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  1. i thought only bars and my in laws still gave money to directv/at&t? Move on if you havent
  2. it's not a stretch to say FSU will lose 1 of their next 2 games and UM/OSU will work itself out. That just leaves us having to win our next 2 games. If we do that, Oregon isn't getting in ahead of us even if they beat UW (only chance is if the Tech game is a nail biter, that leaves room for fuckery)
  3. Let's not act like Beard's offense wasn't similar to watching paint dry at times. But yeah, these last couple of games have been a little concerning. Let's hope just early season lags and we're not opening up the playbook/sets yet...yeah, we'll go with that.
  4. I assumed everyone knew UPS for residential was > than FedEx while both vastly greater than the usps
  5. have they announced which ref crew has been assigned the game this wknd?
  6. The rat piss trails will be covered by rat intestines and innards after a few months. That trail won’t smell as appealing to those rodents. That’s also true about the cat moving to the next sucker who gives it food and a cozier shelter. True mercenaries, no loyalty.
  7. See cat piss thread next to this one. And you only need 1 cat and the auto feeder mentioned along with a big bowl of water. But only have feeder go off once a day, you want a backup food source for cat but also want them hungry. A hungry female adult cat is an apex hunter (I don’t count coyotes but they will probably eventually eat your cat but just replace it, plenty that need adoption)
  8. they have a cool setup and food not bad either
  9. This. I’m semi allergic and its fine. People think having a cat means letting it roll around on you and your shit all day. Leave them out and let them hunt, you’d be surprised how many rodents and snakes are on your property. These people are also typically millennial parents with peanut allergies and labradoodles No knock on peanut allergies but you get the point. No apologies for doodles tho[emoji1]
  10. wonder if this was a last second re-write considering they’re “writing out” the Kang actor. Will be interesting how they introduce Doom in his place. I also know shit about nothing, Kang could get a redemption arc
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