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  1. So just give 'em a few singles, or $5/$10, smile and wish them luck. Better yet, ask her a few questions about why she is doing it and then do what the first sentence said. The direct donations help the girl get to camp easier than the cookie bucks percentage from the sugar treats. Them being out there is them actually working to pay their own way to camp or pay their dues. It is a way the kid can grow by interacting with adults unlike the parents who do the work for their kids in such endeavors. Or just politely say no thank you as you pass her by.
  2. Bernie is a socialist heart attack for the electorate.
  3. Fun weekend of baseball. Hopefully they can keep it going. Freshmen showed well in their first action. Enough veteran help as well to get the runs flowing. 7,4,5 runs for the weekend.
  4. No damage again. Rice struggling with RISP.
  5. Cobb is dealing, looks like some Street influence the way his pitches are moving.
  6. Nominate for 2020 baseball threads cheerleader.
  7. i can't get it to work yet, they say technical difficulties, but the link to it is on the watch part of the texassports link above.
  8. radio online: https://texassports.com/sports/2014/11/19/GEN_1119144623.aspx
  9. I had the same question which is why i looked up and posted the roster. lance ford, is on the roster.
  10. pics of daughter? 😁 roster btw: https://texassports.com/sports/baseball/roster
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