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  1. Yeah, I don't know about Hera, odd choice...but pumped for this either way
  2. Fun movie. Better than GOTG2 but that's not a high bar to clear. If it's better than Quantumania, not by much. Def better than BP2. And as everyone else said, it was a good send off for the guardians. The new Marvels movie looks terrible, wtf is that..
  3. Where does it say in the article that the state troopers weren't the ones throwing fist bombs?
  4. Judging by the walking boot, we got amateur hour trying to balance booze and vicodin.
  5. Pretty sure she did the come with the norwegian wood
  6. alot of thread activity here last 24 hrs, what insightful updates I miss?
  7. Yeah I couldn't pick up on what he kept saying, he also said it when they got on the bus. It's either "let's go get womenz" or "windmills".
  8. yeah, not the best ending but totally fine with it, especially with him turning into a drunk. Not sure what else they could have thrown in outside of him getting killed. The writing team did a good job finishing the last few seasons but I do wonder how much better/different it would have been if Singleton was able to finish it.
  9. Maybe the guy was stabbed because he was stabbing both the brother and the beard sister? Sounds like all of them were doing drugs together till 3am before the incident. Dont buy the "he gave drugs to my sister so I was so enraged I stabbed him in the chest 3 times". That's a different rage. That theory doesn't seem too far out there but who knows
  10. mine did the same and haven't seen that in a while since I'm not used to the appraised/market value going down in Austin. "Market Value" went down $170,000+ but assessed value went up almost the same b/c basically homestead cap value went took it in the ass. So basically if your market value decreases, you automatically get the 10% increase sounds like. Very generous of them. "Hey, we say your market value went down but you're paying more taxes, be grateful..."
  11. The Biebs looks like that too when playing 3on3 games with his scrub buds guarding him
  12. Undefeated euro trash cocaine poon with bolt ons just cuts a little deeper
  13. do people really think this was some tech bro dustup at 2:30am regarding work? When you take the trouble to shank someone in the chest with a pear knife from your ikea kitchen, it's personal and most likely means love is in the air. Or was...
  14. Yep.... expected a drop off
  15. Who here hasn't woken up in their underwear behind a grocery store covered in filth? Some nights are just longer than others, it happens...
  16. Not sure if this show is severely underrated or if I just have a bias for movies & shows set in this time period, especially anything to do with the underbelly of the '80s in Cali and Florida. Have always found stuff like the Freeway Ricky/CIA "stories" interesting
  17. True, some of this was on the players but it's also his job to jump their ass and say quit trying to draw stupid charges. Some of those charges they were trying to draw were dumb as shit while all they had to do is move their feet a little more and the refs werent calling those charges all night. Yes, obviously the refs were a little tighter in the 2nd half, but that's expected but we could have adjusted a tad better I think
  18. Way out coached in the 2nd half but is that a bad thing if you're out coached by a final 4 coach?
  19. Barnes still seems to hate timeouts
  20. I assumed the 1%'s would be lower bowl (which I'm not). Debated on requesting through the school or just digging through stubhub.
  21. Makes sense why most of the contractor estimates we've seen last few years are "cost plus", less responsibility for the GC. I'm doing a small kitchen remodel right now and looking at a few different estimates, is there anything specific I should look for in the contractors contract to protect my ass? There's some wording here and there I don't like but it looks fairly standard.
  22. Anderson doesn't look great so far either but their freshman class is strong and could probably beat/compete with JV1. 25 & 26 should be really strong years
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