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  1. https://legalinsurrection.com/2020/12/pennsylvania-alito-moves-up-response-date-on-emergency-application-to-12-8/
  2. What if the ag-coaster is just climbing a bit higher this year?
  3. I remember this game but not the details. Seems like he was more dominant than he was: https://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=302890158 4-16 62 yards 11 carries for 71 yards including two 1 yard td runs. Nub's Burkhead, iirc, was probably Texas' best player that day.
  4. Just asking questions, for real. I think Biden has won, but I'm still reading about the continued shitshow till it's ova.
  5. "You" as in y'all who voted for trump or what was going to keep the dollar/fiat from devaluing more over time with brave/desperate deflationary blips in between? I admit my time is largely over. I doubt there is any forthcoming succession of states into other nations. I could be as wrong about that as @Wulaw Horn seems to generally be about recent Presidential elections.(remaining states to be decided notwithstanding, of course)
  6. Define over? As in Russia blowing us up? China perhaps unleashing even more disease? Famine, pestilence, more Trump convoys that lead to SS troops forming from their ranks?
  7. shared legacy? But seriously: What happens from here at 3:22AM 11/4/2020? Does Collins hold on? GA senate runoffs? Does Biden win GA? Does Trump hold on to win the Blue wall again? Holy shit what a night.
  8. This made me LOL wondering which parts are which wrt reality wrt the GND and how many Oprah trillion dollar coins it would take to implement even the tempered to reality versions of each part. goodluck-morganfreeman.gif
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