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  1. Shitty to complain about a conference win on the road, but NINETEEN turnovers seems a bit much. Eleven of them came from our super-experienced backcourt.
  2. Careful what you wish for--@Patricio Swayze would just use it to share his post-BBQ farts.
  3. Did the homeowners happen to meet an anthropomorphic rabbit named Frank recently?
  4. You won't M and you will R, but have you ever tried Xing and Qing at the same time?
  5. Never figured the Shank to be a micromanager. But Frito pie one of life's simple treasures, so perhaps some standards are in order.
  6. Can't speak for other makes and models, but my 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX is split ~60/40, front/back. It is amazing in inclement conditions, especially with new tires**. Just wish it had better ground clearance. Also starting to sip a little oil, which I'm sure means the head gasket is not long for this world. ** I've only ever used all-season radials.
  7. Also, Derka, nut is not the preferred nomenclature. Crazy person, please.** ** Been wanting to say this since morning. Post-dinner beers gave me strenf.
  8. This tiered roster makes for great discussion. It also helps a casual such as myself keep better track of the current talent pool. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Being a child molester has its disadvantages. ? Google Karl Malone statutory rape. The first page of google results didn’t give me a source I was familiar with, so I’m hesitant to provide a link from one of them, but that’s been out there for a long time. I'm talking about Moses Malone... This was the most hilarious sequence I've seen on Surly in weeks. Bra-VO, gentlemen.
  10. On the subject of YouTube clips, here's a fave from the original Naked Gun: The whole thing is hilarious, but George Kennedy's, "WHY?!!!" fucking slays me. Never gets old.
  11. I look at this roster and I see vets past their prime, underdeveloped youngsters, or middling role players ... yet here the Spurs are at 16-11. Even so, I ain't complainin'.
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