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  1. How do they instantly review this and not the out of bounds on LSU?
  2. The NFL needs to figure out a better way to spot the ball as it’s clearly not working to have the refs do it. To put that as a first down is bad. To put that as a yard beyond the line to gain is egregious and makes you wonder why the hell are we spotting the football this way with these morons for refs.
  3. This league is complete fucking bullshit. Jones wasn’t in earlier and there’s no way in hell Graham made it.
  4. Some home home cooking for Packers. How the fuck do they let that extra second run out?
  5. Thank god that’s the last game Booger and Tesitore call this year. They are both horrendous.
  6. That last set of downs was probably the worst OL play I’ve seen in the playoffs in awhile. Every single one of them was whipped on separate plays.
  7. I knew USC recruiting was hurting, but when you take a look at the teams that have commits higher ranked in California than them right now (Bryant is CB'd to them), it's unbelievable: Oregon Alabama Clemson Georgia Utah Washington ASU Ohio State Stanford Oklahoma State(!) Michigan How in the world can USC recruit that bad?
  8. Herm is doing some work out in the desert.
  9. It's why I think the criticism against him has been overblown, especially when we've had Orlando fuck around with alignments/players. We talk about needing coaches that can coach players, and Giles has been fantastic on two occasions doing exactly that. His recruiting this year, even if it being helped by others, indicates that he isn't the liability that some people make him out to be. I really, really hope the Giles + Okam pairing actually happens as that would be a great combination of coaching and recruiting at a key position.
  10. So did i. And you've got that right. Same for Pueblo, but Runyon Field was fun. I know this is slightly heretical, but I kind of like Pueblo (and Greeley) despite them being shit on by most of the rest of Colorado. Pueblo has an actual vibrant Hispanic community that Denver isolates as well as easy access to the Sangre de Cristos / easier access to the San Juans, and Greeley has the best brewery in Colorado. Anyways, went back to the in-law's farm in Central Texas after living in downtown Denver. It's very crazy the difference in life and how things out in the country definitely move much slower. Quite the contrast.
  11. Rivera seems like he’s going to the Giants. Knows Gettleman and is the right type of coach they are looking for.
  12. I think most of the advanced stats have Clemson over LSU. Will be interesting to see how they all readjust before the game.
  13. It’ll be fascinating to see how LSU is next year when they don’t have a QB who can throw into those ridiculously tight windows. What a pass.
  14. What a dirty and idiotic hit. Going to get ejected all for a play where you blew your containment.
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