave home without 'em.
  6. Always difficult to tell from pictures, but I don't like the lip on the landing side of that gapper (assuming it's the one farther from the camera). Price for failure seems high (cuz I'm always on the case). So with that in mind, I'd follow @KuЯdt and make a beeline for the B-line and use the kicker on the left for a nice, safe, flat landing. There are a couple of gappers near the bottom of one of my regular routes, and I've only just started hitting them. There's another trail with some tabletops and those are far less daunting as the penalty for being a pussy is less severe.
  7. I'd probably really enjoy road rides if it weren't for the wind. And idiot drivers. OK, mostly the idiot drivers. But also the wind.
  8. Great point. Like the Shag/Surly cliche, "Once you've seen one pair of breasts, you want to see them all," I feel the same way about trails. The vids and stories you guys share make me want to experience what you're riding. At the same time, I love being able to roll, and if I were always grinding up and down techy stuff, I fear it would become overkill. No question I'd be a better rider for it, though. I've never ridden or even seen that trail, but I can tell how much work you're doing, hence the joke about getting tired just watching. You're constantly having to burst, either to get up and over traps or to descend rideoffs or to accelerate after a 180-degree turn. And those sharp transitions (such as a steep drop into a bottom V followed by a steep up) can be fun but are super challenging. Just work work work work. That's why I asked what your preference was. Some days (OK, most days), I just wanna cruise.
  9. Well, I got tired just watching that. Super tight and chunky. Do you prefer your slow and hyper-techy bandit trails or fast, flowy stuff like what you ride at lift-/shuttle-serviced destinations?
  10. Bit the bullet yesterday and purchased a new GoPro Hero 7 Black and some related accessories. More than I had planned to spend, but the rationalization is it will also come in handy for fishing. In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess.
  11. Definitely doesn't look dry to me. Well done, sir.
  12. Dunno 'bout Porky Pig, but Elmer certainly wasn't too fond of it. And to continue this OT sojourn, here's a clip from the same cartoon, my favorite gag in all of Looney Toonland: I marvel at the shit the animators got past the censors in those days.
  13. Until the past couple of days, I've had to do loops or up-and-backs in order to get anything more than 10-11 miles. It's definitely not as fun or fresh as one long circuit, but my weight and legs aren't ready for the steep stuff yet, anyway. My allergies in Idaho are nothing like they were in Texas. What's getting to you in the Metroplex this time of year? Hang in there.
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