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  1. The Lost Bank Street Fighters
  2. Sounds good but you don’t do that. Save her in case it gets hairy and you need to get out of a jam.
  3. DM me. We have family who do this (we got back from 6 nights there planned by them and it was awesome).
  4. I was just giving my good friend a friendly jab. I mean, we were both groomsmen in each other’s weddings so thought I could have a little fun especially as a Spurs fan who still doubts the “handball” in the 2019 final. Good?
  5. Liverpool fans trying to force their way in over gates etc. Should would have ever thought they’d do that?!?
  6. Just got out. Fuck. What a great movie. So, so good.
  7. He’s fine. Maybe he doesn’t casually stroll of?
  8. Imagine if you aunt had a dick? You could call her your uncle! In all seriousness, I do agree that you’re just a year or two away.
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