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  1. Reddit taking Aggy throwing a hissy fit as a sign that UT might be screwed is perfection. I honestly don’t know if the delusion is worse there or at TexAgs.
  2. Kind of crazy how OU is skating by with us getting all the heat for this move. Shows why this conference needs to die.
  3. Don’t worry, we have an entire season for that.
  4. Texas and OU: “It’s not us, it’s you. “
  5. Pac-12 works for a variety of reasons, outside of "fun road trips." Culturally, academically, etc. Seems like SEC has much more smoke though.
  6. The casual "I was just trying to sell dope and heroin" was pretty crazy to hear (around 1:37). Guess it is better than the terrorism charges they might be facing.
  7. It's one thing for OSU or Bama to take players from the state, but Oregon, being led by a coach with a sub-.500 record and only one season being ranked, is unbelievable. Knowing our luck, it won't even matter when Oregon shits the bed this year either.
  8. It’s a shame that Gabe is (allegedly) a piece of shit as it was great to see Latino food get its due on the show. Seeing where he took tamal, cochinita pibil, and mole was great considering how Hispanic cooking is generally not considered high class food. That squash desert brought me back to my childhood in a way I thought I’d never see on top chef.
  9. I'm curious, but how does Alabama pull a racism card? Seems illogical given their history.
  10. It'll be low 90s, more than likely, with a dry heat. Won't be bad. Let's just hope some rain goes to the western slope / Utah to clear some of the wildfires.
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