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  1. Barca deserve this after Vidal's comments yesterday
  2. Had to miss the game last night as had other plans, but just so damn embarrassing for us. Allowing fans didn't seem like the best idea with COVID in DFW, but it resulting in this is just so, so disappointing. Hopefully the club comes out and says something.
  3. GabrielsHorn


    Well, I wanted to get a Series X, but there doesn't seem to be a single reason that matters to me. I just don't understand how Microsoft dropped the ball this much. They should have delayed Gears Tactics or Flight Simulator to at least a simultaneous launch on Series X to have something. As of now, if you don't like horror (The Medium and Scorn), there's really not a point to buy one at launch. I haven't owned a Playstation since the PS2 days, but I'm tempted to buy one at launch now as at least they have something as well as a backlog that I haven't touched. Just really, really disappointed in this news.
  4. Agree that it is likely he is just doing this to distract from the economic numbers, but that he actually suggested is horrific. It's a textbook play out of a despot, and, if anything, the elections should be moved forward to limit the damage he is currently doing.
  5. As a buyer who is in a market similar to Austin, it's probably because doing all the work you'd like on a place is a complete shitshow right now. Getting contractors to come out and give estimates is really tough as building supplies are limited, and now doesn't really feel like the time to buy a house, move-in, and then have a bunch of strangers in it for a few weeks. That being said, the market right now for move-in ready houses is a bloodbath.
  6. Doubt James ever takes a single meaningful snap at Bama.
  7. I really like the emphasis on the Sweatt v. Painter court case. It's something that I did not really have a background to prior to this, and it's a good way to recognize our history. Same with honoring the Precursors. Glad that we were able to have discussions about it and move forward in a positive step.
  8. AMLO doesn't exactly inspire too much confidence in his ability to either run the country or prevent the spread of this virus fwiw. Family in Mexico are pretty furious with him over all of this. As for the OP, I would first look into places like the Rockies or Durango in CO or Montanta as leaving to go to Canada is quite the investment. However, Canada will be your best bet during all of this and in terms of an easy transition. Vancouver would be pricey, but my friends who have gone to the east or Calgary/Edmonton have enjoyed it. Alaska is beautiful, but the change in the day time and the potential for some of the worst earthquakes in the world really hurt it.
  9. I disagree. NYTimes has a good article with John Stewart today that summarizes my feelings. Whenever we get these 24 hour networks, they have to create urgency through crisis and conflict for everything to generate ratings. Sadly, the ratings only increase when everything reported is breaking news as opposed to nuanced discussions or reports that take quite some time to research and report that you find on PBS. That being said, I wish their coverage of live events like the primaries, elections, and the protests would be better, but they seem like they actively stick to their values of taking time to digest and report, which I really appreciate and what sets them apart.
  10. Judy is a saint. It’s always jarring going from them or BBC’s news programs to CNN or Fox News as it’s a night and day difference in terms of how they present the news or even opposing arguments.
  11. Hopefully this gets them to rename Sul Ross State. Such a shitty name for a university in such a beautiful part of the state, and they can’t screw it up and call it West Texas A&M either.
  12. Seems like that’s the big red flag in all of this, though OAN are batshit insane.
  13. It is interesting as how many people are arguing about the other demands. Those are all really good (better than the UT Senate, but that's to be expected), though they may need some minor tweaks (e.g. where they are donating the 0.5% from UT Athletics). It is a great thing that they are actually using their voice during this moment, even if I really disagree about the Eyes.
  14. Again, using your logic, pretty much every single thing from before the Civil Rights Era and a hell a lot of stuff after that should also be removed. Should we also take down the 1969 national championship as it represents a much more abhorrent condition, a team before integration during a time when integration was happening for awhile?
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