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  1. It's early in the year, but Porzingis has been pretty disappointing on both ends of the court. He plays so far from the basket on offense, which can be a benefit, but his TS% is at 51.8%. Defensiviely, he's had some great blocks, but our rebounding hasn't been all that stellar. I'd like to see Boban play a bit more as I think his defense would definitely help the team at least protect the rim and get rebounds, even if offensively he's not quite the best fit (his TS% and Offensive Rating are hilarious, however). Either way, we have to play Porzingis as his play will really drive whether this team makes the playoffs or not.
  2. I definitely agree with this take. The accuracy that Burrow has to throw into such tight windows is absolutely astonishing. It'll be interesting to see what happens next year after Burrows is gone to see if it is more Brady's coaching or Burrow the player. Speaking of which, Brady is getting a nice pay bump https://sports.yahoo.com/joe-burrow-lsu-mightve-just-buried-alabamas-college-football-playoff-hopes-011904824.html
  3. Allen’s success on that drive is night and day from Flacco. While some of those passes weren’t all that great, he’s actually willing to throw the ball downfield unlike Flacco
  4. I wish Colorado legalized gambling earlier so I can get KSU on it. We don't blow anyone out, and KSU is notoriously a tough team for us. It's hard to imagine a scenario where we win by more than a FG.
  5. Which game did we win this year that we care about? Because both OU and LSU were not very close at the end of the day, and we’ve had multiple shitty games against bad opponents.
  6. If Orlando coaches another game this year, it’s just another sign that Mensa has no accountability. We lost this game because we never adjusted in the 2nd half, and his desire to call 3 down linemen and cover with the MASH unit DBs again is unbelievable.
  7. Good thing we extended this clown to 2023.
  8. Sam will end up breaking a lot of Colt’s records, but he will never be near Colt’s actual level of play.
  9. We didn’t up Herman did we? Because we need to clear the entire coaching staff.
  10. Don’t worry, Sam is going to get yards and TDs when we are down by 21 to barely lose by 7!
  11. Sam’s going to break all of Colt’s records, but he’s nowhere near McCoy.
  12. Game cements we need a new OC, DC, and DB coaches. Great job assembling this staff, Mensa.
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