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  1. Beard would be a home run hire. No idea if he's as glued to Lubbock as Tech fans claim, but his name will emerge anytime a blue blood program has an opening. It's one thing to turn down what would essentially be a lateral move to Austin, but if Carolina or Kansas came calling? It'd have to give him pause. Personally, I'd rather see him stay at Tech. Programs like KU and UNC have won enough. #teamparity
  2. KU has 13 regular season games remaining, plus the league and NCAA tournaments. Haha
  3. Outside of some black-and-white WWII photos (you know the ones I'm talking about), that might be the skinniest person I've ever seen.
  4. Any chance you could work in a bath or shower, while you're at it? The, uh, neighbors have been complaining ...
  5. So who is the Big 12's worst team as of this moment? The nominees are (in no particular order): Texas, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and Iowa State. I'd rate Okie Lite as the worst cuz they're winless and Texas beat them by double digits in Stillwater, followed by a potentially depleted K-State squad, then Texas, then ISU. Regardless, 'tis not a season to remember for the four of us.
  6. Beard's a different cat. I'd be surprised if he left Tech for any place other than a genuine blue blood program and could see him establishing a dynasty at Tech. He's as can't miss as can't miss can get. Bet North Carolina's AD is casting a covetous glance toward Lubbuttock ...
  7. So if my maths are correct, Shaka is on track to be paid about $200K per win this year?
  8. Wait, @Whitman's back? This trumps any intrastate basketbrawl.
  9. Rep for the "Bleeding Kansas" posts. And see ya in the D-League, DeSousa!
  10. My biggest complaint about Forbes is his free throw shooting. How can a guy shoot that well from BTA but choke on so much dick from the foul line? To me, it's a sign of mental weakness. The rest of his game ... eh, I fault Pop and PATFO for poor roster management. Too many bad contracts, too many aging 30-somethings, not enough athleticism, etc. Those have been SA's biggest issues since before LMA signed, yet the situation has only gotten worse despite the Three Amigos retiring. I don't fault them for Kawhi. That was a spectacularly unusual situation and a testament to how spoiled modern NBA athletes are. DDR wasn't a good swap but from what's been written, it doesn't sound like they had a lot of options. Markieff, however? That's totally on management. They naively took Morris on his word and dealt Bertans despite knowing Markieff wasn't 100 percent locked down. After the Kawhi situation, they should've been more cynical. Anyway, I've wandered way off reservation. P.S. -- @washparkhorn can derelicte "my nuggets."
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