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  1. From the New York Times, I’m TexanByChoice. This. Is. The Daily....today Texas has become the latest hotspot in the pandemic. My colleague, DDD Dad, on the state’s dilemma. It’s Friday, June 26th.
  2. How was the effort? Good at least?
  3. You must be super tired from all the mental gymnastics you’re doing right now. Should we change the name of Austin because SAF’s views on slaves? How about Washington DC and state? Fuck it, America should also be renamed. Because racism.
  4. I admire your skills, Mr. Peanut.
  5. New York is getting responses back in a day now.
  6. Howdy - I work for Audible and we just launched a completely free, no strings/log in etc. site for kids/teens to listen to age appropriate Audiobooks: http://Stories.audible.com Hoping this helps someone!
  7. Relax. He has 1 of 47 teams he can root for depending on the day.
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