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  1. Night Crew checking in…we’re hearing shit, will report back..
  2. Undefeated. That makes more sense now, I wondered why one would leave the bay area/Stanford to come to college station since he probably could have got comparable NIL $ at much least shittier destinations.
  3. the chick pulling out a piece and blasting another chick poolside is more realistic than Kevin choke slammin a coyote…that doodle of course just ran inside
  4. it’s balls hot out here…feels like a nice spring day in htown
  5. true, then you hop back to the other side of mopac and most of those kids are shitbirds. I'm sure there's plenty of those at McCallum too but not as many I've heard
  6. This. I thought I was really comfortable in the water until a similar course kicked my ass. F that
  7. also, who’s calling these pitches? Pierce sending in “suggestions”?
  8. i would let her turn the force up to 11 in my pants. Spicy sith witch
  9. fuck fran, this conference, and the 2nd half coaching
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