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  1. Should be good unless you're using an ammonia-based sealant combined with aluminum nipples. Ammonia's been removed from most brands that I'm aware of. Stan's used to have it, and a local shop that repaired a broken spoke cut corners with the tape job (lifted old tape up, replaced broken nipple, and slapped tape back down instead of taking a couple of extra minutes to retape the wheel), which led to a poor seal and many more broken spokes. They'd snap simply from the torque of acceleration. I don't use that shop anymore.
  2. Sargent gets the start tonight in place of Zardes.
  3. Not so fast, sir. The Chiefs are probably considering his services as we type.
  4. Not sure I'd categorize the Dallas offensive line as "good," particularly when not at full strength.
  5. Crime of the century. Fortunately for him, there were no witnesses.
  6. Congrats on the win tonight, Mavs. Game was closer than expected thanks to a near-career effort from DDR, but it's going to take more than that for SA to beat anyone right now, unfortunately. Any chance y'all would be willing to trade him for Luka, straight up? But seriously, looking forward to seeing what the "Eastern block" accomplishes this year.
  7. I mean, one of those picks wasn't his fault, but christ ...
  8. It's the new norm, I'm afraid. And LoL @ the Angry Amphibian. Patty tries, bless his heart, but he's part of the problem. Spurs need to get younger, taller, and more athletic. /captobvious Wonder what The Donn thinks of the current Mavs lineup. So many forwards, and they can hit shots from virtually anywhere.
  9. A ball-hawking safety would be nice. Agree that the potential to be solid is there. Don't know enough Xs and Os to understand why they aren't playing better, especially with the much-improved pass rush. Quinn has been a revelation.
  10. Also, if you're on a desktop or laptop, this site is pretty solid for NBA streams: https://sportsurge.net/#/groups/0
  11. Doesn't mean the Chargers ain't gonna try, tho.
  12. OMG, what Texas fans would give for a career 40-percent shooter from deep and 90-percent shooter from the FT line. And yet, more than a few so-called Texas fans hated on him every chance they got. There's always at least one whipping boy for the groupthink. Before Osetkowski, Demarcus, Javan, and Dogus, there was Abrams. Who was the one at HornFans whose hatred for A.J. burned brightest? Think it was either TPE or SL Express. Apologies if I'm misremembering it. Time makes fools of us all.
  13. It's (covered in) piss. (Soccer joke.)
  14. Question for the Surly who spend time south of the border: how big is the NFL and football in general?
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