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  1. Please show us 1 rumor of this. 1 Uber driver behind 7-11 that heard this. Some pool boy working that heard this. Just some rumor other than fucking idiots on here making a declarative statement that other idiots take as gospel. And NO, ctj does not count.
  2. Sounds like a dude that knows your product is not good enough. I like him already. Sorry/not sorry
  3. Really? Please show any place other than Surly where the money men are up in arms. Jesus some of you probably believe we didn’t land on the moon and 10000 people can keep a secret.
  4. I swear to god I wish someone could point to 1 iota of this being true. I know some of you “wish” this but has anybody in power or money even hinted this? None of us on this shittastic site have 1 fucking clue about this. We haven’t been great but goddamn we are a shit load better than Charlie. If he goes 5-7 next year a decent chance he is gone. Goes 7-5, I seriously doubt CDC or money men will do a fucking thing.
  5. J-lo’s halftime show sucks but at least I watched a few minutes of her Oscar winning performance in Anaconda this afternoon. RIVETING.
  6. Shit I ain’t been to Yellow Rose in 20 years but I bet you can get same looks there. Damn I’m old.
  7. Vikings receiver pushed off Saints db. Pretty obvious that time too but pussy ass ref didn’t call it. You have extend your arm and slow down other persons momentum it is a PI EVERY fucking time.
  8. Correct call. Jesus how can people not see that. He gained advantage.
  9. Not sure I agree with you Asithappens. It’s not really a taste it is more of a smoothness. For mixed drinks, sure not a lot of difference but I personally prefer good vodka on the rocks and For vodka martini it damn sure makes a difference.
  10. I am sorry but this political stuff is bullshit. Everybody knows in the state of Texas you become an aggy because we have seen the quality of politicians they put out. They will vote you no matter how stupid you are.
  11. Having lost a few to cancer nothing is worse. Weathertech CEO is having Super Bowl ad featuring his dog and vet that saved it from cancer.
  12. Hahahaha. Just saw Dan on Austin news station dressed in his uniform. Funny stuff.
  13. The writing for Jessie got increasingly better once they decided not to kill him off in the first season. Talk about a decision that changed the entire story - that constant tension between he and Walt is what made the show great. Yes it did. However I guess I wasn’t clear. I meant Saul as a great 3rd character for BB. That is a guy we would love to be but most of us don’t have the balls to be.
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