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  1. It became a thing in the 1940s. https://www.housingwire.com/articles/the-100-years-war-over-real-estate-commissions/ Median House Price since 1960
  2. NC Senator Tillis was the main guy funding the late surge behind Edwards, and probably the GOP hit jobs. Tillis probably has bigger plans in the future and didn’t want Cawthorn challenging him down the line. That, and many Democrats in Buncombe and Hendersonville switched their party to unaffiliated so they could vote against fuckface…allegedly
  3. The realtor commission topic is interesting to watch. I’m not arguing for or against the fee. Just that 3% seems like this unbreakable threshold. Meaning people always talk of it changing, but it never actually does. Redfin has their 1% fee option, but it’s not like they are cornering the market so far with it.
  4. Blows my mind that grown adults can't comprehend this. Most people are self-centered fuckheads that wouldn’t know empathy if it took a dump on their chest.
  5. That was for NC Fuckface is done
  6. No runoff if a candidate gets over 30% and loser can only request a recount if difference is 1% of votes cast, or roughly 800
  7. Funny you mention it. The wife and I were having a drink in downtown last weekend. We don’t live in Texas anymore. And a woman and her eldest daughter were having drinks next to us. They were in town looking at houses and mentioned they wanted to get out before the abortion ban.
  8. You should get way better than the national average if those are your scores, down payment, and debt…unless your lender is an asshole
  9. lol, of course it all boils down to fiat currency is a scam and the federal reserve is a devilish cabal that drink babies blood Who could of seen that coming? Just listen to your friendly sovereign citizen!!
  10. Setting up Cyrpto mining at pad sites to use flared gas is a great use of a wasted energy. No one is arguing against that. No one is stopping that from happening. The other thread debated the idea of building additional capacity that crypto could use and then power down quickly when that additional capacity is needed by the grid by consumers. If you read the fine print of the article, the crypto companies said the government could just pay them the same amount they would make had they not powered down. Aka a subsidy. Not only would power companies have to fund the additional capacity construction (with I bet some pubic funded tax credits or subsidies), the public would also have to pay the crypto bros for powering down when the energy is needed. To which non crypto bros have suggested….no.
  11. It resembles stock trading in the sense that if you take away all the underlying financial reasons why stocks move up and down, and replace that with tweets and vibes, then yes, it comes to resemble stock trading.
  12. Of course he’s a fucking realtor. also he was trying to get any book mentioning Black Lives Matter banned. love his answer to this question Q: What do you believe might be the result in using this resource? A: Confusion and distress between a parent and a child due to conflicting values related to faith, equality, and the US Constitution.
  13. This has been debunked a trillion times but stupid rubes still believe it
  14. A stock represents the ownership of a fraction of a corporation, let’s say that makes beanie babies. By owning said stock, you are entitled to that same corporations profits and assets from making beanie babies. If they sell more, you get more. If they sell less, you get less. Crypto denotes a unit of currency. It doesn’t represent anything of real use or utility other than that unit of currency. Unlike the dollar or the pound that are backed by the full faith and trust of the government that issued the currency, Cyrpto is backed by nothing. It is decentralized. That makes Crypto not a good medium of exchange, unit of account, or store of value because the whole point of fiat currency is stability. Crypto is not stable. For example, if you and your friends collected hundred of beanie babies. You all loved beanie babies so much, you just decided to pay each other in beanie babies for good and services. Let’s say you’re a pretty sweet deck builder, so you build your friend John a deck for 85 beanie babies. Now between your friends, that’s awesome. But there’s only so many beanie babies, and there isn’t anyone to guarantee a certain amount of beanie babies for your group of friend. So if your collection gets wiped out, that could makes the other beanie babies more valuable. Of if someone lost their the keys to their lockbox that contained thousands of beanie babies. Same issue. Wild swings of beanie baby supplies means you don’t know what to charge the next guy for the new deck. John doesn’t know what to charge for the hamburger he makes. With increased uncertainty, it means less exchange of goods and services, which means less GDP, which means you little Johnny won’t be getting that GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip.
  15. Also these people seem mentally stable https://www.momsforliberty.org/
  16. She challenged any book about persons of color because obvious reasons. She also challenged “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”. The book about 9/11? weird
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