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  1. Yeah initially when he said he was getting a yacht I thought "damn, for us to stay on all weekend? He must be doing well." Now it's apparently a pontoon boat for 4 hrs and perhaps a life preserver to ferry guests between 2 boats
  2. lol at the responses. So I am not a boat person and I'm just along for the ride. Just relaying what he told me. Don't want to sound like a dick and call him out. Maybe he's being cheap but then why the hell consider renting 2, unless 2 are cheaper than one big boat. But 2 boats sounds dumb if you want to hang with all of your friends. So this is the link he sent. Looks more like a catamaran?
  3. Friend is doing a 40th bday in Miami Beach and renting a yacht. Has 20 people coming but said rules in Miami state max occupancy of 13 for the boat. Despite these boats looking plenty big for 20 people. So now he's debating renting 2 which sounds stupid to me unless the second is filled with strippers to meet the 13 person quota. Anyone do this? Are these rules hard to circumvent or can we slip the skipper some cash to look the other way?
  4. All I know is that Dajuan Harris dumb ass motherfucker owes me money for stepping out of bounds like a dumb fuck when one FT would have had KU covering the spread.
  5. It was great. A good send off back to the northeast. Won't need to eat any airport food for dinner most likely.
  6. Laredo is great, but I tried Brothers for the first time. It was great. Pictured are potato and egg, potato and chorizo and picadillo. Went to J Bar M last night around 7:30 and they were out of brisket, turkey and jalapeño sausage, the three meats my wife and I wanted. So we left and are returning in a few minutes for lunch. I called to confirm the meat was available.
  7. Any recs for breakfast tacos near downtown. I'm here now, looking to get some Friday morning before I leave.
  8. Any good resources for me the assistant manager? Helping a friend coach a Minors team consisting of mostly 8-10 yr olds. I helped out in fall ball and was frustrated with the lack of productive practices and felt like the boys weren't learning enough of the fundamentals. Looking for ideas on how to run practices and what skills drills are best. I played LL and head coach played at collegiate level but he's not the most organized guy. I'll have 2 boys on the team, one 10 who's a big guy who throws hard but lacks a great powerful swing. He pitched in fall ball and did pretty well. Any good resources on pitching tips for him to improve? And my 8 year old who's a pretty small kid but more athletically gifted than his older brother. First time my 8 year old will be in kid pitch.
  9. Looking for insight on what to expect for rockets tickets. Going to be in town with my 2 boys ages 8 and 10 and would love to take them to their first NBA game with Rockets - Lakers on March 9. Haven't been to a game since I lived there over 10 yrs ago. The Rockets suck but it's LeBron so I assume it'll draw more fans than a different opponent. Anyone have tickets they are looking to unload? I've looked at stub hub, is that the best way to go? Is scalping a thing? I'm staying downtown nearby.
  10. I'm back and I need some suggestions from those who are nerdier than I. I did end up getting a new Zyxel USG210 shipped to me for free from the company because it did indeed crap out. I had a professional come over and re-do the whole network. Unfortunately, one access point died that was outside. And now some of the access points aren't working well. Zyxel doesn't want to help me with the access points - they said that these were actually loaners that the previous home owner never returned to them?! I think I want to switch the entire network out for newer, better and more user-friendly options that I can learn to manage on my own. There's absolutely nothing out there on YouTube or Google that gives good how-to help for Zyxel products. I'm thinking something like Ubiquiti will offer similar functionality and reliability but with a UI that I can learn to troubleshoot without paying $$$ to a professional to help with. I realize that I'm going to have to invest a nice chunk of cash to do this, so I want to choose wisely. I need 4 WAPs and a router that work well together. 1 extra WAP that can live outdoors. Do I need wifi 6? I realize that there are also different types of wifi 6. Will the Cat 5 cables that exist be good enough for newer WAPs? I'm not planning on rewiring to Cat 6. Does any brand provide really good internet monitoring/restrictions etc to keep my kids away from porn and other bad stuff? (wife keeps hounding me to install a Disney Circle but I have heard those things can really fuck up a network) I think Ubiquiti is the answer but they have lots of different models out there. I saw that they make some outdoor access points as well - wondering if I need one of these, or just buy 5 of the same kind and hope the outdoor one survives outdoors (it would sit in a mostly water-proof box but would be exposed to the frigid winters of New England, unless I unplugged it every fall and brought it in until spring, which I could do because it services the pool area primarily. So basically give me a good router/wireless access point set up, with one access point being for outdoors.
