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  1. Any of you guys hanging on to ALPP? As is par for the course on my stonks journey, I got in a little late and then it fell off the cliff. Now, I just sit here holding the bag waiting for it to go back up.
  2. We are buying a PS5 from a friend for our son. The games are saved on the hard drive under the sellers psn account. Can these be transferred to my sons psn account or is it better just to start over?
  3. Wake up about 6 and sit in my recliner drinking coffee and reading a book peacefully for a few hours. Order a pizza and wings for lunch, crack open a beer, and start watching sports or mindless movies. Take a midday nap and repeat with warmed up pizza and cold beer for the rest of the night.
  4. My worst trade was holding onto TSNP/HMBL. Got in really early at 20,000 shares and then when it shot up I held on too long and trading was frozen. Checked back in and it had dropped pretty quickly. Like an idiot I stayed in it and now I’m down 92%.
  5. Try youtubetv for a free trial. It’s the best streaming service.
  6. Year 15 for me. It’s getting harder and harder to stay in it. Seems like we’ve gone from being heroes to vilified again in two short years. Crazy how difficult it is becoming. I coach and teach and not a day goes by that somebody isn’t mad about something and griping about us on social media, board meetings, or the media. With that said, Amazon gift cards are the way to go.
  7. Had a little extra $$$…. Bought more IRBX to the moon!
  8. I’ll be next door at the HMBL round table wondering why I am down 95%. We’ll turn up our INND sponsored hearing aids and smoke a little AZFL product while we’re waiting.
  9. All stragglers are welcome aboard my OTC yacht.
  10. All I need is UUUU, IRBX, and HMBL to take off along with AZFL, INND, and SRMX to get out of penny land and I’ll be set for life. It’s that easy.
  11. Think about how many outlets you’ll need and then double it.
  12. Holding free shares for $50+ or bust.
  13. Too much of a good ol boys club and rinse/repeat mentality.
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