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  1. Worked with a guy that once worked for Lamborghini. He said he was in Italy and had his laptop stolen. The factory guys said “don’t worry”. They went later that day and bought it back for $70. Cant verify the story.
  2. Off topic but I remember Ely and other guys brought Stubb’s to Austin. Went to that run down hotel that he was cooking at and the Lubbock guys played a show there on Sunday afternoon. Good times.
  3. Oh I don't know, actually good hitting vs analytics. I'm old.
  4. That 96 mph outside low pitch always gave me trouble. I now understand why I never made the pro's.
  5. Luggagefactory.com. I travel about 40 weeks a year for last 20 years and just get best Travelpro brand available. Manga 2 is it now. Probably only had 4 in that time. Last one I just got tired of color and bought a new one. Whatever you do, don't get 4 wheel luggage. Takes up extra storage space and wants to "scoot out" going up or down escalators or any slight incline. Had 1 about 4 weeks and just gave it to wife. Now we look stupid as couple with matching luggage.
  6. Is it really much of a fall if you’re already in the sewer to start?
  7. Elko keeps lots of people close to line so they’re decent against run.
  8. Not sure but I guarantee no pool volleyball this weekend.
  9. Not sure but I guarantee no pool volleyball this weekend.
  10. If that is aggy, that is 100% sure their best and brightest.
  11. FYI. 30 tickets. I passed since I already had some artery closed cloggers.
  12. Might be wrong but I think TO’s game plan requires too much “thinking”. Remember _iaz was all about multiple assignments and seemed to leave dudes over thinking. Also If I never see a fucking 3 man rush or 3 man dline I could die happy.
  13. That shoots your entire argument down. NFL is NEVER going to pay for something they get free. Damn they won’t even hire full time refs for their multi-billion $ enterprise. If college football dies tomorrow then you have a 10% chance of this working.
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