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  1. Nordic perspective: https://theconversation.com/coronavirus-why-the-nordics-are-our-best-bet-for-comparing-strategies-135344 The comments are interesting.
  2. I'm/We're doing ok so far. WFH and kids SFH. One of the Renters coming due is apparently going to move out as expected at the end of the month. Might sell one of the properties since values are going nuts all around here. DFW IS fine. Fine is fine to me. BTW, it was San Jose, not San Diego. From what I understand you don't want to move from DFW to San Jose unless they can guarantee a yuge increase in pay/benefits to equal the differences in COL. We never got that far into the negotiations as lots of family are from around here and it would have meant getting licenses in CA that were already in place in Texas. Have used the DFW, sometimes connecting through AUS or Houston to get to the San Jose and SF airports to jump out there to see Yosemite, the Redwoods all over NorCal, and Monterray/Carmel/Hearst Castle over the years. Great place to visit.
  3. There was a brief discussion concerning that the individual payments were actually going to be an advance on refunds for people meaning not straight up gifts that weren't going to need to be repaid. Anyone have any detail on that? Are the business loans also just advances on refunds from the future? Has anyone read the relevant documentation for the parameters/rules on either responsibility in terms of payback, tax refunds in the future, as it pertains to this/these checks/deposits that are forthcoming?
  4. Hire more people to stand at the doors and limit the amount of people per train. Hire all the bartenders, restaurant workers, whomever laid off, to help keep people distanced. Clean the trains every hour, again with people hired up from those laid off.
  5. I put you on ignore after you said you put me there. I still read some of the ignored posts. Why is NYC an outlier? Doesn't it seem obvious one of the reasons is the very little actual change in their mass transit strategy? Listen to the lady who is running MTA. Not hearing much about extra cleaning, distancing, or anything new, etc. Why?
  6. Did you watch the video, from yesterday on the link? If the map of traveling >2 miles is correct, out yesterday from google data IIRC, then the NYC area is not traveling much beyond 2 miles. Is it unreasonable to walk <2 miles to stay off the subway? Seems like the city, county, state, the hospitals, the vacant hotels, etc should find a way to get the few thousand necessary hospital workers to work and shut down the mass transit. Or run more trains with better distancing and other ways to make it safe. Same/same not thinking outside the box is not working. Look at the numbers. Yep, an idiot. Is NYC one of the shining beacons of health during this crisis? Making excuses to keep it open, doing same/same when it is clearly not working seems like idiocy to me.
  7. Because there is a pandemic going on and your city, NYC, is one of the worst hit regions in the country.
  8. From yesterday: https://www.fox5ny.com/news/some-new-yorkers-riding-crowded-subway-commutes-during-coronavirus-pandemic Trains still running.
  9. From a post on the aggy covid pages.
  10. Euro site that tracks all death in the EU countries: https://www.euromomo.eu/index.html Edit: Adding a cool site that has good/interesting graphs to a county level in Texas(didn't check to see if it had other states): https://corona.help/country/united-states/state/texas#countries-nav
  11. Interesting Italy demographics, etc: https://www.epicentro.iss.it/coronavirus/sars-cov-2-decessi-italia go to the link above for the graphs/charts, browser needs to translate.
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