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  1. Going in for one last pork before he's pork to us.
  2. I'll add a couple. Never has a single sports franchise owed so much to one player. The rings, the dynasty, the legacy, and the hundreds of millions in revenues ... Tim was the catalyst for it all. It's a team game, but Timmy [i]is[/i] the Spurs. Plus, his personality (e.g., humility, aversion to drawing attention to himself, and his willingness to be coached just as hard as any other player) perfectly fit a small-market franchise like San Antonio. He is one of the most centered celebrities I've ever observed, and possibly the most genuine superstar athlete I've ever seen. As you
  3. Well, you didn't even give it one, you stingy fuck! 😎 I ain't gonna lie, it was a hard watch. In a good way, I guess, but I struggled to get through it, and I did not do so without spilling some saltwater.
  4. Got dam, did Texas destroy their soul last weekend or what?
  5. greg, you really do have a hard-on for Derka. It's ... weird.
  6. Sad to see GB3 go, but wish him the best and hope to see him making headlines and highlights at the next level. Was really wanting to see what he could do with another year at Texas under new management.
  7. Doubt it. Scouting report says he always goes to his right.
  8. Found a pic of her mother, who was often assigned to mobile ICBM sites during the 80s:
  9. Yedlin at keeper?
  10. And we all know, those damas del norte love to wiggle!
  11. He's climbing my list rather rapidly, as well. Love that he one-timed the shot for the second goal instead of taking another touch. Overall, the skill level is way beyond anything we've seen from the USMNT player pool. The 2002 qualifying cycle had a lot of promise with the likes of Donovan, Beasley, O'Brien, Reyna, Mathis, Sanneh, Cherundolo, Keller and Friedel. However, this current crop is even better and there are a lot more of them. I keep gushing about this, but waiting to see our young guns in tournaments this summer and in qualifying later this year is agonizing.
  12. What an impressive weekend: Top Ten opponent, hostile crowd, solid pitching, dangerous hitters, and a regular season league title up for grabs. A sweep would've been sublime, but I'll gladly take a series win against a potential super regional host. Anyone not on board with this team before this series should be now.
  13. But, in reality, doooooooooooooomed.
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