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  1. Don't know how legit this guy is, but it's another theory
  2. Here you can see the explosions reacting off each other from within...but still looks like it hit something a lot bigger
  3. There are two angles that show some interesting things. One close to the building you can hear what sounds like machine gun fire going off, suggesting munitions fire exploding. On one of the higher up videos you can see many reactions going off before the big explosion. It keep getting hotter and hotter, or bigger explosions were happening within the fire before very big explosion.
  4. Aggys offer 4 star RB Ahmonte Watkins [aka the Amari Daniels dream boat has sailed to Miami] this is the 4.7 shuttle guy
  5. Maybe their own bourbon didn’t sell that great
  6. I like Cosmi a lot too. I’ve never coached
  7. It ain’t a foul until someone blows a whistle
  8. 150 meter hop scrubbed
  9. Well they busted up their prostitution ring, so some people are missing some extra cash
  10. Most analysts selling info have been predicting prices going up since April. The prices haven’t actually gone up yet. Supposed to be over 2 now. We’ll see if the magic happens in a couple months
  11. Washington State is a two party consent state, meaning you can’t record a call unless all parties consent. But where do you see a call was recorded? Just because you can’t record the call doesn’t mean you can’t tell everyone what was said. This isn’t Nam
  12. OAN just asked if Trump will do an EO to deal with mail in ballots Jesus
  13. This was fucking priceless. I get it, they want to do business in China hence the very pc answers from most. Facebook has been banned or censored continually by China, so they're very aggressive in their stance. But Google, Amazon, Microsoft all shill with the PC response, "We do not have any firsthand knowledge of China stealing technology" ...then later Google has to come back and correct its testimony (because someone at Google used their search function on China stealing technology) and they had to say oh yeah, back in 2009 or whenever, China did steal code from us.
  14. I would say a fool is letting him off easy. You have to think your pretty untouchable to say the n-word, even if you are trying to teach people not to say it.
  15. Yeah, he obviously was trying to get people to stop saying the word, but even then...maybe you don't say the word either.
  16. The starters coming to his defense
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