  11. Hate to break it to you but Papasitos and possibly El Tiempo are on the list of must-go-tos for this trip. Sorry, but too many good memories at those joints and we have nothing of the sort up here in new england. I love me some papasito's fajitas and queso Looks like we're gonna do the UT Baseball game at Minute Maid and I'm gonna try to get tickets to Rockets-Lakers. Anyone with good seats they want to unload?
  12. Thanks for the tip. Didn't think the season started yet. Boys (and I) would love this. Would only be able to make the game on 6th if they're still playing
  13. Thanks for the recs. The reason we chose downtown is the Marriott marquis, with its big lazy river pool and stuff we can do for downtime with the kids. Plus we stay at a lot of Marriott properties and like to earn points. We were originally going to do Disney that week but not willing to spend my dough on a sub par Disney experience, so we canceled and are last minute planning this trip. I like the idea of the city pass and the minute maid park tour if they're doing it. Boys would enjoy as they're both baseball players. Also very familiar with zoo and Hermann Park as I spent 8 yrs in the med center there, might do that too.
  14. Moved from Houston almost 10 years ago to New England. My oldest was born there but hasn't been back since we moved. We're taking a trip in March during rodeo with the 4 kids. Looking for recommendations on stuff to do. My wife and I are already planning on visiting many of our old favorite restaurants, but I know a lot has changed since '12. Kids are currently 10, 8, 6 and 1. We are going to take the kids to the rodeo one day for sure. Gonna do the space center and children's museum. I want to take the oldest 2 boys to a rockets game if I can. Wife wants to take daughter to do some girly stuff, so looking for some fun activities for me and the boys during the day. What restaurants should I try to go to? Will have kids with us for these meals so we aren't looking for the fancy, high end stuff unfortunately. What's the best BBQ these days? Breakfast tacos? Have to get my fill of all the good stuff these Yankees are ignorant of. Staying downtown but have rental minivan, so I can travel (in style). How safe is downtown these days, specifically around discovery green/convention center, to walk around with kids?
  15. Anyone see that chick doing horns down and yelling "horns down"? Wtf was that all about?
  16. Damn. RIP. Met Chris through a friend and sat with him at a game when I was a recent grad back in the early 00s. Was a nice guy from my limited interaction with him.
  17. Getting our shit pushed in by the SEC kind of fun? This team sucks
  18. Another season where I've lost interest 5 games in. Never thought NFL would be more appealing than CFB as a Texas grad, but here we are.
  19. Bijan has singlehandedly carried this team to victory. Holy shit. Even behind our shitty tattered O Line play.
  20. Sure, if you don't have a bunch of pussies on the O line. We have shown nothing today that would have given me confidence in converting that.
  21. I'm thinking of purchasing a seasonal rental in a beach town in the northeast. I'd rent it out for the majority of the summer but use it for personal purposes for the allowed time in order to claim rental income and all of the tax breaks that come with it. That is, until some time before retirement when I'll likely tear the entire thing down and make it my summer house. The property I buy will likely need significant upgrades prior to tearing down in a couple of decades. These cottages are mostly built in the 1940s and on, and many are still for the most part original. Anyone have experience in what can be claimed as a tax deduction when doing repairs and renovations to a rental property? For instance, I know by the books that anything that keeps the property in good working order would qualify as a repair... But what about refinishing the floors? Adding proper insulation (and some new walls along with it)? Replacing old appliances? Finishing an attic that is listed as a bedroom by adding built in, walls, insulation etc? Also, any idea how it works with a seasonal rental when you purchase it at the end of the rental season? So if I were to close this fall but not be able to rent it until summer 2022 are there any tax benefits even though I hadn't collected any rental income yet?
  22. Mildly entertaining, tried to trick you into thinking gratuitous violence meant it had better content. Yet again DC just can't do it like Marvel can. Very meh. I think that The Boys does it much better with the whole dark superhero shtick.
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