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  1. @hayden_horn you have a lot more negging to do in this thread if you are going to be fair.
  2. nothing but backboard and in.
  3. I repped from the fourth time on, hadn't seen past a third.
  4. 1 in 5 days on weekend or holiday(playing golf) 5 working days of 7 for the average American standard work week 7 of 35 days playing golf 10 of 35 not working for the average American standard weekend(not counting holidays) 25 of 35 working for the average American standard work week Trump averages less golf than a typical American weekend, not counting holidays. He has properties he owns that provide him golf at home opportunities unlike any other president in the past. Going home every weekend is an option just like working as a software consultant for SAP who will fly you home when working on an away project. Trump owns his own planes and helicopters. Not to mention having secret service connected to telecommunications at all times and access to cell phones, Air Force One offices with the latest satellite communications to be able to do what is necessary. He can be working and playing golf at home or wherever he is. The modern Presidency, get used to it. Especially if someone like Bloomberg or Steyer gets in somehow.(or a billionare to be named later)
  5. https://www.nbc15.com/content/news/Authorities-respond-to-situation-in-Beloit-562939351.html
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