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  1. We’ve gotten some incredible eSports in different ways though. NASCAR on FS1 was something to behold.
  2. Except we can't really trust the information coming out from them based on their confirmed cases and death, their false report about the transmission of the disease, their bad tests that they sent to Italy and Spain, and how they are actively using propaganda to put the blame on others, particularly the US. Unless whatever they claim is proved true by the WHO, you can't really trust anything from them. We are better to look at places like South Korea which have been fighting it for as nearly as long and also aren't actively spreading misinformation.
  3. There is a lot of bullshit in that Q&A though. His answers to the questions about the timeline are deflections about China's actions, especially when the whistelblower was brought before the local officials on January 3rd, and it's highly likely that China is cooking their books on the community spread to focus only on imported cases at this point so that they can blame foreign powers. It's interesting to read but hard to trust considering China's actions throughout this entire process
  4. It was instituted yesterday, but declared Wednesday. Seems like a good tool, but may be a bit behind in getting in the inputs.
  5. Site seems off. Doesn’t show Colorado as having a stay in place when we do.
  6. I doubt the quarantine gets lifted until the end of April and potentially through May. Will be interesting if these social distancing and not strict quarantine actually doesn’t overwhelm the hospitals in areas like Texas, Denver, LA, etc where there wasn’t quite the panic as Washington or NYC beforehand.
  7. The thing is that testing really doesn’t tell us all that much once it becomes a pandemic due to testing limitations, etc. The death rate from COVID is sadly a better indicator as to the spread within a country.
  8. At this point, it’s just going to be riding it out. I think we’ll start seeing a bit more of the deaths move to the south in Italy just based on when quarantines went into effect.
  9. Not all parts of Mexico are being oblivious to it at least. Governor of Chihuahua issued similar guidelines to El Paso and New Mexico a few days ago. I could talk about AMLO, but let’s not CR it up.
  10. Some people's behavior during this whole outbreak is just appalling.
  11. Are their graphs that show the deaths instead of the amount of cases? Seems like there’s an issue normalizing the amount of cases based on countries ability to test, etc
  12. Only news that’s come out recently is that Italy saw cases decrease but deaths increase after falling for two days per the BBC.
  13. Because if they get closed down, you’ll see a run on the liquor stores that will end up hurting your original directive. source: I experienced it yesterday and the lines were more dangerous than keeping them open with more strict guidelines.
  14. Denver already relaxed its liquor and marijuana closures. Having lines that literally stretched blocks probably were worse for the spread of the virus than normal operations at those stores would have been.
  15. Also, liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries are considered non essential and will close. Headed to the liquor store now. Will be a mess trying to get it as there’s going to be a run today at both stores.
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