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  1. Old, so this has probably already made the rounds:
  2. The "burger tree" was super endearing. And the last one already has it all figured out. Hang on to it while you can, little man.
  3. He says it's not an us-versus-them thing and they aren't any better than anybody else, but then proceeds to make it an us-versus-them, good-versus-evil thing with his side, of course, being the "good."
  4. The worst one--Metroplex Grapevine.
  5. Buncha prudes up in this thread. Give the man his DP, @Cheeseweasel.
  6. True. However, when considering Mack and Rick's entire tenures on the Forty, the good far outweighs the bad. Yet so many here are so bitter ... I don't follow Volunteers basketball or Tarheels football, but I am happy when either coach does well. My association with both is overwhelmingly positive. Doesn't mean I don't think it was time for them to go, though.
  7. He ain't gonna shit right for a week.
  8. What a fucking game. Impressed with Cam's overall play. I was definitely one who thought he was done. And what a great day of football. Started with the Cowboys improbable comeback, then the Chiefs winning in OT with three-straight 50-plus-yard field goals, and now this classic. Didn't get shit done but sure was fun watching.
  9. Yeah, I saw the stats on Kirk Cousins. My condolences.
  10. These updates and highlights have me salivating at the prospect of watching our young talent take the pitch for the USMNT ... but then I remember who is managing them.
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